Garden Halloween Decorations: Ideas For Halloween Garden Crafts

Garden Halloween Decorations: Ideas For Halloween Garden Crafts

By: Mary Ellen Ellis

Homemade Halloween décor is so much more fun than store bought. Having a garden at your disposal, allows for so many creative options. Try the Halloween garden crafts listed here for indoor and outdoor projects and a more festive holiday.

DIY Halloween Craft Ideas

Try these DIY Halloween craft ideas to make the most of your garden harvest:

  • Pumpkin baskets: If you grow pumpkins, try this unique craft. Cut the top off and scoop out the seeds, but instead of carving, add a handle to turn it into a basket. Use twine, ribbon, or fall vines.
  • Painted pumpkins: Another alternative to the messiness of carving pumpkins is to paint them. Use acrylic or spray paints for the best results. Without the difficulty of carving, you can get really creative. Paint faces, spooky Halloween scenes, or just patterns.
  • Halloween wreath: Take those spent garden vines and weave them into a wreath. Decorate it with fall leaves, apples, pinecones, and whatever else you can scavenge from the garden.
  • Harvest centerpieces: Flower arrangements don’t always have to be live flowers. In fact, for Halloween, dead and dried plants are better. Choose some of the more attractive spent stems, leaves, branches, and flowers from the garden to make a spooky bouquet. Make larger bouquets to make an impact in outdoor planters.
  • Festive planters: If you have kids, you probably have a lot of those cheap, plastic jack o’ lantern trick-or-treating vessels collecting dust. Repurpose them into holiday planters for mums. Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage or just set the pot into the pumpkin if it fits. If you’ve grown some larger pumpkins, use those too.
  • Gourd sculptures: If you grow gourds, you know that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can really get creative making sculptural pieces with them. Use a drill and garden or tomato stakes to hold each gourd in place. Make a spooky face, witch, ghost, or a bat.

The fun of garden Halloween decorations is that you can do whatever you want. You aren’t spending money on crafting supplies, so try something new. If it doesn’t work, it’s no loss. Have fun and be creative.

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47 Creepy And Cool Halloween Yard Décor Ideas

Get ready for Halloween and decorate all your indoor and outdoor spaces for this freaky holiday! Today we are sharing some ideas for decorating your front and back yards, and I’m sure that everyone will find an idea or two that is useful.

But first of all, prepare the spaces. Clean up the trash and debris in your yard, remove old decorations if there are any. Pick a common theme and stick to it: a graveyard, zombies, aliens or ghosts, you can mix them up but not too much to keep it stylish. Use special lights and fog machines for a spooky effect. Secure your decorations: paper ghosts can blow around, pumpkins can fall off railings. Make sure all your decorations are on flat, stable surfaces or hung with sturdy cord, wire or fishing line from a strong source. Now let’s have a look at decorations themselves.


These are among the most popular decorations for Halloween, and that’s not surprising because making them yourself is easy and not expensive. Grab some chicken wire and give it a human-resembling look, then place in your yard. You can also paint them to glow in the dark to look scarier. Another idea is to add foam head and cover the figures with cheesecloth to look more real. Place some on your swings, porch and at the entrance, you won’t regret.

beautiful chicken wire ghost may be spray painted to glow in the dark

make a bunch of ghost sillhouettes out of plywood and you're good to go

place a sheet ghost on a swing in your backyard to get a cool effect

fabric and foam ghosts in the front yard

easily removable ghosts will enchant trick-or-treaters for sure (In Sight Designs Unlimted

chicken wire ghosts will look scarily real in the dark

such floating ghosts are a perfect last minute backyard decoration


These guys are awesome for stylish and easy Halloween décor. Buy some at dollar stores and create your own skeleton scenes: skeletons playing cricket, sitting on chairs, going for a walk with skeleton dogs, skeletons hiding bodies and other scenes for fun. You can also make a graveyard scene with some skeleton parts placed into fall leaves, it will take just a couple of minutes.

cool skeleton scene placed in your garden or yard is an elegant idea for Halloween

a bucnh of skeletons could have a nice party in your yard

that's how you could combine sceletons and some branches

a bunch of sceleton heads is a cool idea if you have some posts in front of your house

graveyard scene to recreate in a couple of minutes

who said spiders aren't good pets to walk with?

set up a skeleton head, arms, and legs as if he's relaxing on his final resting spot

skeletons playing cricket scene is a stylish decoration without any fuss

spooky skeleton scene with a wooden coffin

skeletons trying to get a sunburn is a cool idea for those who has lots of sunshine during this time of the year

skeletons hiding bodies in the yard is a humorous and cool idea for a scene

skeletons doing garden work will give a humorous touch to your yard

yard haunt with a skeleton in a cauldron and jack-o-lanterns

skeleton stirring something in a cauldron can be placed at your front porch or in the backyard

Graveyard Scenes

This idea is among the coolest and the simplest to recreate. Take some plywood like old cabinet doors and turn them into simple tombstones easily and fast, there are tons of tutorials over the web. Write some funny names and epitaphs and place them in your yard. You can also add some scary figures and ghosts here, and zombies will be in place, too. Skeleton decorations are also suitable for graveyard theme.

tombstones on bottom cabinet doors, each one with a funny name and epitaph

making a bunch of gravestones is an easy and budget friendly project for halloween

graveyard decor with a witch figure standing next to it will turn your entrance into a spooky one

this Myers figure and tombstone will freak out anyone

Other Ideas

Of course, there’s a plenty of other ideas you can try: witch circles, creepy creatures, zombie figures and even zombie dolls, Michael Myers figures, people-eating trees and other stuff like that, here everything is up to you, your décor theme and creativity. Look at the ideas we’ve found!

a couple of branches, some fabric and a skull can be turned into such a creepy decoration

box with a scary clown mask will frighten anyone

crypt gateway decorated with pumpkins, skulls, lanterns and spiderweb

decorate old dolls and create a zombie doll backyard for cheap

a stack of pumpkins with scary faces would welcome trick or treaters with style

glowing jack-o-lanterns is a cheap diy solution to create some spooky ambience at your front yard

flying demon girl attached between a tree and a pole

freaky Halloween figure with a pumpkin head

turn a tree into a scary monster that is ready to eat your guests' heads

Michael Myers sitting on a chair will be the scariest thign to see in the yard

welcome treat or treaters in a really scary way with an arch surrounded by scary jack-o-lanterns

recycled pallets could be used to create a scary grave right by your home

Nightmare Before Christmas scene made up with large figures

people-eating Halloween tree with lighted eyes

scary giant monster made of PVC pipes and jack-o-lanterns

black spiders figures are easy to install and definetly spooky

witch circle will look creepy in the darkness

you can make this Halloween sign yourself using some plywood or pallets

scarecrows doing your lawn is another cool and not traditional option for front yard halloween decor

if you want to train before Christmas a bunch of creepy halloween string lights might be a great option for you

zombie walkers can be bought at thrift stores

17 Awesome DIY Halloween Garlands

In case you’re still searching for a cool DIY decor projects for upcoming Halloween celebration we’ve some awesome and easy ideas for you. Garlands could be used in any room or even outdoors and they usually are quite easy to make. Those of them that are made from simple colored paper are the most easy to make. Just check these projects out and make several garlands for your home. You won’t regret, believe me!

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