Spring pots - inspiration with spring flowers and other plants in a pot

Spring pots - inspiration with spring flowers and other plants in a pot

Photo: Karina Brozinic

Spring flowers in vibrant colors or lovely romantic, sometimes unexpected, combinations in a pot - we visited Sofiero's spring exhibition in the orangery. Annika Christensen and Cecilia S. Tukiainen have created a fabulous environment filled with beautiful and smart flower arrangements in a pot.

1. Spring pot with earthworm and veronica

Spring pot with earthworm and veronicaPhoto: Karina Brozinic

Sky and sea. Veronica Veronica penduncularis 'Big Blue' lightens the mood and jordvivan Primula vulgaris 'Sapphire' is a stable base in the pot.

2. Onion lasagne with pearl hyacinths and tulips

Onion lasagne with pearl hyacinths and tulipsPhoto: Karina Brozinic

A whole guy with pearl hyacinths. Later in the season, tulips take over. This can be done in a smaller pot as well, and the method is called "onion lasagne" - you plant the spring onions in layers so that the flowering takes place throughout the spring.

A pot can be seen in the front edge forget-me-not Myosotis scorpioides 'Myomark' and another with lungwort Pulmonaria 'Trevi Fountains'.

3. Earthworms in a moss-covered pot

Earthworms in a moss-covered pot Photo: Karina Brozinic

Completely irresistible arrangement with jordviva Primula vulgaris 'Sapphire', which is a late-flowering variety. Behind it is the variety 'Cobalt Blue', which is early flowering. The pot has been covered in moss, which is kept green and moist by scouring it with water every day. In the bucket below, a small-scale onion lasagne with the same combo as in the big ones.

Annika tips: Earthworm, veronica, lungwort and true forget-me-not are perennials. Plant them in the flowerbed after they bloom, and they will come again next year. The pearl hyacinth is also worth taking advantage of.

4. Spring pots with edible and spring flowers

Spring pots with edible and spring flowers Photo: Karina Brozinic

As is well known, spices are very easy to grow in pots. If you want to bring in color, it is good to mix with ornamental plants, as here with a bright red ranunculus. It can be exchanged for geranium later in the season. The spices in the picture are parsley leaves, chives and lemon thyme.

5. Golden lacquer in the spring pots

Golden lacquer in the spring potsPhoto: Karina Brozinic

Make a whole spice shelf with strong colors. The higher pots on the top row have in addition tarragon and mint, golden lacquer Erysium cheirias spring flirts. The yellow is aptly named 'RYSI Saffron', and the red 'Winter Passion'.

6. Grow rhubarb in a pot

Grow rhubarb in a potPhoto: Karina Brozinic

Rhubarb in a pot adapts its growth to the root space. This has wintered well, greets Annika, and is in its second season. She fertilizes it with the well cow manure in early spring, but it is also possible to fertilize water. Delicious with the red stems to the color theme above.

7. Stylish in black and white - spring pot with pansies

Stylish in black and white - spring pot with pansiesPhoto: Karina Brozinic

Sinful black small-flowered brokviolen Viola (Tricolor Group) 'Blackberry XP'. Here with oshimastarr Carex oshimensis 'Everillo', but it would have been just as good to combine with chives if you want something edible in the pot.

8. Spring flowers in zinc buckets

Spring flowers in zinc bucketsPhoto: Karina Brozinic

Black and white with white jordvivan Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Snow' (late flowering), ranunculus and golden lacquer, and dark with alum root Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'. Both alum root and earthworm are perennial.

Tip: Many pots with the same plants give a stronger effect. The trick to bringing life to the spring pots is not to have the same number of the same variety in each pot. Vary by taking more of one variety in one pot, and fewer of another.

9. Trees and shrubs in the spring pot

Trees and shrubs in the spring pot Photo: Karina Brozinic

Of course it is good to grow small trees and shrubs in pot. This spring you can do it on a balcony or terrace. Most can be put out in the garden later if you want a kickstart closest to the house, where you sit or at the entrance.

10. Pink and purple spring flowers in a pot

Lovely spring pots in purple and pink tones. Photo: Karina Brozinic

Triss and purple - lace hat Heucherella 'Stoplight', alum root Heuchera 'Midnight Rose', jordviva Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Pink Champagne', golden lacquer Erysimum cheiri 'POEM Lilac', ranunculus, plates in the air Muhlenbeckia and tail feather grass Nassella tenuissima 'Pony Tails'.

11. Bergenia is beautiful in the spring pot

Bergenia is beautiful in the spring pot Photo: Karina Brozinic

Bergenia 'Rose crystal' is usually used as a ground cover. Here it comes into focus in a completely new way in a pot.

12. Romantic spring flowers in a pot

Romantic spring flowers in a pot Photo: Karina Brozinic

Clear care dreams. Lace hat Heucherella 'Stoplight', golden lacquer Erysimum cheiri 'POEM Pastel', plates in the air Muhlenbeckia and ranunculus.

