Mini test: Irrigation nozzles

Mini test: Irrigation nozzles

We have sprayed, watered and sprinkled. Here is the water-soaked result!

Gardena Multi Purpose


Sprinkler gun that can be set in four positions, has a stepless water flow setting and can be locked with one hand grip. It feels a bit plastic, but very light and easy to maneuver.

Price DKK 290.



Comfortable and easy-to-use plastic model with five spray positions. The handle without notches is easy to clean. Gives good grip even with wet hands. Price DKK 149

Silver Star


It weighs about half a kilo but is comfortable in the hand. Easy to lock and unlock with your index finger. Has seven functions and the very nice water mist immediately became a favorite.

Price 98 kr.

Red Gold

Metal spray gun with heat-insulated handle. It can be set in seven positions and the water flow can be adjusted. Lockable, but not with one-handed grip, and very heavy. Leaked heavily at the water trap; just bad luck or bad packing?

Price 98 kr.

The plantation


Sprinkler gun with seven positions on the jet (super nice water mist!), Soft-grip handle, made of rubber and plastic. But unbearably sluggish when changing positions.

Price DKK 129



Metal spray gun with nine jet patterns. Easy to maneuver, but detached several times from the hose (Gardena coupling).

Price 89 kr.

Test of lollipops

A good spatula should be reasonably soft and have a long handle, so that you do not get sticky. Not all models measure up. Most expensive rear-wheel drive vehicle. Read the entire test here

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Irrigation nozzles

To make it easy and smooth to take care of the garden with all the flowers and plantings during the summer, an irrigation nozzle is a must. At Byggmax, there are lots of different water nozzles for the garden from well-known brands such as Hozelock and Grouw to choose from.

Water nozzle metal or plastic, which should you choose?

As we have a large assortment of different types of water nozzles, there is something for everyone's needs. We have everything from spray gun, sprinkler gun, garden shower, various kits for spray nozzles. Just choose according to your specific needs. A nozzle for the water hose provides a better water flow from the hose.

But how do you know which irrigation nozzle to buy? It can be difficult to know the difference between the expensive metal and the cheaper plastic. Actually, there is no major difference in the function, but the big difference is that it in metal is more robust and durable and then has a longer service life. Both the plastic and metal are perfect as a water hose nozzle for the garden.

Choose the right nozzle for the water hose

It can also be a good idea to think about how and for what you should use the nozzle. Is it only for flowers and plantations? Or will they be used to wash other things such as flower pots or the rims of the car? If they are to be used for other things as well, it can be good to buy a nozzle that has several different spray patterns for different needs.

Buy cheap irrigation nozzles at Byggmax

Come to your nearest store or online to see our entire range of irrigation nozzles. You will find your water nozzle garden in Byggmax's wide range of garden items. Welcome to us in a store near you or shop directly online.

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