Stevia is both a sweetness and a healer

Stevia is both a sweetness and a healer

Features of stevia

For the first time I got acquainted with this unusual plant at the dacha of Vladimir Nikolaevich Silnov. He took me around his plot, showing me his rich economy - beds, flower beds, an apiary, greenhouses.

He had a lot of curiosities on luck. And now, at the southern wall of one of the greenhouses, I saw several pots with plants that looked a bit like mintbut their carved leaves were bright green and juicier. Vladimir Nikolaevich explained that this is famous stevia, which is famous for its sweetness, tens of times higher than the sweetness of sugar.

I became interested in this plant and tried to find out as much as possible about it.

For a long time, stevia remained a curiosity for most of the inhabitants of Russia. And this is understandable - it comes from South America, or rather, it grows in natural conditions in the warm and humid subtropical climate of Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina. There stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), or honey grass, as the locals call it - the Indians - perennial shrub up to 1 meter high. Since stevia for its normal growing season requires a temperature in the range from 15 to 30 ° C, it is clear that in our country it is rather difficult to provide such conditions year-round.

But, as it turned out, interest in her was still shown. Even N.I. Vavilov sent stevia seeds to VIR from his trip to South America. However, they did not ascend. As modern experience has shown, this is generally characteristic of the seeds of this plant - low germination. Recently, a woman dacha complained to me that out of ten purchased and sown stevia seeds, only one has sprouted from her.

However, the fame of this super-sweet plant prompted Soviet scientists to experiment on growing stevia. It, by decision of the government, began to acclimatize in Ukraine, and after the collapse of the USSR, experiments continued in the Voronezh region.

Growing stevia

The most enthusiastic people - gardeners who are always happy to try any new product - also took an interest in stevia. They began to grow it in different parts of the country. Moreover, there is a lot of information about the amazing healing properties of this honey plant.

It turned out that its leaves contain many amino acids, vitamins, microelements. As a result, it has a beneficial effect on various human organs, strengthens the immune system.

You can grow stevia outdoors or in pots. On the beds, it can develop normally due to its temperature preferences, perhaps only in the southern regions of Russia, and then only in an annual culture. In the Middle Lane and here, in the North-West, enthusiastic gardeners and summer residents grow stevia in pots - in the summer in greenhouses, in the winter - on the windowsills... You can just plant the grown seedlings in a greenhouse, but stevia will not be able to overwinter in our climate, which means that you will need to transfer it to the cellar for the winter or transplant it into a pot and place it on the windowsill.

Reproduction and planting of stevia

Reproduction takes place using seeds or cuttings. Since cuttings can be taken from a plant, and you do not always have it, you still have to start with seeds. They are very small in stevia. Therefore, they need to be sown in pots (drainage is required in a pot) in the same way as flower crops with small seeds are usually sown on seedlings - spread over the soil surface, pressing a little, then gently water and cover the pot with glass or film. Probably those gardeners who did not sprout stevia sowed the seeds too deep.

And the care for seedlings on the windowsills is the same. They require regular watering (but not overflowing). Experienced gardeners who have already grown stevia recommend filling the pots with soil that is half peat compost and equal parts (1/4 volume) of garden soil and coarse sand. They also advise to fill the pot with this soil, first to half, and then, as the plant grows, add earth.

The soil must be constantly moist. And, which is very important, the temperature during cultivation is needed in the range from 22 ° C to 28 ° C. Since this subtropical plant, in addition to high temperature, also needs high humidity - up to 80%, for the first time, while the seedlings are small, you can keep it under a transparent bag, maintaining a humid microclimate, and when it grows up, you need to humidify the air with a spray bottle.

AT greenhouses when warm, stevia is placed on the south side to provide plenty of light and warmth. True, this has one drawback: stevia is a short-day plant, with a long daylight hours, as in the North-West, it stretches out and does not bloom. But, as research has shown by scientists, the highest sweetness content in stevia occurs precisely during flowering. The sweetness of this plant also depends on temperature and light - the higher the better. And if you want to achieve flowering stevia, you have to shade it.

To get a bushy plant in a pot, you will have to pinch the stevia. Otherwise, it will drive out a long, up to 80 cm, stem, on which there will be few leaves, for which it is grown. Therefore, when the stevia plant grows to a height of 20 cm, you need to pinch its stem.

