Sebeleff company, sale of greenhouses and cellular polycarbonate

Sebeleff company, sale of greenhouses and cellular polycarbonate

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Polycarbonate catalog

Cellular - transparent and colored, brands: RoyalPlast, Chipped-Ice, Sunnex, Greenhouse-nano, Ultramarin
Thickness: 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
Cellular polycarbonate SUNNEX 8 mm thick 10 mm
Standard sheet sizes: 6 x 2.1 m, 12 x 2.1 meters

Suggested Colors

Profiled - transparent and colored
The cross-section of such polycarbonate is not flat, but corrugated, with practically no damage to light transmission. At the same time, its strength is comparable to that of a metal profile.

Monolithic - transparent and colored
Thickness: 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Polycarbonate Premium class - transparent and colored
Thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
It is a reinforced polycarbonate with a large UV protective layer, 50-60 microns on each side, so the service life is twice as long as that of standard products.


Offered assortment:

Greenhouse catalog

Greenhouse Mini 2 x 3 m and 2 x 4 m

Greenhouse VIP: 3 x 4 m, 3 x 6 m, 3 x 8 m

Greenhouse Standard: 3 x 4 m, 3 x 6 m, 3 x 8 m

Greenhouse upright: 3 x 4 m, 3 x 6 m, 3 x 8 m

Greenhouse Kupol: 2 x 3 m, 3 x 4 m, 3 x 6 m, 3 x 8 m


Galvanized tape, additional vent, drip irrigation systems, perforated beds, watering timers, composters, etc.

It is convenient and profitable to work with us:

• We are an official dealer of the manufacturing plant, and our prices compare favorably
• We carry out constant quality control of goods and give a manufacturer's guarantee
• We offer the most complete range of products: polycarbonate of any thickness and color for any need
• We carry out fast delivery, within 1-2 days without prepayment
• We will help you choose the best polycarbonate suitable specifically for your needs, and give you comprehensive advice on its use
• We work with large wholesalers and individuals.

We invite distributors to cooperate!

Sebeleff has always placed high quality products at the forefront, since from our point of view, without this in the modern world, a long and successful work of any company is impossible. We have all the necessary components to accomplish this task: high-quality raw materials, the most modern equipment, highly qualified personnel. All products undergo mandatory quality control and are certified.

The company's warehouses also comply with the most modern standards, which makes it possible to ship goods to customers exactly on time.

Greenhouses in Novosibirsk. The catalog section contains shops and trading companies where you can buy prefabricated polycarbonate greenhouses, polyethylene and PVC films, cellular polycarbonate in Novosibirsk.

If you like to grow your own fruits and vegetables, you have probably already thought about buying a greenhouse. In Novosibirsk there are shops that specialize in gardening and sell special equipment, covering material, cellular polycarbonate, prefabricated Economy class, Standard class and Reinforced greenhouses, non-woven covering material for covering greenhouses and greenhouses, PVC and plastic film, seeds and fertilizers for farmers and summer residents. They offer a wide selection of greenhouses made of polycarbonate, film and other materials, prefabricated greenhouses for film and cellular polycarbonate in Novosibirsk.

Polycarbonate is a special material that transmits the sun's rays and perfectly retains heat inside the greenhouse. Film is also great for building a greenhouse, but it is not as strong. If you want to build a greenhouse, but do not know which store to go to, then a special catalog with a list of the assortment and prices of various stores will help you make the right choice.

In the catalog you can find out the cost of those other materials, their quantity and quality. Here are the addresses and contact information of Novosibirsk stores. You don't have to walk from store to store to compare prices for polycarbonate, film or other materials. After looking through the catalog, you will immediately understand where to go for everything you need. Thanks to this, building a greenhouse will not take much time and will allow you to significantly save.

Prefabricated greenhouses in Novosibirsk for covering material and cellular polycarbonate are sold in different types: gable roof, pitched roof, arched structures, dome structures, polygonal and tunnel shelters. In the stores presented, you can buy polyethylene and PVC films of various thicknesses, simple and reinforced, as well as non-woven covering material in Novosibirsk: Agrospan, Spunbond, Agrotex, Agril, Lutrasil, Pegas-Agro for covering greenhouses and greenhouses.

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Today the company "RUS-TEPLITSA" for more than 7 years has withpublic production base. One of the main activities of the company is the development and production of metal structures: greenhouses, sheds. The company has modern equipment that allows it to produce a variety of arched structures. The main task for us has always been and remains: high quality products, ease and ease of use. And we did it.

Our designers have turned the assembly of greenhouses into a fascinating construction set for adults, all of our greenhouse frames are collapsible, which greatly facilitates their transportation. The assortment includes a wide selection for every taste and wealth, currently on sale there are a large number of greenhouses of different sizes and materials from which they are made. Steel and galvanized pipe greenhouses, increased strength, confidently ousted greenhouses made of galvanized profiles.

The company "RUS-TEPLITSA" has a wide range of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate. The retail network of stores throughout Moscow, has huge warehouses, makes it possible to more accurately and accurately fulfill customer orders. Implementation cellular and monolithic polycarbonate at wholesale prices. This is the result of successful cooperation with the leading plant in Russia for the production of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate "KINPLAST"

We try to keep up with the times, and we are constantly in search of new interesting ideas, and we have big plans. Over the past three years, we have successfully on the base own production organized the production of lumber in the Kirov region. The Vyatka Territory is a forest with unique properties of wood, these materials have proven themselves very well. We offer the best lumber made in compliance with all technologies that meet all quality standards. Sale of boards, beams, lining and moldings is available at warehouse number 1 on Ryazansky prospect.

Company advantages:

  • Own production with the latest and modern equipment
  • Cooperation with the largest polycarbonate plant in Russia "KINPLAST"
  • Promotion strategy qualitygoods is the most important part of the company.

Additional services of the company:

  • Delivery
  • Assembly and installation of greenhouses
  • Manufacturing of non-standard products: greenhouses according to your projects.

A group of dealers and a wide network of retail stores ensure the availability of the supplied assortment in all regions of Russia.

Follow behind news and shares company, be aware of all new products.

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