10 useful crafts from plastic bottles that can be used in the country

 10 useful crafts from plastic bottles that can be used in the country

Plastic is a fairly strong and durable material. Every day we throw out a lot of bottles of water, kefir, juices. And if you think about it, they can still be reused. It is especially easy to do this in the country, where free raw materials will help ease the work of the gardener and add decorativeness to the area.

Two-level flower beds

To make the flower garden look spectacular, and the plants are protected, the flower beds are framed with fences. Bricks, stones, purchased fences are traditionally used. But experienced summer residents have already come up with ways to use free waste. Bottles are also loved by craftsmen.A flowerbed is marked on the chosen place of the plot. Any shape can be made - round, rectangular, wavy. And the size depends on the number of collected bottles of the same volume. For more color, containers can be painted. But it is better to fill with soil - this way they will be more stable. Flowers on a stylized podium look beautiful. This is both practical and distracts attention from the garden beds. According to the markings, we dig in the bottles with their necks down, pour a layer of earth and build a second tier of a smaller diameter. Add a little more fertile soil and plant the flora.

Air curtains

Beautifully draped windows of a country house make it more aesthetically pleasing. But textile curtains, exposed to aggressive influences, quickly get dirty and deteriorate. You can replace lightweight fabrics with free plastic, which will not only last a long time, but also hide some of the shortcomings of window frames. It's a good idea to assemble curtains from bottle bottoms that resemble flowers. They can be easily fastened with fishing line or wire and made to any suitable length. The result is quite dense panels that soften the too bright midday sun. Several vertical garlands of transparent rings cut from bottles also look elegant. If you hang them tightly to each other (or better in several layers) on the doorway, then they will also become protection from annoying insects.

Outdoor chandeliers and lighting fixtures

Plastic perfectly transmits light, therefore it is quite suitable for the manufacture of a lamp. This chandelier looks very stylish and won't break. However, for low-melting material, only light bulbs of low power are suitable. The easiest option is to cut the bottle so that it looks like a lampshade. The edges of the shade can be made with openwork, and the surface can be covered with acrylic paint or decorated with colored cord. A very practical idea is a portable street lamp. You just need to put an LED flashlight inside the bottle or stick a solar battery on the lid. If you suddenly want to arrange a romantic dinner in the gazebo, the dim light will create a cozy atmosphere.

Garden path

Garden paths will not be washed away by rain, and the house will become cleaner if the paths are paved with bottle bottoms and colored corks, which are laid on a liquid cement mixture. You can place the elements randomly or lay out a beautiful mosaic.


In the country, you often have to wash your hands after planting plants or rinse fresh fruits and vegetables. A very profitable option would be an outdoor washbasin, which will not only cope with dirt, but also slightly moisten the soil. You will need a capacity of at least 2 liters. The bottom of the bottle is cut off and the washbasin is fixed at any convenient place with a rope or self-tapping screw. To supply water, you just need to unscrew the lid a little.

Shovels and scoops

Every gardener needs a small loosening tool. You don't have to buy it - you can make it yourself, and you only need a bottle and a sharp knife to make a spatula. The bottom is removed, and the scoop shape is cut out from the walls. To make it easier to use the device, a short rod can be inserted into the neck.

Rodent traps

The owners of summer cottages are sometimes annoyed by mice. Cats and commercial mouse traps can help get rid of them, but they often cripple the rodent. Making a trap is more humane. Cut the plastic bottle across. We put the upper part without the lid with the neck down in the base with the seeds. You can fix the edges with glue, tape or stapler. Lubricate the funnel with oil, which will not only attract the animal with a smell, but also prevent it from getting out.

Flower pots

From plastic, you can make very cute pots in the shape of an animal's face with children. Lovers of minimalism will be happy with a flowerpot with abstract patterns, rhombuses or circles. To work you will need only empty containers, acrylic paints and a little imagination. If there is not enough space on the windowsills, then the planter can be hung. Floral arrangements will decorate a window, porch or garden tree.

