Organic fertilizer "Fat Chicken": we will revive the fertility of the earth!

Organic fertilizer

Poultry manure, like other types of manure, has a long history of effective fertilization. The benefits of its use on various soils are so great and indisputable that among gardeners and gardeners there is often an opinion about the validity of their dosage according to the principle "You cannot spoil porridge with oil." But this is a deep delusion.

Experienced gardeners are well aware of the main disadvantages of poultry droppings and have even learned to partially overcome them by composting. However, even at the same time, they are forced to come into contact with a very dangerous substance, the unpleasant smell of which is the least of evils. 1 g of modern bird droppings contains from thousands to hundreds of millions of microscopic pathogens (salmonella, enterococci, helminth cysts, etc.) - causative agents of serious diseases.

The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service regretfully notes a significant deterioration in the statistics of these diseases, directly linking the problem with the technological backwardness of the disposal of poultry manure and other types of manure.

LLC "SEVERO-WEST-ECOLOGIA", using the experience of domestic and foreign microbiological science, has developed a technology for the production of a new organic fertilizer "Fat Chicken" from chicken manure in its pure form without adding herbal additives. As a result of the application of a combination of techniques for controlled aerobic-anaerobic solid-phase fermentation of pure chicken droppings and the formation of specified physical, biological and chemical properties, fertilizers of three types are produced: granular, dry and natural moisture. The fertilizer, ready for use, does not resemble its initial raw material in any way (except for the chemical composition). It is devoid of not only the pungent ammonia odor of droppings, but also of all pathogens, as well as excess moisture, has good flowability, which is very important for uniform distribution over the fertilized surface.

According to the head of the experimental department of the Agrophysical Research Institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor A.I. Ivanova, the bioactivated fertilizer "Fat Chicken" can rightfully be attributed to the organic fertilizers of the future. Objective results of laboratory and field tests of this fertilizer revealed a set of advantages over common organic and mineral fertilizers.

So, unlike other organic fertilizers, "Tolstaya Chicken" is safe in terms of sanitary and parasitic indicators, is devoid of excess moisture and, being a concentrated fertilizer, is distinguished by a multiple of the content of the most important nutrients (N - 5, P2O5 - 3.5, Ca - 6 , 5, K2O - 2.5, Mg - 1.1, Mn - 0.04, Zn and Cu - 0.01%) and favorable physical conditions, which significantly reduces its optimal dose.

Detailed studies carried out by employees of the Agrophysical Research Institute of the Russian Agricultural Academy revealed the undoubted advantages of "Tolstoy Chicken" over common organic and mineral fertilizers. Its single application in doses of 0.4-0.7 kg / m2 neutralized the acidic soil, increased the content of organic matter, easily hydrolyzable nitrogen compounds by 22-35%, phosphates and potassium available to plants - by 22-56 mg / kg, even more significantly - calcium and magnesium, improved the conditions for plant nutrition with microelements. Against this background, the biological activity of the sod-podzolic soil has increased significantly.

Naturally, the responsiveness of garden and horticultural crops turned out to be very high. In the year of application, even against the background of arid conditions, the yield of table vegetables and potatoes increased by 24-55%, which, in terms of the yield, was expressed in an increase from each square meter of land to 2-4 kg of vegetables with the formation of their total yield at the level of 6-9 kg / m2. At their current cost, this is equivalent to an increase in cash income by 54-108 rubles / m2. Moreover, each ruble invested in the purchase of fertilizer brought from 3.5 to 8 rubles of net income. Fruit crops (apple and plum) turned out to be no less responsive.

But no less important positive effect was revealed by the results of chemical and analytical tests of fruits and vegetables. As a result of the balanced optimization of the nutrition of garden crops with the most important macro- and microelements, their quality has significantly improved. Unlike the mineral fertilizer "Tolstaya Chicken" did not reduce the dry matter content and naturally increased the content of protein compounds by 11-25%, phosphorus, potassium, calcium - by 16-40%, the most important microelements - by 11-26%, reduced the content of nitrates - by 14–43%. This became the key to increasing the biological value of the fruits and vegetables obtained and their excellent preservation during the storage period.

The colossal advantage of "Tolstoy Chicken" over widely used mineral fertilizers is its balanced composition and enrichment with bases, which allow it to neutralize constantly acidifying soil and optimize its nutritional regime. Regular use of bioactivated fertilizers along with a multiple increase in yields, improvement of the quality of fruits and vegetables allows you to increase the fertility of all types and types of soil and completely replace the use of lime and other fertilizers. This combination of advantages characterizes "Fat Chicken" as a high-quality and highly effective fertilizer, the use of which will allow you to get a generous, environmentally friendly harvest.

You can buy the Fat Chicken fertilizer in the Vash Garden stores at the following addresses:

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Art. "Komendantsky prospect", Kamyshovaya street, 3
For wholesale supplies, contact: Art. "Obukhovo", street Gribakin, 42

Consultations, wholesale deliveries: [email protected]

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