Various Orchid Flowers To Grow Indoors: Different Types Of Orchids

Various Orchid Flowers To Grow Indoors: Different Types Of Orchids

By: Anne Baley

So you want to grow an orchid? There are tens of thousands of orchid varieties to choose from, in almost every color of the rainbow. Some exotic versions are rarely seen outside specialty shows, while others are readily available to the novice grower. Unlike the common stereotype, many types of orchids will thrive as houseplants, and don’t need to be kept in a greenhouse. The orchid you’ll choose to grow will depend on the environment in your home, as well as the way the plant looks.

Orchid Plant Types

The variety of orchid plant types is amazing. Some bloom for weeks at a time, while others keep their flowers an amazing four months or more. Always check the tag that comes with the plant to determine the optimum temperature for your orchid. Choose one that fits in with your normal indoor environment, rather than trying to change your environment to fit the orchid.

Different Varieties of Orchid Flowers

As there are numerous orchid varieties to choose from, it would be impossible to list them all here, but some of the more common orchid plant types include:

  • Phalaenopsis – Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as the moth orchid, this is perhaps the most common of various orchid flowers you can buy in a general garden center. Moth orchids bloom once or twice a year, and each flower can last as long as three months with the proper care, and are the longest-lasting of orchid blooms. Moth orchids do well with warm temperatures in the house, in the upper 70’s on average.
  • Dendrobium – Dendrobium orchids are tougher than many other varieties, and are often recommended for people who are afraid to grow orchids. They tolerate lower moisture in the air than other varieties and can take a wide range of air temperatures, as well.
  • Cattelya – This orchid is probably best known as the corsage flower, since that is where most people first see it. Of the different varieties of orchid, this is the standard that most growers refer to. Cattleya is a native of South America and loves heat and light. Grow them in rooms that feel almost stuffy and place them where they can get as much sunlight as possible without burning them.
  • Cymbidium – These showstoppers have been known to produce up to 30 flowers on one spike, and to last months at a time with fresh-looking blooms. Keep Cymbidium in cooler rooms, with an average temperature about 70 F. (21 C.), but with a lot of bright light.
  • Epidendrum – Having tons of species with either pseudobulbs or cane-like stems and various sizes, these epiphytic orchid flowers are highly fragrant and nearly ever-blooming. Epidendrum orchids prefer intermediate to warm temperatures, filtered to bright light, and high humidity.
  • Oncidium – Also, epiphytic, these orchids prefer to have their roots exposed to the air, hanging over the edge of pots. The long-lasting flowers are most often found in shades of yellow and brown, and prefer cooler temperatures, full sun, and plenty of water.
  • Miltonia – Often called pansy orchids because of the open, flat flowers, this species is divided into warm-growing, small-flowered varieties and the cool-growing, large-flowering types. Miltonia orchids like filtered to shady light, high humidity, good air circulation, and evenly moist mediums.
  • Vanda – With over 70 species, Vanda orchids are divided into two main groups based on the shape of their leaves: strap-leaved (will bloom indoors) and terete-leaved (does not bloom inside). This orchid gets tall and requires support. Give Vandas warm temperatures and filtered to strong light.

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10 Common Types of Orchids for Your Home and Garden

With their undeniably unique yet elegant appearance, orchid flowers have quickly become one of the most recognizable ornamental plants.

Adding to their exotic beauty is their easy-to-care nature and long-lasting blooms that make these flowers popular among house plant hobbyists and gardeners all over the world.

Orchids flowers offer different types in a plethora of colors and varieties. Despite the vast choices available, one thing remains no matter which orchid type you pick – all of them are stunning.

Another great point is that orchids have long-lasting blooms, which makes them the best indoor plants with long lasting flowers.

Read on to learn more about orchids, including the most popular types of orchids that you could get for your home and garden.

What is an Orchid?

These simple, elegant flowers have been held in regard for centuries and have many captivating qualities that make them a great choice for any garden.

For centuries this marvelous plant has been used in medicinal practices by civilizations like the Chinese, the Greeks and even the Aztecs (they liked to put vanilla in their cocoa and vanilla comes from an orchid plant).

So, as you see, the orchid is not only beautiful but helpful as well.

The orchid comes from the family Orchidaceae which has 80 genera, 25,000+ species, and hybrids that get into the 100,000+ area.

They exist in every corner of the world that can sustain life.

These different types will vary in everything from size to color to weight.

Many of these have become popular with horticulturists the world over for the ease of care and long-lasting blooms.

They are also easy to find, and that makes them perfect for building your garden or simply add a flare in your living room.

With all those different varieties, it would be a long article if we tried to cover them all so below, we will look at just some of the most common.


The Cattleyas are a magnificent sight. They produce large and fragrant flowers with vibrant colors. Cattleya orchids are often used in corsages.

  • They need sun in the morning time and it can be direct. In the afternoon they should be in the shade.
  • During the day they do best in milder temperatures preferably under 85 degrees.
  • At night they should be in cooler environments

Phragmipedium Orchids

Phragmipedium caudatum orchids have a white pouch-like lip

The Phragmipedium orchid is another type of orchid that is also called a ‘Lady’s Slipper orchid.’ This orchid gets this name due to the pouch-like sac that is its lip. One of the characteristics of these orchids is that they can tolerate a lot of water.

Apart from its lady slipper pouch, an identifying feature of these orchids is their oval-shaped petals and narrow leaves. Among the species of orchids with a pouch lip, Phragmipedium orchids are the only ones to have a bright red color.

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