Tomato Black Prince - to grow or not to grow

 Tomato Black Prince - to grow or not to grow

Exotic varieties of popular plants attract the attention of gardeners. Who would refuse to add black to pink, orange, red, yellow, raspberry tomatoes? The Black Prince tomato is the first swallow of the dark vegetable cohort.

History of Tomatoes Black Prince

Dark tomato was bred in the middle of the last century in the USSR. Then the variety was considered a delicacy and did not receive mass distribution. In the 90s, seeds of dark tomatoes called the Black Prince were brought to the United States from Irkutsk, after which the Nichols Garden Nursery company began selling new tomatoes on the American market. In 2000, a hybrid (F1) under the same name was registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation, therefore, when buying seeds, carefully study the description.

The unusual color of the Black Prince tomatoes conquered not only Russian gardeners, but also their foreign colleagues

Description of the variety

The Black Prince is a medium-early high-growing variety of tomatoes, 80 days pass between sowing and harvesting the first fruits. It reaches a height of 2.5 m. To obtain a harvest, pinch the top of the bush. Fruits are round or oval, ranging in color from reddish-purple to purple-pomegranate, sometimes with green shoulders, as dictated by growing conditions. On average, the fruits weigh 200 g, but it is possible, by adjusting the amount, to grow three-hundred-gram tomatoes. They have a thin skin, dense flesh, bright aroma and a sweet and sour taste. The variety is suitable for open ground and film shelters.

Tomato Black Prince is not used for canning - during processing, the appearance and original taste are lost. But the variety is good for making juice and pasta. Chefs willingly use dark tomatoes for original sauces and salads.

Black Prince fruits are good for making fresh salads

Table: brief characteristics of the Black Prince variety

Brief characteristic of the variety
A typetallHeight2.5 m
Immunity4.5The weight200 g
The harvest3.5-4.5 kgTerm80 days
ColourViolet garnetTaste4.8

Growing features

Tomato Black Prince is unpretentious. If there is no F1 mark on the seed bag, the seeds are harvested in the fall and planted the next year. Seedlings germinate a little later than other varieties, 10 days after sowing. In the future, there are no growth features. It is possible to plant seedlings in the ground after sufficient warming up, the Black Prince is considered a gentle variety. The distance between the bushes is 60–80 cm so that the leaves do not shade each other.

The plant is tall, light and heat-loving. The bush is tied to a support, one or two trunks are formed and the shoots are constantly pinned. You can water the tomatoes once a week without wetting the leaves; if you overdo it with watering, the fruits will crack. It is advisable to mulch the soil under the bushes. Although the Black Prince is resistant to late blight and insects, fungicides should not be neglected.

Nuances of feeding

In the process of growth, every 2 weeks the tomato needs fertilizing with liquid fertilizer in the proportion of 1 bucket of manure per barrel of water. Fertilizer is infused for 24 hours before use. For each bush of tomatoes, 1-2 liters of liquid are consumed, which should be poured closer to the roots of the plant.

Liquid fertilizers can significantly increase the yield of tomatoes Black Prince

Reviews of gardeners

Photo gallery: Black Prince variety from ripening to serving

Video: Black Prince tomatoes in the process of growth

Due to the variety of varieties, the choice of tomatoes is not easy, but it is there. For those who need fresh vegetables on the table, and not blanks, the Black Prince is suitable.

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The main advantages and disadvantages of tomato

The main advantage of the Black Prince variety is the ease of cultivation and the extraordinary color of the fruit. But besides this, there are several more positive points for which the tomato gardeners fell in love.

  • taste (sweet, juicy, aromatic tomato)
  • high immunity to many diseases
  • good harvest.

The disadvantages include:

  • bushes need to be tied up and pinned
  • the plant needs frequent watering
  • it is almost impossible to store for a long time and transport far away.

General characteristics of the tomato Funtik f1 and description of the fruits of the hybrid variety

Many gardeners organize tomato yield competitions.

If a summer resident wants to surprise his neighbors, he should pay attention to the tomato Funtik f1. These are large tomatoes that produce a very good harvest.