To do this, they retreat from the top by 4-5 cm and pinch the internodes in the middle. As a result, lateral shoots will go from the dormant buds. Then they will also need to be pinched to get a lush bush with numerous leaves. And the cut off top can be rooted like a cutting and then a new stevia plant can be obtained.

When keeping stevia in pots or growing in beds, be sure to maintain constant soil moisture and spray the plant with a sprayer. We need weeding and feeding, for example, with a solution of fresh mullein.

For the winter, the pots or one pot can be placed on the windowsill, or, having cut off the stems at a height of 5-10 cm, placed in a cool basement or cellar, and returned to the windowsill in spring to get cuttings for propagation from the plant that has started growing.

The healing properties of stevia

Gardeners and florists who grow stevia in greenhouses or on window sills can tear off individual leaves all summer long and use them to sweeten teas, drinks and for medicinal purposes. You can also pick off all the leaves from the cut bushes, dry them and chop them.

You will get a green powder that will do the same thing. Those who do not grow this plant can look for stevia extract sugar substitutes in pharmacies and supermarkets. So did I. Alas, the stevia packaging turned out to be imported - made in Germany. Maybe someday our enterprises will start producing such tablets and other preparations from stevia.

In the beginning, Europeans appreciated stevia as a sweetener. Indeed, it is a good sweetener, and research by scientists has shown that it is a non-carbohydrate sweetener, which means it has no calories, it can be used for diabetics, as well as for those who are struggling with obesity and obesity, as it regulates blood sugar levels. helps to reduce harmful cholesterol. Stevia leaves are used for dermatitis, eczema, cuts, burns. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, is good for the digestive system, has a beneficial effect on the liver and gallbladder, and helps to strengthen the teeth and gums.

And now the simplest way to prepare a healing infusion, which helps with many diseases or exacerbations.

Healing infusion of stevia

Take one teaspoon of dry stevia leaves powder, place it in a thermos or some container and pour a glass of boiling water over it. Keep in a thermos or in a container on a water bath for 20 minutes. Then you need to strain the resulting sweet infusion. It should be drunk in case of stomach diseases, obesity.

This infusion can also be used to treat non-healing wounds (apply cotton wool or gauze soaked in infusion to wounds). You can also use the infusion for rinsing the mouth and throat with gingivitis and tonsillitis.

E. Valentinov

Breeding methods of the South American alien

Under natural conditions, the plant reproduces both by seeds and by layering, cuttings and dividing the bush.

Since stevia cannot survive the harsh conditions of winter, it is grown in temperate climates either by seeds or cuttings.

In mid-spring, the seeds of the plant are planted for seedlings. For this, seed material is selected for windage: a seed is thrown from a height of no more than half a meter: if it falls quickly to the ground, then it is suitable for planting, when it is spinning for a long time, then it is not.

Due to the fact that the seeds of honey grass are very small, they should not be embedded deeply into the soil. The containers with the planted material are covered with either glass or foil and in a warm place. A week later, the first shoots will appear, then the boxes with them are placed in a well-warmed and bright place. Since stevia is a tropical plant, it loves moisture, so seedlings must be sprayed frequently.

A pick is made when two or more leaves appear on the stem. You can sow the plant directly into pots and then grow it at home.

Growing with green cuttings is the most efficient propagation method for a plant. In early summer, cuttings with three to five internodes are prepared. Root better prepared branches in water with added sugar in a container covered with black film or material. The lower internodes will need to be in the fluid. For cuttings, they create a greenhouse effect by covering them with a jar and constantly spraying. The roots on the sprouts will appear in a week. And after two - you can plant in a greenhouse, pots or in open ground.

Which stevia is better

A natural question arises: where can you get this magical sugar substitute and which one is better to buy?

