Mukdenia Rossii - Easy in the shade garden -

Mukdenia Rossii - Easy in the shade garden -

Mukdenia Rossii, or Acériphyllum, ideal in shade garden or at the edge of a pond

A spring bloom for this plant called Acerphyllum Rossii or Mukdenia Rossii. A cluster flowering that precedes the arrival of the foliage, with beautiful clusters of small white flowers, said to form racemes. Racemes, it must be explained, name from Latin racemus, "Grape", the raceme is a simple inflorescence, flowers arranged logically and successively on a common branch, resulting from the main stem.
Mukdénia rossii is one of the very beautiful shade plants to partial shade, in particular thanks to its foliage which has the particularity of appearing red-bronze and then turning green. The foliage strongly resembles the foliage of the maple tree, the emblem of Canada. The aceryphyllum forms tufts of large, dense, shiny leaves. Plant there in the undergrowth or in shade perennial beds.

Botanical name:

• Mukdenia rossii

Plant type:

• Plant: Perennial
• Foliage: lapsed
• Type of plant: Rustic (-20 ° C +)
• Family: Saxifragaceae - Saxifragaceae
• Harbor : tuft and upright flower stalk
• Exhibition: Shadow to half shadow
• Plantation: March April
Flowering : March April
• Rooting: Rhizomes
• Cultivation area: All over
• Origin: China and Korea.

Particularity of mukdenia:

• Very early flowering which appears before the foliage
• Foliage color depending on the variety.
• Forms tufts 40 to 60 cm in diameter and height.

What are the advantages of the Acerphyllum garden:

• Easy to grow.
• Rapid growth.
• Very beautiful foliage.

What soil for Mukdenia Rossii or Acerphyllum?

• Deep, rich and drained soil.

When to plant it?

• Install young plants in the spring after heavy frosts: from March to April.

Which exhibition for the Mukdenia Rossii?

• The plant appreciates the shade and part shade exposure.

How to plant it?

Usually young mukdenia plants are delivered in containers.
In the ground, after frost:
• Loosen the soil.
• The land must be, fertile, and drained and always fresh.
• Mix in the soil with potting soil (1/3) and a little mature compost and sand for the draining capacity.
• Prepare holes for the plants every 40 to 50 cm.
• Place the mukdenia plants.
• Replace the rest of the garden soil.
• Firmly press down without damaging the rhizomes.
• Water. and keep the soil cool.

Maintenance of Mukdenia Rossii:

• Watering in case of long dry period.
• The foliage is dead, wait until it has turned yellow before cutting it.

Diseases and Parasites:

• No illnesses. But slugs and snails can be a problem that shouldn't be overlooked.

Flowering of mukdenia Rossii:

• It produces a superb flowering in March April. The flowers are small and grow along in a cluster.

Varieties of mukdenia Rossi or Acériphyllum:

• Mukdenia Crimson Fans: Its leaves are bronze edged with purple
• Mukdenia Dwarf Form:
The plant is smaller in size and with less drawn out, rather round leaves.
Mukdenia Akaba, Mukdenia Maruba, Mukdenia Ogon and Mukdenia Shishiba: No longer, they are ideal for Japanese gardens, covered with white pebbles or wood. It is a creeping plant, with large leaves that resemble maple leaves. This variety has leaves that grow yellow, then evolve into a very soft green, close to chartreuse. In the summer, she thrives in damp, shady lands near water. Japanese selection from Korean stock.

Which plants go well with mukdenia?

• Plant it with anemones, geraniums, daffodils ...

Plant them in the garden, or in a pot:

ATa garden: Early flowering perennial mass. in the woods, on the edge.
• Pot : In a large earthenware pot. Grow in a mixture of potting soil and sand (2/3 - 1/3) that you can decorate with white pebbles to bring out its foliage.


Soil and Watering

Foot size (WxH)

Space between
the plants

shade and partial shade

rich, fresh and drained soil
Watering in times of drought

0.5 x 0.5 m

0.4 m


planting period

Flowering period

Collet not buried

In spring after frost: March-April

March April

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Perennial ground cover Mukdenia rossii "Karasuba" - advice on growing

You are always looking for a ground cover perennial who will bring a touch of color to the garden? You've come to the right place, because we would like to introduce you to a magnificent ground cover plant with foliage that strongly resembles that of maple. In this article you will find our helpful tips for caring for this perennial ornamental plant.

Mukdenia Rossii - Easy in the shade garden -

Open from Thursday to Sunday.

