Koikenkoff together with the team - buy and participate in the promotion

Koikenkoff together with the team - buy and participate in the promotion


Imagine: over 32 hectares planted with colorful tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers. In the Keukenhof park, in the town of Lisse (about 30 minutes from Amsterdam), this picture is a reality.
The Keukenhof, also known as the European Garden, opens its doors to over 1 million visitors.

What is Keukenhof?

About 7 million bulbs are planted each year by a team of fun gardeners. They do it with precision that resembles art.

There are many flowers to see, but tulips are undoubtedly the stars of the park. Precisely planned and landscaped flower beds and meadows fit into the landscape of trees, lakes and fountains. And finally, the landscape is "diluted" with a windmill.

When walking, take your time to walk 15 km of paths through the park. Enjoy every flower and every minute of your stay in this paradise. You will be amazed at the sight of colors and fragrances.

Back to Earth, you can attend various events in the park. Every year, the Keukenhof Park has a different motto on which events are built. It hosts musical, cultural and culinary events. During the season, tourists visit over 30 flower exhibitions, each with different flowers and perennials.

The highlight of the year is the flower parade. It follows a 40 km route through the neighboring villages of Nordcake and Haarlem (Holland). Of course, flowers are the main attraction of the parade. Every moving van is adorned with lush floral arrangements, no matter its shape or size.

And if someone knows a lot about flowers, then these are the Dutch. You can barely step a step without bumping into tulips or plant bulbs for sale. To see the flowers in their full splendor, we highly recommend visiting the Keukenhof Park.

Please note that tulips only bloom from mid-March to mid-May, so the park is only open during this period.

We went to Koikenkoff together with the team

Take part in the drawing of a fantastic gift: 10 trips to the Dutch flower park "Keukenhof".

The conditions for participation in the drawing are simple:

  • ✔ make an order on the website in the amount of 500 UAH.
  • ✔ expect your lucky ticket.

Among everyone who makes an order on the website, on March 12, 2019, 10 winners will be randomly selected, who will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful and largest flower park in the world in the Netherlands on April 10.

The winners will be waiting not only for Koikenkoff Park, but also for an incredible spring tour of Europe! Krakow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Wroclaw and of course the culmination of the trip is a fantastic flower park in the heart of the Tulip Country, the Netherlands.

For all excursions, a ticket to the Keukenhof park, accommodation in hotels, transfers in a comfortable Euro-class bus and breakfasts, you also need not worry - they will be included in the Tour you won.

However, this is not all! You can also purchase a ride on our website. And if you buy a tour and win our competition, we will compensate the entire cost of the tour!

We wish you success and may your dreams bloom!

Request: send the link to this post to your friends who love flowers! Give them a gift.

Reviews of tourists who have already visited Koikenkoff

A day trip to Keukenhof will be remembered forever... An unforgettable visit for garden and flower lovers. The large and well maintained complex is definitely worth a visit. Between the flower arrangements, there are several buildings with exhibitions, food, ample souvenir shops for visitors.

Great for a day trip... A beautiful park with a flower show. There you can take a walk, the flower beds are very beautiful, and in some flower houses you can see different types of flowers. Very beautiful expositions with different motives.

Lovely park, well thought out... The area is beautifully landscaped with various spring flowering plants. Very well maintained. The halls have separate exhibitions of other spring, summer and exotic flowers. I was especially impressed by the exhibition of orchids in Beatrix Halle. Wilhelm Alexanderhalle was also fascinating. For photographers, the park is paradise.

The FLORIUM team promises you an impressive journey into the world of flowers!

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