The Ravens - Curious and strange news

The Ravens - Curious and strange news

Did you know that crows are excellent with sauce?

The news, not published by any scientific magazine but accredited by Francesco Cocco who in the fifth year of secondary school, translated a version from Greek to Italian as follows:

Correct translation: «The naval battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians was raging. The captain of the Roman ship, considering the progress of the struggle, at a certain moment decided to board the Carthaginian ship and, from the stern of his ship, holding his red cloak under his arm, ordered the crows to be lowered and to pass to the boarding".

Translation by Francesco Cocco: «The naval battle between the Romans and the Carthaginians was raging. The captain of the Roman ship, considering the progress of the battle, at one point decided to board the Carthaginian ship but suddenly changed his mind and decided instead to invite them to dinner and offer them crows with sauce, also thinking of bringing his Carthaginian friend whom he held under his arm ».

Francesco Cocco who sat at the last bench of the glorious "5to A ", after the assignment had been delivered, he asked a neighbor of the counter:" How much did you get? "," Two + "- replied the companion." Blessed! I zero split "said Francesco Cocco disconsolately.

Harry Caul

Side journalism

For years I have had the bad habit - bordering on compulsion - of cutting out and putting aside articles that tell bizarre and interesting news stories. The kind of stories that you raise the paper to keep yourself from being seen as you read them, or you would seem too stupid in most cases. Things like Camorra: short killer disguised as a schoolboy or a giant microwave for the squid.

La Stampa is the newspaper that perhaps dedicates the most space to this journalistic genre, the so-called lateral journalism, not very inflated in the traditional press and of greater success in the blogosphere. Antonio Sofi gives a lucid and exhaustive definition of it, in his beautiful and illuminating essay "A new journalism is intertwined in the network":

[…] The blog is configured as a space in which to experience a kind of lateral journalism: reporting of minimal and curious news, which conceptually descend from topos classic journalistic "news briefs", a marginal attitude which, moreover, has rediscovered new importance within the popularizing practices of free press, and which regains further nobility in a flexible and informal context such as that of blogs. This attitude to lateral news feeds on the hypertextual environment of the internet and the ability of bloggers to dredge the network in search of news that, like small fish, often remain outside the mesh of traditional information.

La Stampa, inspired by the English tabloids - masters in the genre of lateral journalism - has given life to a series of insights into irrelevant facts and light years from the hard news we read every day. Despite this, I defend this "downplaying" journalism that is generous in offering unprecedented and often highly emblematic facets of the country in which we live.

Another unquenchable source of strange and curious news is Yahoo! with its section "strange and curious news", a selection of Ansa press releases that you will hardly find in a newspaper that intends to reach the end of the month. From the deck I draw the best of these days, which I report in full:

He wins a complete funeral, but does not receive a prize in the Foggia area

(ANSA) - FOGGIA, 17 SEPT - The eleven prize of a lottery is a complete funeral for free, but the anonymous winner did not collect it. Although a month has passed since the outcome of the raffle organized by the Borgo Magna association of San Marco in Lamis. For the winner, who can also give the prize, there is a coffin with cushion and padding, a tombstone, an eternal light in glass and brass, sacred furnishings from San Giovanni Rotondo and a tomb in the municipal cemetery.

Warnings for use: lateral journalism can be addictive and lead to pathological drifts such as my irrational and unjustifiable obsession with the Kingdom of Tonga (here the Facebook group I created specifically for the late Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, the king fatter and crazy in history). All the fault of La Stampa, which gave it shamefully wide coverage.

soundtrack while writing:

The gipsy cried by Lou Christy

Why You Been Gone So Long by Tony Rice

Goodnight my love by Ella fitzgerald and benny goodman

Japanese crows "recycle" the hangers to create nests

Crows are known to be very intelligent birds, and have a rather high capacity to adapt to the environment. For example, it is quite common that to build their nests they also use pieces of iron or thick plastic as a reinforcement of the structure.

But it is still surprising what the crows around Tokyo are doing lately (even if the city is famous for some unusual housing solutions): the birds make their own nests with hangers that they find or "steal". This behavior of the ravens was discovered quite by accident, after some people tried to figure out what happened to the hangers that had disappeared from their homes.