Stevia is released in a variety of ways. A review of the best brands-manufacturers that produce sweeteners in different forms was compiled in 2021 by the site's editorial office based on personally tested products from different manufacturers:

  1. Dried stems and leaves. This form of release - one of the most "natural", does not contain anything except the leaves and stems of the plant dried in natural conditions. A kilogram of a dried plant can be purchased at a price from 1,000 to 2,500 thousand rubles, depending on the country of origin. This volume will be enough for a long time - one pinch of "honey grass" is enough for making a healthy and sweet drink, 2 teaspoons dissolved in 50 ml of warm water is enough for making desserts and homemade cakes. You can grind dried plants yourself into a powder using a blender or coffee grinder - this will make them more convenient to use.
  2. Syrup. The second most natural form of release, since it contains only stevia dissolved in glycerin, water or alcohol solution, without additional sweeteners, flavors and other chemical additives of unknown purpose. The syrups are obtained by purification and extraction of the plant on a water or glycerin basis. However, it is not always convenient to take them with you when necessary, for example, on a trip or to a cafe.
  3. Filter packages. In this form of release, "honey herb" is used as a herbal tea, which will be a healthier and more tasty alternative to regular tea. One filter bag is enough to prepare 1 cup of tea from 200 to 300 ml.
  4. Pills. They contain crushed and pressed stems and leaves of a plant, or a compressed extract-extract from them.
  5. Crystalline powder. This form of release contains a concentrate of extracts from the plant. A small sachet bag replaces 2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

In what form to buy "honey herb" is a matter of individual preferences and the way of using it. To understand the difference between these or those forms of release, the staff of the editorial office "I found" tested all types of plant packaging from different manufacturers, focusing on the following selection criteria:

  • The amount of the main component in relation to other components. The fewer components of non-natural origin in the composition of the sweetener, the better. Some manufacturers significantly dilute the composition, including chemical sweeteners or natural sweeteners, but based on fructose. The latter does not contain carbohydrates, but it is saturated with fatty acids, the regular use of which leads to disruptions in the work of the cardiovascular system and liver, and in the future - to obesity. The best producers, who care about reputation, subject the plant to minimal processing, not including foreign components in its composition. This is how the composition of a high-quality sweetener will look like:

Stevia comes first - which means that it is the main constituent of the sweetener.

  • Method of processing and auxiliary substances used in its process. The plant has to be fermented due to the bitter aftertaste that some of the glycosides it contains. Final cleaning removes bitterness from the product without changing its beneficial properties. Unscrupulous growers use a multi-stage system of processing a plant with chemical reagents that are harmful to health, as a result of which a useful product turns into its complete opposite.

Taking into account these two conditions, the Top Rating of quality sweeteners based on "honey grass" was compiled.

Crimean stevia

The favorable climate of Crimea contributes to the cultivation of this useful crop, the homeland of which was originally South America. Types of products:

  1. Dried leaves and stems of the plant. The average price for 100 g will be from 150 to 200 rubles. The cost of a volume of 1 kg will be from 1,400 rubles.
  2. Filter bags with herbal tea. Before packing, the stevia leaves are cleaned, as a result of which the bitter taste of the product disappears. The drink has a refreshing, sweet taste, with a slight “chill” aftertaste remaining on the tongue. The average cost of a package with 20 filter bags will be from 80 to 120 rubles.
  3. Syrup in a ratio of 55 to 45, where 55 is purified water. Does not contain alcohol. It is enough to add 3-4 drops to tea or coffee and 1 to 1.5 teaspoons to homemade baked goods instead of sugar.
  4. Tablets - are crushed and compressed leaves and stems of a plant.

  • No additives, flavors or fragrances
  • Economical consumption
  • Glycerin and alcohol free syrup
  • All forms of release are suitable for diabetics.

  • When added to confectionery and desserts, the solution based on dried leaves and tablets will have to be filtered to avoid getting the stems and leaves into the dishes
  • Dried product may taste bitter
  • According to buyers, a kilogram of dried herb is ultimately more expensive than a bag of granulated sugar.


High purity stevia extract, 350 times sweeter than sugar. As a sweetness regulator, the composition contains erythritol - a natural sweetener with a zero glycemic index, recommended for use in diabetes mellitus. It is presented in three forms:

  1. Powder. The product has earned positive reviews from both buyers and doctors, despite the rather multi-stage production and purification process. However, during the examination, no traces of mutagenic or chemical substances and impurities were found in the composition. Types of packaging:
  • At the bank - the average price for 150 g will be from 300 to 350 rubles,
  • In a sachet - the cost of a package with 100 sachets will be from 500 to 600 rubles
  1. In cubes. The composition is identical to the powder - extract from the leaves and stems of stevia with the addition of erythritol.
  2. Pills. This form of release, as they say, "pumped up" and is given here only as a warning to save our readers from mistakes when choosing this form of sweetener. Of the obvious shortcomings:
  • Not very "correct" composition (maltodextrin - a derivative of glucose, which increases blood sugar, and magnesium stearate - a semi-toxic substance that kills healthy cells in the body). These substances are used to crystallize and compress the powder.
  • Very bad dispenser crumbling tablets
  • Complaints about a very noticeable bitterness during the testing of these tablets.

