Barbara Ghisi - Artist - Her works

Barbara Ghisi - Artist - Her works

Barbara Ghisi, the works

The Swan

«The project stems from the desire to create the swan dance with the greatest possible naturalness and maximum freedom of expression, in a synthetic and elegant way. Between abstraction and figuration, between dream and reality. Thus making the work timeless between nature and theatrical representation, whatever the siting destiny. The aim was to achieve clean lines and visual softness. The forward tension of the swan that seems to take flight and the projection of one of the two wings upwards keep the work suspended in the surrounding space. Only the foot tied to the base brings it back to reality. The structure is in wrought and welded iron, covered with tightly woven metal mesh. Gauze containing plaster was applied to the metal mesh. The surface gypsum melted and modeled with water. After numerous intertwined layers the work has taken shape and volume. A final smoothed with sandpaper to the gypsum layer and the smooth surface was ready for painting. With water and weather resistant industrial body enamel I completed the work. The strictly white color gives lightness, purity and elegance to the sculpture. The pedestal is in marble with a descriptive plate ».Title: The Swan
Technique: Steel, plaster and enamels
Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 110cm high
Year: 2009

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