Veranda broom

At the summer cottage, regular cleaning is required. A broom made of plastic containers is very light, and its pile does not fall out during use. Take a strong stick or branch. We cut the bottles of the same size into strips and glue them on the handle in layers. The more containers, the more magnificent the broom will turn out. The finishing touch to make the broom sturdy and compact is to secure the strips with a cable tie. Such a home-made device is suitable for picking up small debris as well as leaves and snow.


Often, an ordinary bench is not enough to relax in the country, especially if friends come to visit. The idea of ​​building a gazebo arises. But its production is troublesome and expensive. The construction of a plastic pavilion does not require special skills and will surprise you with its practicality. A suitable material would be a container of 1.5-2 liters. Before construction, each bottle must be processed - rinsed, cleaned labels, removed the caps. The choice of material for the frame depends only on the wishes of the owner. You can use metal or wood. But a light tree will allow you to move the structure around the territory. Cut the bottoms of the bottles and tightly plant the same containers on top of each other. We fix the ends on the frame with wire. We form the walls by gluing the vertical parts. The roof can be made from metal sheets, slate, leftover bottles, or straw.

15 garden ideas: a vertical garden made of plastic bottles

As soon as you get tired of looking at a boring fence or a blank wall of a house at the dacha, ideas of a vertical garden from unnecessary plastic bottles will come to your rescue. Who said that in order to add bright colors and unexpected solutions to your summer residence, you will need serious efforts and considerable funds?

You can successfully apply these simple plastic bottle ideas for both your garden and your veranda or balcony.

You must have collected a considerable number of plastic bottles in order to make a similar design for several sections of the country fence. But collecting in the summer heat a couple of dozen bottles of lemonade or mineral water will not be difficult.

You can fix the plastic bottles horizontally and, by cutting out a part of the bottle, place the seedling inside.

Or use the bottom of the bottle as a flower pot.

The main task of a vertical garden from plastic bottles is to ensure regular watering of such a design and to avoid stagnation of water in the lower part of the container.

To do this, the bottles are connected to each other, and a thin hose with holes for irrigation is laid inside.

In this way, you can make a kitchen garden in the country for growing greenery: lettuce leaves, for example, will always be clean.

Therefore, even if you have a lot of land, it is worth experimenting with this design.

You can use plastic bottles in the country "for beauty". We wrap a lump of earth with seedlings in burlap, and place plastic bottles in a circle. The result is not for everybody, but you can play around with such an idea.

If you are confused by the visibility of black soil in a bottle with such plantings, you can always paint it with the rest of the paint or apply all your handicraft talents and wrap it in something bright.

Depending on the shape of the plastic bottle, there are different designs for its use in the garden.

Perhaps you will come up with your own version of a vertical garden - even more successful.

For exotic lovers, you can make an imitation of a hanging tropical garden. It is better to plant indoor flowers of the bromeliad family in such structures, which can simply grow in the air.

Succulents, fat women, bright purslane are also well suited for such gardens.

The plastic bottle vertical garden does not require much space or cost. The whole family can participate in its creation: dad makes a structure, mom plants seedlings and children decorate bottles. So you can make such a design out of bottles that is best suited for your summer cottage.

20 awesome plastic bottle crafts that come in handy at home

We used to send plastic bottles straight to landfill. But see how you can use them at home. In this selection, we have collected 20 useful PET bottle crafts for your home.

Zippered pencil case for storing pencils and other small items.

If you find a lot of plastic bottles, you can even build a sofa or chair.

And thus, a light ottoman is obtained.

Idea for a romantic dinner.

Tubes for storing small items in the nursery.

Planters for home plants from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles can be an excellent option for creating cheerful and colorful pots for home plants.

plastic Cut the bottle in half, paint the part with acrylic paints. You can make the form of bunnies, seals, pigs and other such in pots.

small subjects will especially like the living creatures of the craft, children more than that they can take an active part in the manufacture of funny pots.

Candlestick from plastic containers

There are several complex ways to make plastic candlesticks, but this time, the simplest of them will be considered. Before starting work, you must prepare the following items:

  • Hot melt glue.
  • 2 plastic bottles.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Sharp scissors.

