Considerations by Giuseppe Conte - Satire cartoons

Considerations by Giuseppe Conte - Satire cartoons

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Cartoons and power: "If you do satire, you know what you're getting into"

In the preface to the ebook "January 7, 2015", the humorous writer Alessandro Schwed, aka Jiga Melik, writes: "The shoes of satire are uncomfortable, pierced and overflowing. It hurts to go around there ». He knows it well Giovanni Beduschi who, in addition to being the creator and editor of that ebook, is himself a satirical cartoonist: a disciple of Sergio Staino, designer of the “Cuore” and “Emme” stable, a friend of Wolinski and company. Born in 1970, originally from Mantua but Milanese by adoption, Beduschi collaborates with various magazines and newspapers, such as "Corriere della sera", "il Giorno", "l'Unità" and "la Notte". Until the massacre of Charlie Hebdo when, in conjunction with the publication of the Corriere "Je suis Charlie - Pencils in defense of freedom of the press", the ebook "January 7, 2015" came out, perhaps less sensational but just as strong.

When was your passion for drawing born?
I just tell you that as a child I drew, as best I could, the paratroopers of the Bresso heliport on the walls of the house where I lived: this is why I have always assumed that graphics were my innate gift! At the age of fourteen I therefore decided to enroll in an advertising graphics institute to obtain the diploma of graphic expert: here I collaborated with some school magazines which, with the magazine of the scout group I was part of, were the first printed papers to publish my drawings. But the real springboard was the neighborhood newspaper "Zona Nove" in Milan: after attending a course in comics organized by the satirical magazine "Tango", where I had the opportunity to learn the techniques of the trade with Sergio Staino, Andrea Pazienza and Jacopo Fo, I began to collaborate with some newspapers managed by the local circles of the Left Democratic Party, including "Zona Nove". With that monthly I made myself known in Milan and in Italy and, even now that I live in the province, I continue to produce the strip "Squeeze the news" for them. I have never forgotten them: I still remember that the first cartoon they published to me was dedicated to the then mayor of Milan, Marco Formentini ".

What is it like to draw satire today?
In Italy, freedom is not lacking, what is lacking are rather spaces. On TV, satirical programs are no longer liked, while on paper there is not the shadow of a weekly or monthly that collects the cartoons of those who draw with political and social satire. And it is a pity, because the result is that all the Italian satirical cartoonism is exhausted in the names of the usual suspects who, once and for all, publish on the front page of some national newspaper. Instead, we would need specialized newspapers, which are dedicated only to satire and which allow all cartoonists to tell their story through completely personal styles, topics, characters. The solution is, in my opinion, the web: although it is a very dispersive medium, I would like there to be an online newspaper in which cartoonists can best express their style. But be careful, you can't make a satirical drawing on everything ..

What do you mean?
Take the case of the Syrian child who died on the shores of Bodrum: there are those who have taken him back by placing him on a bed, attaching angel wings on his back, with the fish in mourning. Even if it is not about satire but only about drawing, I believe that in the face of such a dramatic event one cannot but remain silent. For my part, I would have made a white frame with the words "No comment", while the satire would have focused on who led to such a disaster.

"I was very friends with Georges Wolinski, so much so that we felt for Christmas greetings last year: on that occasion he confided to me that in the editorial office they were reaching the limit and were afraid of retaliation that could range from closing the newspaper to a bomb "

You mean the Charlie Hebdo folks went looking for her?
In a way, yes, but I'm not saying this as a reproach. I was very close friends with Georges Wolinski, so much so that we felt for Christmas greetings last year: on that occasion he confided to me that in the editorial office they were reaching the limit and were afraid of retaliation that could range from closing the newspaper to a bomb. In short, I mean that those who do this job know what their risks are: a few days ago a stand-up comedian Dado was insulted and threatened on Facebook by the Casamonica family after he published a satirical song about the funeral in Rome, in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo. they left their lives. When dealing with images, another risk is linked to the absence of copyright online: those who publish their own photos on the web do not have the certainty that it is covered by law, so anyone can download and reuse it at their own. pleasure. And that's a bit like what happened with the Courier.


What is the difference between your ebook and the Corriere publication?
"Je suis Charlie - Pencils in defense of freedom of the press" was not a bad idea, but perhaps the methods could have been revised: instead of fishing in the mud without asking for authorizations as they did in the editorial office in via Solferino, one could have reasoned more on curatorship and timing, waiting for everyone to give their authorization for processing. On the other hand, the reaction of the cartoonists seemed a bit exaggerated: I too was among those who found their own cartoon in the book, even if I was asked for permission verbally, but I didn't make too much trouble. With "7 January 2015", on the other hand, I intentionally brought together in a single product, free and downloadable online also via the app, the memory of 37 artists (including Silver, Sergio Staino, Marco De Angelis and Lido Contemori) to Charlie's colleagues Hebdo. For that work we asked all the designers for signatures on the resolutions, so that the drawings could be exhibited in the exhibition: in Forte dei Marmi, in the exhibition “Inchiostri braaggiosi”, and at the Wow Comic space in Milan.

