Unusual designer forged gates

Unusual designer forged gates

Wall hangers for the hallway are made of three materials: wood, laminated chipboard, metal. Combinations are often found: the base is wood or chipboard, and the hooks and strips are metal. Hooks can still be plastic, but they are usually present in the budget segment of chipboard.

Furnishings in a small hallway

If we talk about constructions, then there are not very many of them. In the traditional design, this is a bar on which the hooks are attached. The planks can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Vertical options allow you to visually increase the height of the ceiling, therefore they are most often bought in the hallways. But the horizontal ones are compact and can be located even to a small corridor.


The body of the vertical wall hanger is made either of wood or chipboard. The length can be from 30-40 cm to 2 meters. The shape can be straight or curved, rounded.

Vertical hallway wall hangers A few more models

It can be made of narrow lamellas, or it can be made of a single piece of chipboard or several fancifully connected.

Wall hanger in the corridor made of chipboard

There are options with a built-in mirror. Pay attention to the width and location of the mirror. It can be either on the right or on the left.

With built-in mirror Color matters

There are hangers upholstered in leather or leatherette. They look in classic interiors.

Rarely found, but there are vertical metal models. This is usually forging. They are, of course, very decorative - handmade, but they also cost decently. But you can order such an option from the master, which is right for you. Both in design and in size.

Artistic forging is very beautiful

If we talk about the functional part, and not just the external one, the presence of shelves in the upper part does not hurt. It is convenient to fold hats on them. Also decide on the number of hooks. The more, the better, but if you really like some model, and there are not enough hooks on it, you can install additional ones.

Before going to the store, carefully measure the available space, decide on the maximum and minimum width. It would also be nice to have an idea of ​​what height you want the body to be.


Horizontal hangers in the hallway or hallway are more compact. Visually, they "stretch" the wall in width, can be installed in a small wall or corner.

Horizontal wall hangers in the hallway or corridor are more compact

Their basis is a board of a rectangular or more complex shape. Furniture chipboard is also used, there are metal and forged options. Some are closer to the classic style (usually wood), some are also suitable for the hallway in modern styles.

Hallway hanger in modern style

Forged hangers are a whole category. Different level of performance, different motives and patterns. Handsomely.

A fairy tale for a country house: 19 chic gates that will appeal to true connoisseurs

Passing a country house or city mansion, people first of all pay attention to the fence, gate and gate. They serve as a kind of "visiting card" of real estate owners and inform others about their tastes, wealth and social status. Therefore, the gate should not only provide a safe and comfortable passage, but also please the eye with its beauty and original design.

1. Forged structure with wood cladding

Expensive wood in combination with decorative metal elements looks very impressive.

2. Baroque gate

Swinging metal gates are decorated with baroque decor details.

3. Harmony of wood and metal

The wooden leaf of the sash goes well with the graceful figured forging.

4. Conciseness and comfort

The main advantage of these automatic gates is the convenience and ease of use.

5. Historical plots

Knight's castles and medieval fortresses on these gates symbolize the inaccessibility of the master's possessions.

6. Elegance and beauty

Decorative trim adds sophistication to this massive country house gate.

7. Curved lines of Art Nouveau

This sophisticated gate design looks elegant and original.

8. Visiting a fairy tale

Swinging wooden gates are decorated with unusual images of mythical creatures.

9. Flaming Gothic

A metal gate reminiscent of the finest examples of the Gothic style.

10. Original forged elements as a decor option

Graceful forged details give this gate a noble and elegant look.

11. Peacock's tail

Metal gates of such an unusual shape look very impressive.

12. Chinese dragons

Forged gates for a country house are decorated with figures of exotic dragons.

13. Combined doors made of metal and wood

The combination of two natural materials opens up ample opportunities for the implementation of the most daring design ideas.

14. Gates with remote control

Massive gates for a country house with an electric drive.

15. Restraint and perfection of lines

Modern technology and reliable protection make this gate design amazing.

16. Unusual garage doors

The electric garage door is adorned with a magnificent landscape.

17. Aesthetics of aristocracy

These wrought iron gates attract attention with grace and simplicity of lines.

18. Antique metal gates

Lovers of antiquity will appreciate the original design of this gate.

19. Palace luxury

Magnificent metal gates, decorated with forged elements and gilding, look elegant and rich.

Tips for beginners or how to avoid mistakes

It can be difficult for a novice farmer to equip the territory of the yard and plant his first park of fruit trees. These tips will help beginners avoid mistakes and create a beautiful garden with their own hands.