These nests, although curious, sometimes involve risks: it happens that crows build nests with hangers (usually metal) on electric poles, and there have also been blackouts in the past due to short circuits caused by nests or from the crow that brings a hanger to the nest, so much so that the electric companies have special "patrols" that check that there are no nests of this type in potentially dangerous points.

Curiosities from the Italian newspapers

Brescia. The longest slice of pizza in the world came out of the wood-fired oven set up in via 5 giorni, at 7.30 pm. In that instant, the pizza, with its 126 meters of Italian fragrance, entered the Guinness Book of Records. It took two hours of work, but the maxi streak has far exceeded the record, set last year in Campania, of 80.2 meters. (From "Il Giornale di Brescia")
Bagno a Ripoli. Captured those responsible for the theft at the Menarini company. The thieves (2) were identified thanks to the photocopy of the identity card that one of the two had lost on the spot. The photocopy of the document belonged to Gianni Magherini, born in Pelago 31 years ago and residing in Pontassieve. The carabinieri in the apartment found Magherini together with his accomplice, Zeno Zara, and the stolen goods. (From "La Nazione")

Death weighs heavily
Varese. The notice of competition with which they were hired, successfully passing the exams, did not include tests of strength, nor had the two women done anything to hide their belonging to the fair sex. Yet the two newcomers from Varese, at the end of the two-month trial, were fired for "poor physical prowess", despite having shown that they were able to carry out all the tasks entrusted to them. (From "Libero")

Agent 007 in Florence
Florence. Megalomaniac pretends to be an FBI agent and starts wandering around the center of Florence in a suit with clearly visible FBI, a toy gun model Sig Sauer, one of those supplied to US special agents, in a holster under the armpit, and a car with a red flashing light. The man who described himself as a war game enthusiast was denounced and arrested. In the trunk of the car he kept the rest of the 007 equipment. (From "La Stampa")

Reserved for the Ladies!
Jaen. Reserved for Ladies - Scottish Grand Prix: this is the billboard that will appear in front of the Torredonjimeno stadium (southern Spain) to announce an unusual football match in which the players of a team will wear kilts, but not briefs, in homage to sir. With this gimmick, the president of the team wants to use the success of the Full Monty film to fill the coffers of his club. (From "Il Messaggero")

Portable strips
Tokyo. From Japan here is the Chindogu club (literally strange tools). Club members are committed to designing accessories that are applicable to everyday life, but perfectly useless. Among these devices appear "Portable pedestrian crossings to cross anywhere" ... (From "La Nazione")

Fine for ... the ambulance!
Recanati. Speed ​​cameras fined the ambulance of the Yellow Cross volunteers by over 200 thousand lire. The vehicle traveled along the Regina road at a speed of 67 kilometers per hour there where the limit is set at 50. The volunteers, with no intention of paying the fine, turned to the justice of the peace through their lawyer. Especially since the majority councilor of the municipality, Carlo Cingolani, is also president of the Yellow Cross (From "Il Messaggero")

Dangerous reports
Santa Teresa. Distracted tourist, bumping his head against a parking ban that he says is positioned too low, he takes it out on a security guard. The woman tried to remain calm, but when the tourist continued to pursue her, the two started glaring at each other. Fortunately, then the man walked away muttering. (From "The Sardinian Union")

Italian stories
Palermo. A young man, without a leg, ends up on trial for the accusation: he beat a policeman (!) And then fled (!!) so much so that it was necessary the intervention of two other policemen to capture him ( .). (From "La Sicilia")

Factory… "occupied"!
Bergamo. For reasons of force majeure, workers of a textile industry turn into snake hunters upon their return from vacation. The factory, in their absence, had turned into a real den of vipers (and not figuratively!). After a first moment of fright, the workers armed themselves with brooms and brushes, flushing out the beauty of twenty-two reptiles. (From "Corriere della Sera")