Our undergrowth plants are sold in pots, taxes included.
The numbers in brackets indicate the flowering months.
Pictures Description Price
ACTEA RUBRA (Red cohosh). In summer, clusters of small white flowers changing to red berries. Shadow. h: 80 cm Other photo 12
ANEMONE nemorosa ‘Blue Eyes’. Double white flowers with a bluish eye (6) above a domed green foliage. 15 cm. Partial shade. 20
ANEMONE nemorosa ‘Vestal’. Double white flowers (6) above a domed green foliage. 15 cm. Partial shade. 20
ANEMONOPSIS macrophylla. Cut and shiny foliage adorned with lilac flowers (7-8) with a waxy texture. 60-80 cm. Undergrowth. 25
ARALIA cordata ‘Sun King’. Cream flower followed by black fruits (9-10) on a beautiful golden foliage. Partial shade. h: 90 cm. 20
All arisaemas require well-drained soil as well as protection with leaves or other things for the winter, regardless of the planting area. This is due to the significant temperature variations as well as to the rain that we receive during the cold season.
ARISAEMA consanguineum. Spathes develop along the stem and vary from pure green to dark brown mottled white. h: 90 cm. 25
ARISAEMA heterophyllum. The spathe is green, erect and long. The foliage is digitate, with many narrow, acuminate leaflets. Zone 5 40
ARISAEMA Ringens. The spathe is green streaked with purple, the stems are purple-brown. Partial shade. h: 70cm. 35
ARISAEMA sikokianum. Green, spathe foliage tinged with dark purple on the outside and pure white on the inside. h: 45-60 cm. 45
ARISAEMA tosaense. Very robust variety from the island of Shikoku in Japan. A spectacular green flower. Zone 5 30
ARISAEMA Urashima. The spathe is speckled with purple, streaked with white on the outside and purple on the inside. h: 50 cm. 35
ARUNCUS aethusifolius. Cream flower (7-8) with finely cut foliage. Well-drained soil. h: 25 cm. Photo 1600 15
ARUNCUS dioicus. Panicle of creamy-white flower (6-7) on very indented green foliage. h: 120 cm. Prefers rich, moist soil but tolerates drought. 12
ARUNCUS dioicus ‘Kneiffii’. Cream feather duster (7-8) with deeply cut foliage. h: 50 cm. Drained soil. 20
ARUNCUS ‘Guinea Fowl’. Cream flowers in spikes (7-8) on finely cut, green foliage. Compact plant, h: 35 cm. 20
ASARUM canadense (Wild ginger). Ground cover 10-20 cm. Purple flowers in spring under the heart-shaped leaves. 12
ASARUM caulescens. Ground cover. Very textured green heart-shaped leaves and pink bell-shaped flowers (5). h: 15-20 cm. 35
ASTILBE ‘Color Flash’. An original astilbe with foliage changing with the seasons. It emerges bright green in the spring, then turns red and purple in the summer before turning orange and rusty in the fall. Pale pink bloom in contrast. Partial shade. Humid environment. H. 30-45 cm. 15
ASTILBE ‘Color Flash Lime’. Another astilbe of the Color Flash series with foliage changing with the seasons. Lime green in spring, it turns golden yellow in summer before turning orange and rusty in fall. Pale pink bloom in contrast. Partial shade. Humid environment. H. 75 cm. 15
ASTILBOIDES tabularis. White flower, large round and erect foliage (6-7) 80 cm. Partial shade. Humid environment. Photo 1600 20
BRUNNERA ‘Alchemy Pewter’. A vigorous novelty. Blue forget-me-not flowers (4-5) on silvery foliage with prominent green veins. Moist, well-drained soil. h: 35 cm. 20
BRUNNERA ‘Alchemy Silver’. Another vigorous novelty. Blue forget-me-not flowers (4-5) on heavily textured silvery foliage. Moist, well-drained soil. h: 35 cm. 20
BRUNNERA ‘Alexander's Great’. A robust variety with impressive development. Blue forget-me-not flowers (5) on silvery green veined foliage. Moist, well-drained soil. h: 35 cm. 25
CARDAMINE waldsteinii. Clusters of small, pure white flowers (4-5) rising above serrated foliage. Partial shade. h: 20 cm. 15
CHELONE obliterated. Pink flower (8-10) 90 cm. Shade, partial shade. For cool, damp soil. 15
CIMICIFUGA ‘Dahurica’. White flowers in spike. (8-9) on green foliage. h: 150 cm. Partial shade. Wet soil. 15
CIMICIFUGA racemosa ‘Brunette’. White spike (8-10) Purple foliage with bronze reflections. h: 120 cm. Partial shade. 25
DARMERA peltatum. Perennials with large rounded leaves, pink flowers in May. By the water. 15