To make a "leg" and "cup" for a candle, you need to cut one 7 centimeters from the neck, and the other 2-3 cm. Both throats must be glued together, most of them will serve as a base, and the smaller part will serve as a candle holder. All work will take only 5-10 minutes of free time.

To hide the glued part of the candlestick, you can use a wide ribbon tied around a bow.

A useful idea for recycling plastic bottles for the garden

This greenhouse will become an irreplaceable assistant in the garden! You can hold the seedlings in it until the required time before planting in the ground. The advantages of the design are low cost and maximum use of simple materials!

A simple drawing of a mini greenhouse can be found below. It consists mainly of a base - a box made of a frame (pine boards), the space between which is filled with plastic bottles fastened with wire. The lid is made of the same boards, and on top there is a covering film.

Putting the greenhouse together. You need to start from two sides. We cut out and fasten the parts together with wood glue and self-tapping screws according to the above centimeters.

Then, according to a similar principle, the other two parties are assembled.

We also assemble the frame to cover the greenhouse.

The details for the base - the box - are connected together. We apply an impregnation to protect the tree from moisture, because the greenhouse will stand outside. We take a large number of plastic bottles, remove the labels, as the sun's rays should freely pass into the greenhouse. Cut off the top of about half of the bottles and insert one into the other so as to completely fill the height of the frame, as shown in the photo below.

Then, with a soldering iron, we make holes in the bottles themselves, where we insert the wire and connect all the bottles to each other.

Pull the release liner over the frame and secure with a furniture stapler.
We attach the lid to the box along the corners of the furniture. We will also attach hooks to the box and lid so that the greenhouse can be easily opened.

We tie the rope on both sides, and the structure is completely assembled! You can plant seedlings and use a small homemade greenhouse.

For more information on how to make a greenhouse from plastic bottles, see the video below:

How to make a flower bed from plastic bottles with your own hands?

Plastic bottles are an excellent material for making any kind of decorative flower bed. They can be safely used for the manufacture of various landscape works, palms, flower beds, gazebos and much more. To do this, you will need different plastic bottles of the same type.

It is worth noting that palm trees are not the only thing that can be made from plastic bottles. With their help, you can make a gazebo. More precisely, the basis for its design. Since the gazebo must have a solid base, you must use small screws for this. You can increase the stability of the product by filling them with sand. If the plastic bottles will only serve as a frame, then it is better to avoid overloading the structure and use only lightweight fabric and film.

In plastic bottles, you can grow seedlings and flower bed decorations. They can also be used to make an outdoor washbasin. This is as easy as shelling pears to do. All you need to do is hang a plastic bottle upside down, cut off its base and, of course, fill it with water. The role of the tap can be assigned to the lid. In order for the water to flow, it is enough just to turn it a little.

A more modernized version of this outdoor washbasin is also a plastic bottle that hangs upside down. A small hole is made in the bottom. In order for the water to flow, it is enough just to unscrew the lid and let the air into the container. This method can also be used to build a real shower. It can be done using a plastic bottle with a large diameter in the bottom of which holes are made like a shower.

Flowerbeds made of plastic bottles decorate the garden and summer cottages of many amateur gardeners. To do this, you just need to dig them into the ground.

What's more, plastic bottles can be used to make a variety of planters in different sizes and shapes. For example, tabletop and hanging pots can be made from small bottles. By cutting off the bottom, you can get a cylindrical planter. Using only the top of the plastic bottle will help create a tapered planter. To decorate such pots, you can use colored corrugated paper, fabric, yarn or any other material. Another interesting and successful decor option is painting with paints. By turning over the plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 liters, you can quickly get beautiful decorative flowerpots.

As you can see, thanks to a little imagination and effort, it is very easy to make your garden beautiful and original with your own hands using crafts from plastic bottles.

Watch the video: Best out of plastic bottle Venkatswaraswamy with plastic bottle. kondapalli doll. Arush diy crafts