Important! There are no complaints about the composition of other forms of release from this manufacturer.

  • Inexpensive
  • Economically consumed
  • Cubes are more familiar, do not require dosage calculations.

  • Available only in online stores.


Growing country - Paraguay. Does not contain additives. Issued by:

  1. Dried: 100 g, 500 g and 1 kg
  2. Sachet powder. One 0.2g sachet replaces 2 teaspoons of sugar at zero glycemic index. The package contains 100 sachets.
  3. In tablets.

  • Paraguay is the birthplace of "sugar grass", with old, time-tested technologies for its cultivation, collection and harvesting
  • Sasha is easy and convenient to use
  • Can be added to drinks and used in desserts
  • Average price of a pack of 100 sachets - from 300 to 450 rubles per pack
  • The best reviews from buyers and experts.

  • Available only in online stores, delivery cost is added to the price, on average - from 200 rubles.
  • The high cost of a dried plant is 2.000 rubles per 1 kg, or 270 rubles per 100 g.


Release form - syrup. Enriched with natural additional components that have a healing effect on the body:

  • Oregano is a natural antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Peppermint - for bloating and stomach cramps
  • Extract from pine and spruce needles - antiseptic, immunomodulator, restores microflora, heals erosive damage to internal tissues
  • Apple pectin - removes toxins, toxins and heavy metals from the body.

The vial is equipped with a good dispenser that allows you to conveniently dispense the required amount of liquid.

  • Indicated for diabetes, dysbiosis, obesity
  • Recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Economical consumption.

  • The glass vial is inconvenient to take with you if necessary.
  • The average price for a volume of 250 ml is from 400 to 550 rubles.


Release form - syrup. In the composition: pectin as an enterosorbent, molasses and citric acid, which neutralize the bitter aftertaste characteristic of stevia leaves.

  • The additives present are natural, do not distort the taste of the product, it can be added to drinks, pastries, desserts and other dishes
  • Average price for a volume of 100 ml - from 130 to 160 rubles
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Non-alcoholic.

  • It can only be bought in the online store, it is not available directly at the outlet in the assortment.


Available in two types: powder and tablets.

Important! The tablets were not selected due to the presence in them of the chemical sweetener aspartame (designated as E 951), which breaks down into toxic components when ingested.

The toxic properties increase when heated, so it is better not to add these tablets to tea, coffee or baked goods. Of course, the dose of this component in the composition of the tablets is extremely small, but with regular use, the substance tends to accumulate in the body.

The powder from this manufacturer contains only stevia extract and erythritol.

  • Doesn't taste bitter
  • Economical consumption.

  • You will have to adjust to the dosage, otherwise the drink or dish will become sugary-sweet.

Better Stevia

  1. Syrup. Stevia dissolved in glycerin. Suitable for adding to tea, coffee, desserts and baked goods. This brand produces sweeteners in different versions: with the taste of French vanilla, cinnamon and vanilla, dark chocolate, lemon peel, etc. Natural ingredients give the syrups a flavoring shade: lemon peel oil, cocoa butter, cinnamon powder. Glycerin and alcohol act here as preservatives, increasing the shelf life of the product (60 ml is enough for a period of 6 to 12 months, depending on the use).
  2. Powder. The extract of "honey grass" purified, with isolated rebaudioside - the sweetest of the glycosides contained in the plant.

  • Can be used for desserts and homemade cakes
  • Dark plastic vial does not add weight, ensures fluid retention
  • Economical consumption of all forms of release.

  • Not suitable for diabetics due to glycerin and alcohol in the composition.


Dried and chopped stevia in filter bags. You can brew in hot water for a few minutes or infuse in cold water for 1-2 hours for a refreshing and tasty drink.

  • Only stevia leaves in the composition, no additives
  • Available from a pharmacy.

  • Average price - from 130 rubles for 20 filter bags.


Malaysian manufacturer Pure Circle offers fermented stevia extract in crystalline powder form. The coefficient of sweetness in relation to granulated sugar is 150 units.