DEINANTHE caerulea x bifida. Green leaves finely divided at the tip and adorned with small, very delicate pale blue flowers (8-9). h: 35-45 cm. Undergrowth, partial shade. N.D.
DICENTRA spectabilis 'Gold Heart'. Very beautiful yellow foliage with the traditional pink flowers. h: 60 cm. Sun, partial shade. Other picture 20
DISPOROPSIS pernyi. White bell flowers (5-6) suspended from shiny green foliage. h: 20 cm. Shadow. 18
DISPORUM flavens. When the Solomon's Seal type foliage emerges, the flower bud is quickly visible and unfolds into very decorative yellow flowers. Superb easily cultivated undergrowth plant. 18
DODECATHEON "Aphrodite". Large purple flowers (5-6) on a sturdy plant. h: 50 cm. Partial shade. N.D.
EOMECON chionantha. Native to China. A plant with heart-shaped foliage. White flower with yellow heart. h: 30-50 cm. Zone 5. 25
FILIPENDULA kamtschatica ‘Shiro Sankou Nakafu’. Flowers in white inflorescences (6) on an impressive green-gray foliage edged white. Shade, partial shade in a good, cool to damp soil. h: 1.5-2.5 m. 45
FILIPENDULA ulmaria ‘Aurea’. Cream duster flowers (6) on attractive yellow foliage turning lime green. Shadow. h: 75 cm. 18
FILIPENDULA ulmaria ‘Aurea-variegata’. Cream feather duster (6-7). Variegated green and yellow foliage. 90 cm. Partial shade. Other picture 15
GLAUCIDIUM palmatum. Lavender flowers (5-6) of crimped texture adorned with a small heart of yellow stamens. Partial shade. Photo 1600 N.D.
GLAUCIDIUM palmatum leucanthum. Magnificent white flowers (6) of crimped texture adorned with a small heart of yellow stamens. h: 60 cm. Photo 1600 N.D.
HELLEBORUS x 'Flower Girl'. Double flowers of pale pink hue. h: 45-60 cm. 25
HYDRASTIS canadensis. Red fruit resembling a raspberry in the center of a serrated foliage. Shadow. h: 30 cm 25
JEFFERSONIA diphylla. White flowers in cup (5) on bean foliage tinged with gray. Shade, partial shade. h: 50 cm. 20
LIGULARIA japonica. Star-shaped flowers yellow-gold (7-8) on very indented foliage. h: 120 cm. Shadow. 20
HYBRID LIGULARIA QSIRIS. Selection of various plants to choose from in the nursery. 20
LIGULARIA "OSIRIS CAFE NOIR". PPAF. Yellow flower (7-8). Foliage that emerges purple-black turning bronze and later olive green. PP21351 15
LIGULARIA ‘OSIRIS MAJESTY’. Large-scale plant with dark green cut foliage with orange-yellow flowers. Height of the foliage 110cm, 140cm with the flowers. Plant width 150 cm and more. Photo 1600 25
LILIUM canadense (Canada Lily). Orange-yellow flower spotted with brown (6) in bells. h: 1 meter. Partial shade. Photo 1600 18
LILIUM hansonii. Peach flowers adorned with dark spots (6) recurved petals. h: 1.25 meters. Partial shade. Photo 1600 12
MELANTHIUM virginicum. The long, narrow, light green foliage is grass-like. Large spikes of small white flowers appear in summer. (6-8) h: 1.5 m. Humaide undergrowth. Partial shade. 15
MUKDENIA rossii ‘Karasuba’. White flower. Multicolored foliage (red, green, yellow etc.) Partial shade. h: 35 cm. Other picture 12
MUKGENIA "Nova Flame". From a cross between Bergenia and Mukdenia, this robust plant combines a dark pink bloom (4-6) inherited from bergenia and thick foliage with jagged edges reminiscent of Mukdenia with its changing autumnal hues. . Shade, partial shade. h: 20 cm. 20
MYRRHIS odorata. Light green fern-like foliage with a strong licorice scent. Large umbels of small white flowers appear in summer. (7) h: 90-120 cm. Sun, partial shade. 15
PINELLIA tripartita. Similar to Pinellia pedatisecta with its cut foliage and green tubular spathe, this variety is distinguished by its long spadix (up to 20 cm) emerging from the spathe. Zone 4.h: 30 cm. 18
PODOPHYLLUM chinensis. White flowers (5) above a three-lobed, shiny green foliage. Partial shade. h: 65 cm. Photo 1600 20
PODOPHYLLUM pleianthum. Serrated and shiny foliage adorned with a red flower (5) with a drooping port. Zone 5.h: 65 cm 20
PODOPHYLLUM 'Spotty Dotty'. A vigorous selection with large serrated chartreuse leaves adorned with chocolate spots. Red flower (5) in the port drooping in clusters. Zone 5.h: 45 cm 38
POLYGONATUM cirrhifolium. Erect stems with narrow foliage and small white bell-shaped flowers (5-6) at the base of the whorled foliage. H: 120 cm. Partial shade. 18