Their taste is simply excellent. Despite the fact that tomatoes are quite large, they are versatile and suitable for a variety of uses. But still, Funtik tomatoes have earned the greatest popularity as an ingredient in a salad. Their delicate, sweet taste makes them an ideal addition to summer vegetable snacks.

Funtik is a hybrid, so only original seeds purchased from the manufacturer should be used for cultivation. In this case, you can get ideal fruits with good weight and excellent taste. The Funtik variety was specially bred by Russian specialists. It has universal characteristics, so it is suitable for both open ground and greenhouses. The yield will be high in any case.

Description of the variety

This hybrid is classified as an indeterminate type. This suggests that the plant can have unlimited growth, so it should pinch the top. It is advisable to do this when the tomato reaches the 2 meter mark.

If you do not carry out the pinching procedure, the plant can stretch over 2.5 meters. In greenhouse conditions, the tomato can be even larger. But this has a bad effect on the yield, since the tomato gives a lot of energy to the greens instead of saturating the fruits.

The plant grows very tall, but not too sprawling, so the pattern for planting bushes can be quite dense. 6 tomatoes can be placed on 1 m².

The Funtik hybrid produces a large number of fruits. They are formed on clusters, of which there can be up to 12 pieces on each bush. There are 6 large tomatoes in one bunch.

The big plus is that the plant immediately gives off all the fruits. This is convenient for those who grow canned tomatoes. The yield of the Funtik hybrid is very high. With proper agricultural technology, gardeners collect up to 10 kg of delicious tomatoes from each bush.

The highest yield is observed with proper tomato care. They should be well fertilized, weeded, and moderately watered. As for spraying against diseases, it will not be superfluous for preventive purposes. But the manufacturer assures that this hybrid has high resistance to late blight, verticillium and tobacco mosaic.

Fruit characteristics

The characteristics and description of the variety indicate that these tomatoes have a universal purpose and can be suitable for any type of use.

Tomatoes are large enough. Their average weight is 230 g. The color of the fruit is red, and the taste is sweet and very pleasant. Large tomatoes are not very convenient to preserve as a whole, but Funtika fruits are quite suitable for juice, sauce or tomato paste. In addition, they are considered a great addition to summer vegetable salad.

The fruits of this variety have a fairly dense skin, so they can be easily transported even over long distances without the risk of losing their presentation. Moreover, tomatoes are stored in a cool place for a very long time. If harvested in August, you can enjoy the delicious fresh tomato flavor until mid-fall.

Reviews of the Funtik tomato are extremely positive.

Veronica, Shakhty: “An excellent tomato, I have never met such a fruitful tomato. To the envy of all the neighbors, she collected 10-12 kg from a bush! The fruits are delicious, aromatic, fleshy and firm. Does not crack during maturation and storage. They can lie for a long time! "

Marina, Moscow region: “I grew it in a greenhouse. The bushes did not hurt, the yield was as stated by the manufacturer. I used tomatoes mainly for pasta and salads. In general, it was not possible to preserve, too large fruits have grown! "

Tomato Black Prince: description, cultivation, care, photo

One of the most unusual varieties of tomatoes in terms of description and taste data is considered to be the "Black Prince". The dark fruit color and high yield are the main attracting qualities of this variety. In addition, the ease of caring for the crop and its immunity to serious diseases make this variety more and more popular among experienced gardeners.


The definitive black prince tomato was bred by Chinese experts. Since 2000, it has been listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation, and is intended for growing in open ground, as well as in greenhouses. Suitable for planting in any region of the country. The unusual color of the "Black Prince" fruit makes the ideal decoration of salads, meat dishes, sandwiches and soups with these tomatoes.

"Black Prince" is considered a dessert variety. When cooked, tomatoes do not lose their nutrients, but they can soften and lose their shape.

