Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation system

What's this

Drip irrigation is a system designed for irrigation also defined as localized, the water is transferred to the plants drop by drop. Drip irrigation tends to save the amount of water because it is not a continuous jet. This particular type of irrigation is usually suitable for agriculture, since there are crops such as tomatoes that require this type of watering. In gardens, it is an irrigation system that is rarely used as an underground and programmed system is still preferred. The drip tray represents the end from which the drop of water comes out, it is important to periodically check that the entire system is functioning correctly. Where water is a scarce resource, it is an excellent solution that still allows crops to be properly irrigated.


The drip system has a rather ancient history when clay containers were used that allowed the water to be filtered very slowly. Over time, the system has improved and perfected, also starting to use different materials thanks also to the introduction of plastic. It is easy to identify a drip irrigation system, almost all crops use this system and, among other things, the pipe is always clearly visible. The system consists of an irrigation pipe and a series of drips, the drip must be placed at an adequate distance from the plant otherwise there is a risk of an excess of water that could damage it. As with other systems, the drip irrigation system can be connected to a programmer which has the task of making it work at a specific time and ensure constant irrigation for a well-defined time. Depending on the shrub or crop, the plant will start operating for a specific time. For this reason, it is always necessary to have a minimum of knowledge in the gardening sector since each species requires a different daily amount of water.

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When you have a garden or a rather extensive cultivation, it is also important to have a well that allows a continuous water supply. The drip irrigation system is connected to the source and through a pump the water reaches the irrigation pipe located in the area to be watered. Filtering allows the water to pass easily through the drips without clogging over time. The drip tray deposits the water next to the plant and the system is opened and closed through a series of valves. In most cases it is preferred to activate the system automatically so as not to have the problem of going to the site to activate it manually. The filter is not necessary in residential complexes because already filtered water is used. Only by carrying out analyzes of the water you are using, you have the possibility to check whether the filter is actually necessary or not.


The drip irrigation system, as already mentioned before, allows you to optimize the use of water and drop it in the right place where it is needed. However, it is important that the entire irrigation system is placed appropriately and that it follows the entire path of the land or garden to be watered. The plant responds very well to this slow and continuous dosage of water. Energy saving, which is certainly very important today, should also not be underestimated.

How to make it

The drip irrigation system can also be built personally if you have a minimum of familiarity in the sector, since all the necessary material can be found at gardening shops. Alternatively, contact a company in the sector who will design, build and test the system. In this you will always have a contact person to consult if problems arise.

Drip irrigation system: Costs

The cost of the drip irrigation system essentially involves the purchase of the irrigation tube and the drips, and a battery-operated programmer can also be added. If it is done personally, only the costs of the material must be budgeted, otherwise the labor must also be added up. In any case, any crop or garden needs an irrigation system, possibly this system could be compared with other alternatives, to check which one has the most convenient cost. In case of breakdowns, spare parts can always be purchased at gardening or DIY stores. If the damage is quite serious, it is best to contact a specialist.

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