POLYGONATUM commutatum giganteum. White flower with green foliage. Plant very tall. h: 150 cm. Photo 1600 18
POLYGONATUM curvistucum. Greenish bell-shaped flowers (5-6) at the base of the whorled foliage. Raised pot h: 150 cm. Partial shade. 18
POLYGONATUM ‘Grace Baker’. Greenish flowers below a streaky green foliage of cr & # 232me (5-6) h: 60 cm. Part shade 18
POLYGONATUM falcatum ‘Silver Striped’. Graceful elongated foliage, streaked with a silvery-white central line. Greenish-white flowers. Partial shade. H: 60-80 cm. 30
POLYGONATUM hybridum 'Betberg'. Emerging purple-brown foliage gradually turning green. White flowers with green tips. Part shade shade. h: 60-75 cm. 20
POLYGONATUM Humile. Greenish bell-shaped flower (5-6) on green foliage. Miniature plant. h: 20 cm. Photo 1600 12
POLYGONATUM x hybrida Striatum. White flower with dark green foliage streaked with pale green and white. h: 55 cm. 20
POLYGONATUM lasianthum ‘Kon Chiri Shima’. Yellowish foliage with broad irregular green bands. Long, hanging creamy white flowers. Partial shade. H: 30-40 cm. 45
POLYGONATUM odoratum ‘Byakko’. Rare variegated form with dark green and white foliage. White fragrant flowers. Partial shade with morning sun. h: 30-60 cm. 35
POLYGONATUM odoratum ‘Dai Kouga’. Variegated form native to Japan. New leaves emerge yellow and gradually turn yellowish with a touch of green. Partial shade. 35
POLYGONATUM Variegatum. Cream flower (5-6) 75-90 cm. Green foliage edged with cream. Shade, partial shade. 18
RABDOSIA japonica shikokianum. Small flowers (8-10) of blue and white tint, elongated in a trumpet. Fine, green foliage with a larger margin. Partial shade. h: 60 cm. 15
RODGERSIA podophylla ‘Bloddy Wheels’. Cream flower (6-7) on foliage becoming very colorful in the fall with a dominant bronze color. Partial shade. Wet soil. Height: 100-150 cm. 35
SANGUINARIA multiplex. Double white flowers (5) appearing before the greyish green foliage. h: 15 cm. Photo 1600 20
SANGUISORBA ‘Little Angel’. Superb spikes of small dark green leaves edged white-cream covered with pink-reddish flowers (8-9) on long pale green stems. h: 20-25 cm cm. Partial shade. 20
SAURURUS chinensis. Shiny green foliage with a raceme of small white flowers from June to September. h: 1.2 m. 22
THALICTRUM 'Black Stockings'. Panicle of light lavender flowers on contrasting black stems (7-8) h: 120-250 cm. Partial shade. 30
THALICTRUM 'Nimbus Pink'. Large panicles of lavender pink flowers (5-7) with spectacular blooming on beautiful green foliage and contrasting black stems. h: 70 cm. Partial shade. 18
THALICTRUM 'Rochebrunianum'. Large panicle of lilac flowers with yellow stamens (8-9) h: 3 meters. Partial shade. 12
THALICTRUM Splendid ’. Panicle of large white flowers on solid stems (7-8) h: 100 cm. Partial shade. 30
TRICYRTIS macropoda. Flowering of small flowers in clusters, white speckled with purple in late summer early autumn. Partial shade in a cool to humid environment. h. 60-80 cm. 25
TRICYRTIS Puberula. Chinese species of the lily family. Small flowers in clusters of which the base color is a strongly speckled maroon yellow. Partial shade, h. 30 cm. 15
TRILLIUM flexipes. A species with a white flower very variable (5) in color (sometimes brown) and in height 30-60 cm. 25
TRILLIUM grandiflorum. White flower (5) turning pink with green leaves in whorls grouped in threes. H: 40 cm. 15
TRILLIUM kamtschaticum. Asian species from China and Japan. Flowers can vary from white to cream. Very large variety. Zone 4. 30
ULVULARIA grandiflora. Flowers drooping in bells, yellow (5) at the top of arching stems. Partial shade. h: 75cm. N.D.
VERATRUM nigrum. Long panicle of purple flowers (7) on green pleated leaves. 2 meters. Photo 1600 20
VINCA major 'Illumination'. Plant which forms a carpet of small oval leaves, shiny dark green edged with yellow, above which stand lavender flowers. Partial shade. PP12132 CPBR1632 10
ZINGIBER mioga ‘Silver Arrow’. Perennial plant of 90 cm. Beautiful green foliage streaked with silver gray. Very decorative. Requires winter protection or it should be grown in a pot. Zone 5-6. 35
ZINGIBER mioga ‘White Arrow’. Perennial plant of 90 cm. Beautiful green foliage streaked with white. Very decorative. Requires winter protection or it should be grown in a pot. Zone 5-6. 35

