Plant flowers

Plant flowers

What is more beautiful and meaningful than a flower? Through these beautiful plant beings we can communicate or manifest many moods, we can thank, love, hate, be happy or express a certain form of sadness. Through the articles that make up this section, we will try to explain more specifically the composition of flowers, the organs that are part of them, their characteristics, colors, their shape and many other interesting things that concern them. Obviously we cannot talk about all the flowers that exist, but we have chosen the ones that, in our opinion, could arouse your interest the most. We will explain some flowers par excellence such as those of orchids, very colorful and rich in elegance and charm; the mimosa flowers, very close and dear to women; the flowers of the rose, ... continue

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continue ..., perhaps the most loved and appreciated ones; the flowers of lily of the valley, with a beautiful color and a very pleasant scent, those of the daisy, symbol of uncertainties in love and many others. Obviously, we couldn't not include the description of the flowers of some fruit trees such as peach, apple and almond trees. In addition to telling and informing you about these wonderful flowers, we will make your eyes happy with the publication of wonderful and colorful photos that will enhance the idea of ​​this beautiful world. A particularly curious article is the one dedicated to rose petals, this enchanting flower loved and celebrated by the most famous poets; in addition to describing the various shapes, the various colors and other characteristics that concern them, we will also talk about their use in the kitchen for the preparation of risottos, biscuits, sorbets, for decorating cakes, to enrich jams and marmalades. We have dedicated a space to the flowers of a vegetable, courgette, which are also particularly used in the kitchen for the preparation of various dishes such as omelettes, risotto, jams and for frying.

We think that this section will be appreciated by most of our visitors, even if only for the beautiful and interested photos that we will show but also because, the flower, is the thing that, more or less, almost all people love and are fascinated by and , if you love or have a passion for a certain thing, what better than knowing more about it, knowing how it is made, if there are others with similar characteristics or other different varieties? That said, we wish you good reading.

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