And also its distinctive features of this variety are:

  1. The height of the plant reaches 2.5 m in height, so the stems need a garter and additional supports. Often it is necessary to additionally strengthen not only the stems, but also the brushes of the plant due to the sufficient weight of the ripening fruits.
  2. This tomato variety is mid-season. The first crop can be harvested as early as 110-120 days from the moment of emergence. Under more favorable growing conditions, the plant can produce up to 5 kilograms of harvest. Average yield from 1 bush is about 2 kg of tomatoes.
  3. The stem of the bush is resistant and bristly, has 6-8 brushes. The size of the leaves is medium, their color is light green. The inflorescence has a simple type of formation with intermediate growth. The first inflorescence appears after the formation of 9 leaves, the subsequent ones - every 3 leaves.
  4. The fruits of this culture have a high concentration of dry substances, therefore, it is not recommended to produce juices from its fruits. At the same time, ripe tomatoes are great for making tomato paste, sauces and ketchups. An excellent distinguishing feature of this variety is the maroon, almost black color of its fruits.

Characteristics of the variety

The variety has its own distinctive features:

  • early maturity
  • large enough fruits
  • attractive and appetizing tomato color
  • high productivity from one bush
  • amazing taste characteristics of tomatoes.

"Black Prince" is not subject to long storage and is poorly transported. In addition, overripe fruits often crack.

Black Prince tomatoes have the following characteristics:

  • round, flattened at the top and bottom, multi-ribbed shape of fruits up to 7 cm in diameter
  • the average weight of one tomato is about 100-500 g
  • dense, thin and smooth skin, unripe fruits are pale yellow with darkening at the base color, mature fruits are poured into burgundy or purple
  • the color of the pulp is usually identical to the appearance of the fruit itself
  • very fleshy and sugary, contain a high percentage of solids, have an aromatic odor and a sweet taste
  • seeds inside the lobes are distributed in 4-6 chambers.

Growing features

Before planting, the seeds are disinfected with a manganese solution and impregnated with a growth stimulant. The planting depth should be about 2 cm, the same distance is made between the seeds.

Planting seeds should be carried out in the ground steamed in the oven. A similar procedure is needed to destroy harmful microorganisms.

Seeds sprout for more than 10 days, but after birth it accelerates its development. Before the first shoots in the ground, you need to maintain constant, but not excessive moisture. For this, boxes with planted seeds are covered with polyethylene or glass. After the appearance of the first 3-4 full-fledged leaves, it is necessary to pick and transplant seedlings into separate containers.

The mandatory points that must be observed when growing tomatoes are as follows:

  • Maintain loose soil. To do this, it is necessary to periodically loosen it and, as necessary, add sand or peat to the ground.
  • You need to plant the bushes at a distance of at least 60 cm from each other. The fact is that the root system of this culture needs moisture. The cultivation procedure should be carried out immediately after the first shoots appear.
  • Ash. Ash is introduced at the site of the planned planting of bushes. In addition, one glass of ash is dissolved in one bucket of water and kept for about a day. This fertilizer is applied under each bush.
  • Top dressing. It is necessary to carry out seasonal feeding. Water-soluble humus is ideal for this. It is recommended to carry out top dressing 1-2 times a month.
  • The culture loves spraying. A solution of 5 g of potassium permanganate per 10 liters of water or 10 g of boric acid per bucket of water is useful for these purposes.

Tomato variety "Black Prince" is self-pollinated, so it is undesirable to place the plant with any other varieties of tomatoes when planting. The joint growth of different crops with this variety can change or even worsen the palatability of the ripe fruit.

Diseases and pests

The culture is susceptible to late blight disease. To prevent its appearance, use the following:

  1. 10 g copper sulfate per bucket of water
  2. from brown spot, the ground is sprinkled with ash
  3. they fight tobacco mosaic by spraying the leaves with potassium permanganate.

In general, it can be noted that the "Black Prince" has a fairly strong immunity to various diseases. But at the same time, the bushes are quite often affected by thrips, aphids, spider mites and slugs. The greater risk of susceptibility to various diseases in those crops that are grown in greenhouses and greenhouses.

To prevent any types of diseases, shelters should be regularly ventilated, and the bushes should be periodically treated with soapy water and a solution of ammonia.


"Black Prince" is a widely popular tomato variety. Ripe tomatoes of this culture have amazing taste with minimal plant care. The variety is not susceptible to diseases typical for nightshade crops. He responds well to feeding and loves regular airing in shelters. Having planted this culture once, summer residents plant it again and again in the future.