How do you see satire in ten years?
Always with the usual "sacred monsters" Vauro, Sergio Staino, Giannelli, Forattini. But many things will have changed: there will be greater specialization, in the sense that none of those I have just mentioned started working as a cartoonist (Giannelli worked in Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Forattini was the sales representative of car accessories, Staino was a teacher of architecture). A fictional character (which often represents the interests and character of the cartoonist) will be preferred to the political caricature, a screen will be preferred to paper. I too have recently learned to work with a capacitive pen for the tablet .. "

Conte: "Good job to Draghi". To M5s, Pd and Leu: "Our project is strong and concrete"

The statements from Palazzo Chigi. What the outgoing premier said after meeting Mario Draghi

"From me no obstacle to Draghi, but political choices cannot be entrusted to technicians. I hope for a political government, which is solid and cohesive in order to resolve social, economic and health emergencies"

Last days at Palazzo Chigi for Giuseppe Conte. "From me no obstacle to Draghi, let's look for the saboteurs elsewhere. I have always worked for the good of the country", says the outgoing premier after meeting with the prime minister in charge of Draghi. "I hope for a political government that is solid and cohesive in order to be able to make political choices" that are capable of "resolving social, economic and health emergencies, therefore for the good of citizens". And he adds: "Political choices cannot be left to technicians".

"First of all, I would like to thank President Mattarella, a precious interlocutor in the years of my mandates, both in an institutional and personal capacity", said Conte. "And all the friends of the coalition who have loyally collaborated in the realization of our political project. Yesterday I met the president in charge Mario Draghi. A long and awaiting conversation, at the end of which I congratulated him. Who defines me as an obstacle to formation of the new executive speaks in bad faith or does not know me ".

To the "friends" of the M5s, Conte assures: "I am for the Movement and I will be there" and with Pd and Leu there is a "real perspective". "We must continue to work together on the political project that I summarized in the Alliance for Sustainable Development formula, a real prospect of modernizing our country in the name of the energy transition, digital and social inclusion". His direct involvement is therefore not excluded.

“I deeply thank Giuseppe Conte for his words", says Luigi Di Maio in a note, "for the institutional responsibility shown once again, in a moment of great difficulty for the country. I fully share the need for a strong political impulse in the government that will be formed. The Movement is grateful to him and will continue to be a protagonist also thanks to him ”.

The memes on Conte's speech in front of Palazzo Chigi

“A photo that cannot fail to be the subject of satire”. Federico Palmaroli, the creator of the page "The most beautiful phrases of Osho" thus rejects the sender's criticisms under his meme, yet another created on the speech delivered by Giuseppe Conte in Piazza Colonna, in the final act of his work.

A table, the microphones positioned and the premier stood up for the press conference: the set up had the result ("inevitable", say the memists) of giving twine to the irony of social media, where users enjoyed revisit the shots, remixing the narrative and giving Conte a new purpose for that appearance in the square.

"A signature against drugs?" we read on the image created by "The most beautiful phrases of Osho". "From prime minister to peddler of microphones" writes the page of Socialisti Gaudenti. In another meme the microphones are no longer positioned on the table but boxes full of vegetables: Conte is an improvised greengrocer surrounded by journalists. Then there are the roasted chestnuts, fruit or Bernie Sanders, in his pose that became famous at the Inauguration Day.

Collapse of the Genoa bridge, the cartoon by Charlie Hebdo

The French satire periodical points its finger at the topics that most exacerbate the contrasts between Italian public opinion that is increasingly divided and radicalized on every media and social discussion

The French satirical periodical Charlie Hebdo dedicated its cover to the recent news and Italian internal politics, associating the image of the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa with the attention of the government of Giuseppe Conte and of the interior minister Matteo Salvini to the problem of immigration.

Two hot spots in the current discussion between government and opposition forces that clearly divide public opinion.

In the cartoon, against the background of the collapsed bridge, next to a car destroyed by the crash, a worker of African origin sweeps up dust and debris. The text translated from the French reads: "Built by Italians ... cleaned by migrants".

Charlie Hebdo is a French weekly periodical known for its vitriolic and highly incorrect cartoons, which push satire to its extreme limit - and beyond. In 2015, an Al-Qaeda commando raided the newspaper's headquarters, killing 12 people, including the editor Charb and many historical cartoonists of the magazine.

Here are Renzi's requests to Pd and Conte to move forward

The 30 political issues around which to find an agreement to relaunch the government pact and overcome the crisis

The method and merit considerations regarding the Recovery plan Matteo Renzi had already sent to Minister Roberto Gualtieri and to all allies of the majority in mid-December. Italia viva has tried to clarify again the essential points around which the government's attention should turn. In a letter dated January 6, Renzi's party sent Goffredo Bettini, a leader of the Democratic Party close to Nicola Zingaretti and Giuseppe Conte, a list with 30 political issues to be resolved in order to relaunch the government pact. We report them in full:

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