Beautiful garden photo


Arrangement of the garden should start with planning. In the plan-scheme, indicate the house, outbuildings, future and existing plantings. In order for the garden and buildings on the site to create a holistic picture, it is necessary to maintain a single style for all design elements.

Zoning the garden will help hide flaws or emphasize advantages, highlight special plants and decorative elements. As a result, thanks to clear planning and visual division into zones, the site will look like a painting and look unusual.

Features of the landscape

Perhaps your site has some landscape features that are worth beating. It can be an unusual relief, a body of water, unique plants. For example, on a hill to equip an alpine slide, in a ravine, you can create an artificial reservoir. Be sure to take them into account when creating beautiful gardens with your own hands.

Beautiful garden photo zoning of differences in the landscape with the help of stairs


The next point to consider when creating a beautiful garden is designing paved paths. Their shapes should emphasize the landscape of the site. The most successful solution would be if all equipped tracks merge into a single route.

The garden area will look more creative when they are made of different materials. By decorating the paths with a floral border, you will add grace to your garden. Thyme, lungwort, marigolds are perfect for this purpose.


Zoning is an important step in creating a beautiful garden. When the site is divided into functional zones, it will be as comfortable and harmonious as possible. Visual boundaries between areas should be symbolic.

Gardens of the world and landscape zoning

You can use decorative objects, unusual trees and plants, garden vases and boulders. Correct zoning will help make the most of the entire area of ​​the site.

A place to rest

If, when creating a design, it turns out that you have a favorite place in the garden, then you should pay special attention to it. You might want to install a gazebo or bench for family fun.

Change of seasons

Experienced gardeners advise, when designing the final image, to remember that the garden should delight with its appearance not only in the warm season, but also in the cold season.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the choice of plants that will be there. For example, if you plant conifers and shrubs, they will decorate your garden all year round.

Soil preparation

If you know that the soil on the site is poor and depleted, then it is better to renew it with fertile soil. Also check if it is waterlogged. If the fear is confirmed, it is necessary to apply drainage, as many plants will rot.


Many budding gardeners make mistakes by trying to plant the plants as thick as possible. You should be aware that the distance between trees, shrubs and other vegetation determines their growth in the future.

Beautiful gardens photo

If you plant them rarely, the garden will look empty and uncomfortable. In this case, you can correct the oversight by using fast-growing bushes and ferns.


Perhaps you or your family members are supporters of outdoor activities, then it would be wise to include a place for a lawn in the garden plan. It is perfect for family games and spending time together.

The choice of lawn depends on many factors. This is the appearance (as you imagine it), and the place where it will be located, and its purpose.

Please also note that each type of grass grows best in its climatic conditions. It will be right to carefully study its purpose and planting conditions before buying this or that variety. In order for the lawn to always be beautiful and tidy, it requires careful maintenance, which is much easier to carry out with the help of special equipment. How to choose an aerator or scarifier can be found in this article.

Choosing plants for the garden

Having prepared a plan for your garden, having decided where the paths and plantings will be, it is worth picking up plants. Try to make the vegetation differ in color, texture and size. After all, it is the variety that attracts attention and makes your garden unique.

Beautiful garden do it yourself photo

The period of flowering and life of each plant is different. Some will need to be disposed of at the end of the season, while others will delight you for many years. You need to select flowers and shrubs in this way so that the flowering of some gradually turns into others.

An excellent solution would be if you plant coniferous trees on the territory of the site - about a third of the number of all trees. Then your garden will look "alive" at any time of the year.

Flower beds

Now let's pay attention to the brightest and most elegant element of the garden - flower beds. It often happens that gardeners plant plants of various colors, and as a result, unimaginable variegated thickets are obtained, because any blooming ones tend to grow. Therefore, there are so few tasteful flower beds.

You need to choose which colors will prevail. Then you can proceed to the selection of colors. It is better to buy your favorite plants and plant 2-3 species in one flower bed. Pick flowers that match color and compatibility. Since some of them do not get along well together.

Photo of beautiful gates

To make a gate not ordinary, but beautiful is not so difficult. And this does not always require expensive materials. What is always needed is fantasy. Then even a bicycle, a shovel, a twig or a pickaxe is the material for an exclusive design.

For pets

For houses in a modern style, wickets need appropriate

From a wide variety of materials ... even from knots

Wood and forged elements - a win-win combination

The main component is fantasy

The stencil changes even the simplest fence

Make a couple of cutouts in the boards ... the original wooden gate is ready!

On a visit to fairy tales

Bicycle, wheels, shovel - all materials for making gates

To the Euroshtaketnik fence

A small fragment - a cat made of plywood ...

Original design ... from the courtyard side

Even a wicket made of corrugated board can be original

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