  • Calorienless
  • Doesn't taste bitter
  • Can be added to drinks and pastries
  • Economical - ¼ teaspoon replaces 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar.

  • The average price is 1,000 rubles for 250 g.

Sugar substitutes based on stevia and "sugar grass" in dried form can become valuable helpers in the fight against obesity, replace granulated sugar and its derivatives and heal the body, protecting it from diseases, filling it with strength and energy. Small green leaves with white inflorescences are a real gift from nature for those who love themselves and their bodies and want to stay young and healthy for many years.

Rating of the best sugar substitutes

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Metabolic, or Exchangeable, True Sweeteners 1 Fructose 253 ₽
2 Melon sugar - erythritol (erythrol) 520 ₽
3 Sorbitol 228 ₽
4 Xylitol 151 ₽
Best Ballast or Intense Sweeteners 1 Sucralose 320 ₽
2 Aspartame 93 ₽
3 Cyclamate 162 ₽
4 Neotam -
5 Stevia 350 ₽
6 Acesulfame K -

Stevia extract, 20 g

Stevia extract, 20 g

The sweetness of the extract stevia is 30 times higher than regular sugar. This product is not only completely natural and harmless, but also contains many useful substances and vitamins.

Stevia preparation is used for therapeutic and prophylactic (dietary) nutrition of patients with diabetes mellitus, alimentary obesity for the prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, congestion in the liver and gallbladder, colds, caries.

How can you use:

Stevia extract used as a sweetener for making tea, confectionery and canned goods. Unlike most sweeteners, stevia does not change when heated.

It is recommended to add 4-5 drops of the extract to a glass of liquid to taste.

Effects on the body

  • completely satisfies the desire for sweets without increasing the blood sugar level of diabetics
  • improves carbohydrate metabolism, which leads to a decrease in high blood sugar levels in diabetics and weight loss in obese people
  • prevents the accumulation of excess weight
  • thins the blood, removes cholesterol
  • helps to lower blood pressure
  • has antimicrobial and antifungal, anti-inflammatory effect
  • normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract
  • removes radionuclides from the body
  • increases overall vitality.

TOP 5 trending herbs that everyone should have

These herbal teas are just for gourmets. By adding fragrant leaves and flowers to drinks and dishes, your dishes will become more sophisticated.

Herbs continue to be very popular - no wonder, because most of the species not only impart a pleasant aroma in the garden and on the terrace, but can also wonderfully be used as a condiment in food or flavoring drinks. In addition to well-known classics such as sage, rosemary or thyme on the market

also there are always new herbs - sometimes completely new, usually not hardy, which are still little known to us, but which have been used in other parts of the world for

over the centuries. However, most of the new herbs are special types or varieties of already known herbs with a particular flavor. For example, now there are mint and sage

also in several variants. Here I will tell you about five trending herbs to taste good.

Aromatic Pelargonium, also known as Scented Geranium, develops a pleasant aroma when the leaves are rubbed between your fingers. They are used to produce stimulating aroma oils, and the leaves are also used in the kitchen for sauces, teas and baked goods.

Collagenium balm for skin and muscles with Goji, 250 ml., Sib-KruK

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Balm for Skin and Muscles with Goji Berry and Hydrolyzed Collagen

Balsams of the Collagenium series are a useful innovation from the Sib-KruK company. They contain easily digestible collagen hydrolyzate in exactly the amount that a person needs for good health and prevention of connective tissue diseases.

Collagen - is a protein structure, which is the framework on which all cellular complexes in our body are held. Collagen acts as a kind of biological glue or plasticine. Provides strength and elasticity to connective tissue. Almost all organs are built from connective tissue: blood vessels, skin, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, mucous and submucosal layers of internal organs. Thus, we see that collagen is one of the basic building blocks of our entire body, which ensures youth!

Collagen deficiency in the body is a really big problem. Against this background, almost all organs and tissues suffer. First of all, these are the skin, osteoarticular apparatus, hair and nails, as well as the eyes and organs of the female reproductive system. As a sad result, the symptoms:

  • dental problems
  • hair loss
  • impaired growth and normal structure of nails
  • deterioration of skin structure, dryness, rapid aging, wrinkles.
  • muscle weakness
  • fragility of bones and joints
  • violation of the structure of blood vessels, their fragility
  • spinal problems
  • visual impairment
  • prolapse of organs, thinning of the mucous membrane of female organs, decreased tone, including sphincters.
The protein spiral of collagen is synthesized by our body for up to 25 years. After this age, its production decreases and stops being produced after 35 years. Accordingly, in order to maintain a healthy organ structure, the body must receive collagen from external sources.