13. Golden lacquer a wonderful spring flower

Golden lacquer a wonderful spring flower Photo: Karina Brozinic

A gold shimmering spring pot with golden lacquer Erysimum cheiri 'RYSI Copper', jordviva Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Nectarine' and oshima grass Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'.

14. Delicious with tulips in a pot

Delicious with tulips in a pot Photo: Karina Brozinic

In a pot, there will be a mass effect with only a handful of tulip bulbs, while otherwise they would have disappeared in the flowerbed.

15. One tulip at a time in small pots

All about Garden at the foot of the happy tulip stand. In each newspaper, Christensen has his article 'Annika's diary'.

Annika Christensen is a garden photographer and co-author of the book Garden in Kruka, which came out last year. Annika is currently up to date with her popular web course Grow in a box and pallet collar.

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Beautiful but weather-resistant spring flowers are best suited for planting in your outdoor pots. Onion flowers have become increasingly popular during the spring, as they survive even when the thermometer shows a few degrees below zero. The familiar daffodil does best, which cannot be defeated by chilly nights. The daffodil can withstand up to minus ten degrees.

Other bulbous flowers that thrive in the spring are tulips, pearl hyacinth, king bed lily, and hyacinth. Although these do not tolerate the same cold and degrees of frost as the daffodil, they enjoy being planted in spring pots.

When planting potted plants, fill the pot with leca balls and nutritious soil.

Even small plants are well suited for planting in spring pots. The hyacinth in the picture is called "Gipsy Queen".

Feel free to imagine a theme, color or feeling and compose spring plants that you think fit together. Many plants or spring flowers of the same color give fullness. Contrasting colors and shapes highlight each other. Choose between a pot, basket, zinc tub, balcony or wooden box. Birch or hazelnut branches are decorative to put down with your plants. Stones and bark can be placed on the ground in the pot to fill in between the plants.

  1. Fill the vessel with leca balls, 1 dm at the bottom
  2. Pour on Premium soil up to the edge
  3. Plant your spring flowers
  4. Water thoroughly and place in a sunny to semi-shady position
  5. Then water if necessary, about once a week
  6. Withered flowers are removed continuously to prolong flowering

Tips on decorating the porch twig

Once you have decided which flowers to plant, you can easily add decorations to create the spring feeling you are looking for.

  • Moss
    Moss is an underrated decoration. They give pots and other plants a cozy impression and fit perfectly in larger bowls with beaten daffodils.
  • Blueberry rice
    Blueberry rice in a bouquet with cut flowers of tulip or daffodil feels springy every time. Preferably if the tulips are white, pink and yellow. Place the bouquet in a narrow terracotta pot on the porch twig for a rustic and homely feeling.
  • Birch twigs
    If Easter is approaching, birch crisis with decorations is the right thing to invest in. These can also be combined in larger pots with onion plants of various kinds.
  • Pots
    Pots in different shapes and colors quickly lay the foundation for a welcoming entrance, fill with spring flowers or rice.
  • Door wreath
    A spring wreath with sheer cut flowers, willow cushions and light green leaves on the front door.
  • Cold-resistant flowers
    Remember to look for plants that can withstand more cold than others to make them last longer. Daffodils are always a good start and create a spring feeling wherever they are placed. Preferably with birch bark and moss.

More spring inspiration

When you want to create an Easter atmosphere, plants with yellow flowers are a safe bet. One of the most Easter plants is the mini daffodil or Narcissus 'Tête-à-tête' as its scientific name implies.

Plant a stylish spring pot in the tones of white and green, and maybe you will discover some new spring-flowering favorites.

Getting out into the fresh air and digging into the ground can be a great way to clear your mind. Now that the spring sun is starting to look ahead, there are so many beautiful spring flowers, which offer both color and spring feelings.

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Pollen contains a lot of protein, nectar is more energy rich. The insects also need water, but there are usually dewdrops on the plants in the morning. However, it does not hurt to have a shallow birdbath with water in front already this spring, it is also liked by the birds.

Good spring-flowering plants are, in addition to the early-flowering shrubs such as witch hazel and emperor rosemary, many small bulbous plants such as snowdrops, snowdrop, snowdrop and crocus. I also like to plant spring pots with driven pansies, weevils and small onion plants. These plants can at best save the lives of the occasional prematurely awakened butterfly and bumblebee! When they are no longer dormant, they need more energy to cope with the often cold nights that follow the sunny days.

Nature itself also offers some early plants with nectar and pollen, such as tussilago and willow. It may sound like a whole buzzing concert around a big willow in the spring!

If you see butterflies and bumblebees searching for flowers with you but no flowers are open yet, you can offer the insects a sip of honey water on any yellow or blue plate. Maybe that's why many spring flowers are just yellow or blue, to show these early food seekers that there is food here? The yellow is also clearly visible among last year's withered garden memories and the limes are often plate-shaped and offer a good runway.

I show here a small collection of early breakfast guests in my spring flowers!

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