Marine biology and geology

Marine biology and geology


The sea, the boundless oceans, the deep sea, all this has always fascinated men, the aura of mystery that surrounds these topics only increases the desire for knowledge. This column aims to reveal some myths and some false beliefs, as well as increase your knowledge on marine biology and marine geology, such a fascinating subject.

Oceanography is an underestimated science in Italy but of great importance abroad, because it is a harbinger of news and information that can revolutionize the lifestyle of humanity.

The sea holds secrets of life hidden by the smallest organisms in the moving water mountains. It has always been a symbol of life and death, and more and more in research it turns out that this is true, from the climatic mutations to oxidants. Let's see how….

The geology and marine biology section is edited by Dr. Rossella Stocco, researcher in the environmental field.

You can contact her at 347 8718982 or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]


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