It's important to know! in its pure form, collagen is poorly absorbed by the body. At the same time, some substances increase its bioavailability or assimilation: vitamins C and B, minerals: copper, zinc, sulfur, iron, silicon, luteins and anthocyanidins - special substances of plant pigments. All these substances are contained in the composition of the Collagenium + Balsams-Fluids-Drinks

Collagen peptide is better and faster absorbed into the tissue, which helps to achieve a beneficial effect from the application after the first intake. You get - fast natural rejuvenation of organs!

The basis of the Collagenium Series Balsams is syrup with stevia and erythritol, prebiotic dietary fiber. Stevia and erythritol give the product sweetness without calories, and dietary fiber
improve microflora and intestinal motility.

The anti-aging product contains herbal extracts that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and muscles.

Goji berries improve blood circulation and metabolism, activate the breakdown of adipose tissue cells, making the skin smoother, more even, and acquires a healthier color.

Green tea is a source of antioxidants and has a tonic effect on the skin. Helps in the healing of wounds, burns.

But the main value of this balm for muscles and skin is easily digestible, fast-penetrating collagen obtained from the most hypoallergenic fish species. High-quality purified hydrolyzate, which is practically odorless and has no fishy taste, we export from Italy.

Few people know that collagen present in the human body stops producing its enzymes by about 25 years of age. To delay this inevitable process as long as possible
further, scientists have developed a unique drug - collagen hydrolyzate.

In front of you is Innovation.
The balm contains easily digestible collagen. It is a protein of connective tissue of all organs in the human body. Human skin is 80% and muscles are 70% collagen. Which the
together with prebiotics and extracts from medicinal plants, it helps to strengthen, maintain the elasticity and density of the skin and muscle tissue.

The composition of the Collagenium series balms includes a unique component - COLLAGEN, obtained in accordance with the modern requirements of the European Union from the scales of the most non-allergenic fish species.

The basis of all Collagenium Balsams is a syrup with stevia and erythritol, prebiotic dietary fiber and collagen. Stevia and erythritol give sweetness to the product, without calories. Collagen with dietary fiber nourishes the structure of the skin and muscles, improves intestinal microflora and the absorption of vitamins.

Collagen molecules in combination with goji berries and other plants, due to the presence of riboflavin, thiamine, betacarotene, zeaxanthin, hyoscyamine, zinc, chromium, iron, selenium, magnesium, iodine, amino acids, polysaccharides, monosaccharides, catechins, theanine, caffeine, have the following effects:

  • helps in losing weight (by accelerating metabolism),
  • strengthens the skin (due to the formation of a collagen network in the middle layers, increases elasticity),
  • strengthens muscle tissue (due to the formation of a clear structure, improving blood supply and oxygen metabolism in the muscles),
  • accelerates the adhesion and regeneration of the skin with cuts, wounds, burns, abrasions, bruises, bruises.
  • slows down the aging process (due to the antioxidant and vitaminizing effect, preserving the integrity of internal organs, improving the condition of the spinal cord).

during diets, as a revitalizing metabolism and a firming cocktail for harmony and elasticity of the skin, to improve the formation of muscle tissue and sports, to prevent sagging skin, to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite, to maintain the muscle frame, to accelerate rehabilitation after injuries.

Fluid base with collagen hydrolyzate, stevia leaf, erythritol, fructose, prebiotic food fibers. Extracts of medicinal plants: goji berries, green tea leaves, burdock root, horsetail herb, dandelion root and leaves, raspberry leaves, flax seeds, meadowsweet grass, chamomile flowers, badan leaves, oregano flowers, blackberries

Individual intolerance to the components.

Balm with goji berries and collagen hydrolyzate is recommended to be taken 1 tablespoon with water 20 minutes before meals, 3 times a day. The course of application is from 2 to 10 bottles. (1 month) One bottle contains 30-35 tablespoons (250 ml) for 10-12 days.

