Information About Lemon Verbena

Information About Lemon Verbena

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Lemon Verbena Pruning Time: When To Prune Lemon Verbena Plants

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Lemon verbena is a shrubby herb that grows like crazy with very little help. However, cutting back lemon verbena every so often keeps the plant neat and prevents a leggy, spindly appearance. Not sure how to prune lemon verbena? This article will help.

Tips For Keeping Verbena Inside – How To Grow Lemon Verbena Indoors

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Lemon verbena is an often overlooked herb, but it shouldn?t be. With the right knowledge about growing lemon verbena as a houseplant, you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance and delicious, refreshing taste throughout the year. Learn more in this article.

Tips For Growing Lemon Verbena Herb In The Garden

By Kathee Mierzejewski

The lemon verbena herb is an aromatic shrub, its leaves holding their fragrance even after dried for years. Growing lemon verbena is not too difficult. Read here to learn more about growing lemon verbena.

Growing Lemon Verbena: The Complete Guide to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Lemon Verbena

Bethany Hayes

Bethany is a suburban homesteader who grows over 30 types of vegetables in her garden every year to provide the vegetables needed to feed her family of six for the entire year. She practices organic gardening without the use of any pesticide and chemical.

Lemon verbena is an aromatic herb with fragrant leaves that fill the garden with a sweet, lemony scent. Not only does the plant smell and taste delicious, but it’s beautiful in landscaping, forming a large shrub with rich, green leaves and delicate white to purple blossoms.

Given all its positive attributes, it’s no wonder that more and more gardeners are rediscovering this herb and want to learn all about growing lemon verbena!

Lemon verbena has a long medicinal and culinary history. Victorian ladies would stuff sachets with the lemony leaves for a fresh scent during the sweltering days of summer. These days, you’ll find it in tea, soaps, beverages, and desserts. Innovative cooks even use the leaves to flavor meats and fish.

Growing up, I remember the lemon verbena shrub that my grandmother grew in her garden. It was taller than me, and I used to run my hands through the leaves, releasing a burst of fragrance. Citrusy scent flew through the air, and I liked to steal a few leaves to sniff as I played in the yard.

Harvest Tips

Pick leaves as needed throughout the growing season. Fresh stems release their lemony fragrance when cut and placed in water. Harvest entire stems to use in flower arrangements or to create a lemon bouquet to scent air indoors. You can preserve leaves by hanging stems upside down in the dark and air drying, but this method diminishes the flavor somewhat. For the freshest, most pungent flavor, preserve lemon verbena leaves by processing 2 cups of leaves with 1/2-1 cup sugar in a food processor, mixing until it forms a paste. Freeze the paste in a thin layer in resealable bags. To serve, break off what you need and sprinkle over fruit, desserts, or into tea.

Growing tips

  • Deadhead or shear back verbenas after the main flush of flowers to encourage re-bloom.
  • Use verbenas to add bright color to any sunny planting in dry, well-drained soil.
  • Combine them with nasturtium, gazanias, blanket flowers, lavenders, achillea, sedums, purple coneflower, and yuccas.
  • Garden verbenas make good edging and container plants.
  • They also attract butterflies, beneficial insects, and hummingbirds to the garden.

Basics of Growing Annual Flowers

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I would love to buy some Lemon Verbena. I live in south central Florida, so growing it won’t be difficult. Where can I find it.

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What would be a good combo with lemon verbena for making herbal liqueur?

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