Grill pan

Grill pan

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When it comes to grills, a substantial difference must be made between electric grills and classic grills. The latter model allows you to cook food directly on the flame of the hob, while the electric one has its own socket connected to the electricity that allows the grill to be heated and the food to be cooked.


The grills made in the classic version are equipped with a rather long wooden handle, a rather resistant material, which facilitates the grip. The food will be placed on the base, made of aluminum or cast iron. The second material is undoubtedly a good conductor of heat, it heats up in a short time and maintains the temperature reached for a long time. The grill has an internal structure formed by a series of grids, which give a characteristic appearance to the food when it is cooked. All foods can be cooked inside this cooking tool. The main prerogative is that there is no need for any seasoning, so everything cooked there is cooked in a healthy and light way. Vegetables, fish or meat can be grilled without any problem. When cooking the dishes inside the grill pans, smoke can be produced, so it is advisable to turn on the hood to let it vacuum. The classic model must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent food residues from sticking to it. It is an indispensable tool in the kitchen because it really allows you to cook any food in a rather short time. On the other hand, when it comes to examining the electric model, it is necessary to dedicate more space, because it can be an excellent alternative to the classic barbecue. Many prefer to use it precisely for this characteristic, directly on the balcony as well as the advantage of being able to enjoy an excellent barbecue at home even in winter. The shape of electric grills is essentially similar to that of traditional grills, but inside the system there is a coil that heats the base of the grill and allows the food to be cooked. It is possible to have a temperature adjustment based on the type of food to be cooked. In this way the cooking is optimal and there is no risk of burning anything. The smoke produced is rather limited and for this reason it is recommended to use it also inside the home. The cleaning of the electric grills concerns the part relating to the grill, as the drained fat is collected in a special container that is easy to clean. The use of the electric barbecue is quite simple and each package also contains instructions. It is sold already assembled and ready for use. It is advisable to keep children away from the electric barbecue when it is on to prevent them from being accidentally burned.

How to choose it

The grill pan must be chosen according to your personal needs. Obviously it can be considered an alternative to electric grills, but in the kitchen the classic model cannot be missing. Those who do not have a garden where they can comfortably enjoy barbecues can always fall back on electric grills. On the market there are many models that differ mainly in their size, suitable to meet every need.

Where to buy

The classic grill model can be purchased at stores that sell crockery while the electric one is found in the areas dedicated to household appliances. If you are looking for a particular model, it is preferable to ask the retailer directly to be sure you are purchasing the model you were looking for. On the internet it is possible to find the grills both in the electric version and in the classic version and many sites offer the possibility to buy the product directly online. Everyone can freely decide whether or not to make the purchase in reference to quality and price. The Internet is a great showcase which, however, does not offer the possibility of touching the chosen product firsthand. The site contains all the conditions relating to the sale and the correct information is provided to the consumer in the event that a product does not conform to the description or does not work properly. In any case, the guarantee is always valid, wherever the purchase is made.

Barbecue: grill

The grill is the element belonging to the category of household appliances that allows you to cook indoors on the flame of the kitchen stove just as if you were in the garden in front of the barbecue.

A broader product category is identified with the name of grill pan, which includes both electric and classic grills

The classic ones are usually made of cast iron and can be placed directly on the stove so they use the gas from your kitchen.

While electric grills use the electric current to reach the temperature that allows them to cook food.

And cooking in both cases will be very similar to that of the garden barbecue.

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