The complex effect is achieved with the simultaneous use of drugs of three fractions:

  • Balm for Skin and Muscles with collagen hydrolyzate - water-soluble fraction
  • Ultra-concentrated oils “Ocean Key Forte” Spirulina + Goji capsules - oil / fat-soluble fraction
  • Superfood Fat Burner and Yoghurt Porridge with Ginger - Ballast / Sorbing Fraction

It is not a drug. Consult a physician before use.

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Confidentiality of the reported personal information is provided by NPO Yandex.Money LLC. The entered information will not be provided to third parties, except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Bank card payments are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of Visa Int. and MasterCard Europe Sprl.

Description of the payment process

When choosing a form of payment using a plastic card, the payment for the order is carried out immediately after its registration. After completing the ordering process in our store, you will have to click on the "Payment by credit card" button, and the system will switch you to the authorization server page, where you will be asked to enter the credit card data, initiate its authorization, and then return to our store with the button "Return to the store". After you return to our store, the system will notify you of the authorization results. If authorization is confirmed, your order will be automatically executed in accordance with the conditions you specified. In case of refusal to authorize the card, you can repeat the payment procedure.

You may be denied authorization if:

  • if your bank does not support 3D-Secure technology
  • there are not enough funds on the card to purchase
  • the bank does not support the online payment service
  • data entry timed out
  • there was an error in the data.

In this case, you can repeat the authorization in 20 minutes, use another card or contact your bank to resolve the issue.

When canceling an order

When canceling items from a paid order (or canceling an entire order), you can order another product for this amount, or return the entire amount to the card by contacting the operators by e-mail [email protected] or by calling 8-800-511- 5662 (free within the Russian Federation).

Shipment of paid goods, if all items are in stock, is carried out within 2 working days from the moment the money is credited to our bank account.

The online store does not collect or store the data of your bank cards and / or security codes.
Payment is made through the secure protocols of your servicing bank.
SMS codes for confirming transactions are also provided by the servicing bank and the online store cannot influence the term of their provision.

Electronic money

Also in our store you can pay for the order with electronic money. Payments are made through the Yandex.Checkout system

You can pay at a time from an identified wallet - up to RUB 250,000,
from anonymous - up to 15,000 rubles.

You can pay up to 60,000 rubles at a time. Per month - up to 150,000 rubles.

You can pay up to 250,000 rubles at a time.

Payment on account

Payment from internal account

Our online store offers several delivery options:

  • Delivery to pick-up points
  • Pickup from the company's office in Novosibirsk
  • Express delivery
  • Delivery to post offices of the Russian Post.

You can order delivery of goods to the door using a courier.

The order goes to the courier delivery center of the service you have chosen. After the goods arrive at the warehouse, the courier service will contact you and offer to choose a convenient delivery time. Will specify the address.

It is possible to pay for the order to the courier upon receipt. The possibility of payment to the courier by card upon receipt must be specified at the time of delivery approval. The possibility of courier delivery on weekends and in the evening must be clarified at the time of delivery approval.

* Courier delivery is possible through the delivery services Russian Post, Boxbery, CDEK.

What delivery service delivers in your city, check with the store manager.

Around Novosibirsk orders over 2,000 rubles are delivered free of charge.

You can pick up your order at one of the Boxberry pick-up points

You can choose the item yourself when placing an order on the website or in a conversation with the operator.

Delivery to CDEK pickup points

You can pick up your order at one of the CDEK pickup points
You can choose the item yourself when placing an order on the website or in a conversation with the operator.

You can pick up the goods at our pick-up point in Novosibirsk at the address: Novosibirsk, st. Boris Bogatkov d 228/1 office 312.

Point of operation: daily from 09-00 to 21-00

The purchase can be picked up by your friend or relative who knows the number and name to whom it is issued.

Delivery to post offices

If there is no courier service in your city and there are no pick-up points, then you can order delivery via Russian post.

Immediately upon the arrival of the goods, a notification of the parcel will be sent to your address.

Before paying, you can assess the condition of the box (without opening it): weight, integrity. If the actual weight of the parcel differs from that indicated on the address label, the box is damaged, or you see theoretical options for damage to the attachment, ask the post office employee to draw up a statement on opening the parcel. You can open the box yourself only after you have paid for the order.

The cost of an order cannot exceed 100 thousand rubles.

You can ask any question you are interested in about the product or the work of the store.

Our qualified specialists will definitely help you.

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