Voltaire's tasting + WIN! Renée's new book Blissful mix!

Voltaire's tasting + WIN! Renée's new book Blissful mix!

Our food creator Renée Voltaire likes to be happy - so she throws herself on the strawberries as soon as they show their flaming cheeks in the country. Here she offers mint-scented strawberry drink, grilled old men and nutritious sprinkles!

Chocolate pudding in the Voltaire way

Photo: Caroline Eriksson +46709548408

Chocolate pudding.

Dig out ½ avocado and put in a blender along with 1 tablespoon honey, 1 dl water, 2 tablespoons raw cocoa (from raw cocoa beans that have never been heated), 20 pine nuts and 1 pitted date of the variety ‘Medjool’ (they are extra large). Mix into a fluffy pudding and serve with strawberries.

Almond milk with strawberries

Photo: Caroline Eriksson +46709548408

Almond milk with strawberries!

Mix 2 dl of water with 4 strawberries and 5 peeled almonds to a good almond milk. Serve ice cold.

Coin-scented drink dream

Soften yourself with a delicious strawberry drink. Just mix and enjoy!

How to fix a jug of cooling strawberry drink.

Mix ½ liters of strawberries together with 4 dl white wine, 4 ice cubes and some mint leaves. Serve in the sun and enjoy!

Nutritious strawberry sprinkles!

Photo: Caroline Eriksson +46709548408

Mix sliced ​​strawberries with ½ dl pistachios, ½ dl inca berries, ½ dl peeled almonds. Super good to put on a ball of vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry delicacy with hemp

Photo: Caroline Eriksson +46709548408

How to make strawberry balls with hemp seeds. Mix 1.5 dl cashews, 2 dates, 2 tablespoons raw cocoa, 4 strawberries and 1 teaspoon cardamom to a batter. Roll balls in peeled hemp seeds and place in the fridge for a while before eating.

My two fast…

Mix strawberries with olive oil and salt - strawberry dressing.

Put old men on a skewer and place on the grill, serve with the food (or with ice cream).

Smart tips!

Keep your strawberries unopened and cool so they last longer.

Voltaire's taste test!

Photo: Caroline Eriksson +46709548408

Renée Voltaire is a food creator and author. Her favorite subjects are food and gardening - here they both meet in green, beautiful and good tips in Allt om Trädgård.

Read more about Renée Voltaire and her food here:

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WIN! Renée Voltaire's new book Blissful Blend

We are raffling off 5 copies of Renée Voltaires new book Blessed mixture.

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