You can watch this video, which will tell you about the pros and cons of this variety.

Description of the Black Pearl tomato and cultivation features

Tomato Black Pearl is a tall mid-early variety belonging to the cocktail species, which has unlimited growth, on the stems of which magnificent clusters of chocolate fruits are formed. Not very suitable for planting in open ground. The best place to grow this variety is in film shelters.

What is Black Pearl Tomato?

  1. The plant forms clusters with 6-12 small fruits and weighing about 30-40 g, round in shape, with a thin skin and a pleasant pink tint.
  2. This plant variety belongs to tall, indeterminate.
  3. Well suited for canning, but it is better to add fresh to salads, as, unlike red and pink varieties, it has a sweeter flesh and a rich taste.
  4. The taste qualities of cocktail varieties of tomatoes are improved by adding nutrients to the watering solution.
  5. These tomatoes are only referred to as black, in fact, their color can range from purple to brown.

Since the bush is tall, it needs to be tied to a trellis. You can adjust the height of the plant by pinning its stem at the height that you think is optimal.Sowing for seedlings should be carried out in March or April, to a depth of no more than 1-2 cm. The pick is carried out in the phase of 2-3 true leaves.

It is necessary to transplant seedlings into a greenhouse in May or April. The height of inflorescence formation is 8-9 leaves, they are located through 3 leaves. Tomatoes of this variety, given favorable conditions, can grow for 8-9 months.

After planting the plants in the ground, they are tied up and stepson. After tying the bush to the trellis, it is necessary to form whips on which the fruits will ripen. You can make as many of them as you see fit, and the excess ones need to be cut off.

Tomatoes Black pearls look great and can be used as a decoration for landscaping. In appearance, the fruits of the Black Pearl are chocolate-colored pearls. From the moment of sprouting to harvest, it takes about 80 days, this is a wonderful variety for growing in central Russia. The optimum temperature for growing tomatoes is + 18… + 36 ºС.

The good thing about cocktail varieties is that they can be picked with whole branches, which allows the fruit to retain its excellent taste and wonderful smell for much longer. Of the shortcomings, it can be noted that the fruits ripen unevenly, and when overripe they burst, especially without regular watering. Due to its tallness, this variety can be formed into 1, 2, 3, 4 stems, which, naturally, will increase its yield.

How to grow tomatoes?

Almost all indeterminate varieties of tomatoes require frequent pinching, and stepchildren should be removed much more often than with ordinary tomatoes. In no case should the plant thicken, since with poor ventilation it can get sick, for example, with late blight, which will reduce the yield.

The advantage of this variety is that it can be grown all year round. The main thing is to keep the temperature around +27 ºС during the day at unfavorable times, and at least + 17 ... + 18 ºС at night. The yield of this variety is quite high.

If you want to get a good harvest, then you need to pay sufficient attention to each stage of tomato development.

After reading and analyzing all the reviews, the following conclusions can be drawn. The Black Pearl variety is perfect for indoor cultivation. Its fruits have excellent taste and it is advisable to use them fresh, salads.

If preserved, the skins of tomatoes may crack. This variety has high resistance to adverse weather conditions. The yield of the Black Pearl variety is good for this type of plant.

Description of varieties

The varieties of black tomatoes with photos and descriptions presented to your attention are not all included in the register, but many have been tested by vegetable growers and received not bad reviews.

When looking for black tomatoes, you need to understand that whatever the picture in the photo of the bag, such a tomato does not exist in nature. The tomato can be dark brown, burgundy with a purple tint, dark brown with a blue cloak, but completely black, not yet.

Genetics and breeding do not stand still. Perhaps, soon, for the sake of vegetable growers and gardeners, there will be selection novelties that will very closely look like black ones, but for now it is ahead.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that the outer shell of the fruit does not at all guarantee the same color inside and, having cut a tomato, you can be disappointed, seeing an ugly, dirty brown color.

Watch the video: How To Grow Black Russian Tomato. The Movie