The Way of Love is now paid for
Spice. To walk along via dell’Amore, the characteristic path carved into the rock overlooking the sea, you must now pay a ticket of 5,000 lire. On the first day of the experiment, almost a thousand tickets were bought in the special office opened by the Cinque Terre National Park. The money obtained with the ticket will be used to keep the path constantly threatened by landslides. (From "Il Giornale di Sicilia")

Porkemon vs Dragon Pork
Gandellino. Victory of the young Porkemon team in the usual annual pig race held in the streets of Gandellino. Pig Porcachu finished his race in three minutes and 20 seconds by tearing Porku, the pig from the adult team, Dragon Pork. (From "L’Eco di Bergamo")

Return the .. Front of liberation of the dwarves!
After a few years of silence and after the 1998 explosion, the plaster statuettes began to disappear again in Alexandria, later found in the woods with a ticket signed by Flng. But if the dwarves are released, the same fate has not fallen to Snow White, beheaded following the accusation of being "friend of humans". Meanwhile, a new sect appears in the distance: the Holocaust Front of the Dwarves (From "Il Secolo XIX")

Let's have a party!
Fano (Pesaro). A grandmother fired fireworks into the air to celebrate her grandson's birthday, but caused a fire that sent three hectares of scrub up in smoke. It took place in Valle del Prete, on land owned by the Episcopal Curia of Cagli and an elderly local pensioner. (From "Il Tempo")

The law at any cost!
Canicattini Bagni. It has almost reached a diplomatic incident between the municipality of Canicattini and the command of the traffic police due to a fine, given by speed cameras to a car owned by the municipality. The fighters were inflexible, and the municipality was forced to pay 260 thousand lire, two hundred of which will end up in its coffers! (From "La Sicilia")

Still Common ..
Cremona. Giacomo O # i, mayor of Castelvisconti, his deputy and two city councilors improvised painters and in their free time, with the help of volunteers, they repainted the medical clinic inside the Town Hall. In this way, the municipality has saved over 20 million. At the service of the city and not just in words! (From "Il Corriere della Sera")

Widowers in their seventies caught by passion in the cemetery
A passionate couple of over seventy indulged in fiery effusions at the cemetery of Mede, a small town in the Pavia area: they believed it was a safe haven, but were interrupted by the sudden arrival of the owner of the family tomb. No measures have been taken against them but in the village their story ended up on everyone's lips. (Pavia, May 2003)

Compulsory love from 11pm to 7am: the judge decided
Treviso - A young couple was forced to make love at specific times, after 11pm and before 7am. Reason: the passionate embraces of the two produced too many noises, which disturbed the sleep of the firstborn of another neighboring couple. The decision was taken by the justice of the peace Ermanno Tristano of the court of Treviso. (July 2003)

Firefly refuses a customer reason: bad breath
A firefly, approached by a customer, refused him because the latter had bad breath but the man, a Moroccan customer, could not digest the refusal. Given the insistence, the prostitute decided to call the police: the firefly announced a lawsuit for violence. (Italy, Milan, October 2003)

Evergreenlife, olife supplement

For years I have been looking for a line of products that could guarantee physical well-being, both internally and externally. Many companies were born and died in a short time, only a few managed to make millions of customers fall in love with their products.

For a few months, my wife having a serious cholesterol problem, I decided to find some supplements that would give me the opportunity to regulate it. I looked for something focused and natural, and came across the product range of Evergreenlife .

After a first reading, and seeing that the price was in fact affordable for me, I decided to buy the Olife supplement, which is the one of all the products that is indicated to defeat cholesterol.

I went almost without fail, because I made an argument: it is all natural stuff, it says that it is based on an extract of olive leaves, and therefore at most it may not work, but it will not hurt at all.

From that moment, it is useless to take it long, I started buying other products as well. For example, Olident for my son, Oliday always for my wife and osprint to enjoy a refreshing drink after I jog in the morning.

I know it's hard to believe, but my wife's cholesterol values ​​decreased, after two months she did some tests and we were able to ascertain it. The advice that the Evergreen affiliate gave us over the phone was also excellent. In fact, he also advised us to go to a doctor to have a diet to follow. Which we did, and until my wife took the olife supplement it did not give any improvement, of course, it stabilized, but it did not improve as it did after taking Olife.

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