Winter protect the toads

Winter protect the toads

Now it's time to make sure that frogs and other useful garden animals get a nice wintering place. Arrange a lovely, open and inviting garden compost with rice and leaves for the hedgehog, copper lizard, toad and frogs to spend the winter in.

They are all animals that help us keep track of snails and snails in the garden during the summer. They are the useful animals of the garden. Do not forget to add some water to the frogs and toads that overwinter in the overwintering greenhouse.

Make sure that toads and frogs do not freeze to death in the pond or dust barrel. Rake, scrape or rake up all old plant remains, leaves, needles and floating plants that have died and sunk to the bottom so that the animals are not lured there. Toads and frogs like to seek their winter quarters among the plant remains on the bottom. When the pond or barrel is then filled with rain and snow, it freezes to the bottom, and the toads and frogs freeze to death.

PHOTO: Colourbox

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