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The advantages of having a pergola with modern curtains in the garden

The curtains that adorn the pergola do not only present an eye-catching appearance, but they are also very practical. These block out the strong sun rays in the afternoon and act as an excellent windbreak. In addition, they provide more privacy and comfort in the outdoors, help create a functional outdoor room, protect garden furniture from the rain and protect the privacy of residents.

Pergola with freestanding curtains and assorted multicolored accessories

Having a pergola with curtains in the garden offers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space despite the weather conditions. Although these are not lowered but only closed, they add a touch of drama and sophistication, making the outdoor room more welcoming.

Bet on the installation of a rail instead of choosing a curtain rod

Before proceeding with the purchase of fabrics, it is recommended that you choose the type of material that you intend to choose. In general, there are two options - installation of a rail or a curtain rod. A rail is laid parallel to the wall and it remains almost invisible behind the curtain. The bar installs below the beams so that the curtains can slide in and out very easily. In order to give a more contemporary appearance to the design of the pergola with curtains, we recommend that you bet on the installation of a rail.

The right fabrics

There is a wide variety of fabrics available, almost as large as your imagination. Consider decorating your outdoor space with curtains in bright colors or playful patterns, and you will succeed in creating a little oasis where you can relax at any time. The right choice of curtains will also make your personal style stand out. Be sure to invest in fabrics that are resistant to mold and weather conditions.

Pergola with modern curtains and all white which houses a dining area

Sheer curtains are used more to add a decorative touch and create a romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, most fabrics intended for outdoor use are designed to last a long time and offer 98% protection against UV rays. Tiebacks are very practical because in addition to their decorative role, they can be anchored to the structure in stormy days.

The cost of curtains for pergola

There are pergola curtains available in a wide price range from under $ 50 to over $ 150. Before purchasing curtains for your pergola, take into consideration that often inexpensive models are not waterproof and cannot resist fading.

Pergola with white curtains, cushions in shades of blue and rattan outdoor furniture

Building a pergola with curtains is, without a doubt, a great idea. Whether curtains or sheers, be sure they will bring a touch of color and sophistication to the outdoor space. You will fall in love with the way the fabrics soften the space and give the pergola a luxurious appearance. And some additional decorative details, such as an outdoor carpet and a light garland, will transform your pergola into a real corner of paradise.

Lean-to wooden pergola, decorated with white curtains and a floral arrangement

Protection against the rays of the scorching sun is a problem that has already found its solution. In addition to their decorative role, the curtains adorning the pergola in the garden offer ideal protection against UV rays as well as against rain and wind.

Modern wooden pergola, outdoor carpet in bright colors and cactus decoration

The use of curtains as decoration for the exterior turns out to be a very practical and original idea. The wooden pergola, adorned with curtains or curtains, has a more modern and personalized appearance. The installation of curtains is the right way to enhance the design of the garden, the terrace and the veranda.

Sheer curtains in bright colors as a decoration for the white pergola

Curtains are a real eye-catcher that brings color, sophistication, privacy and protection to the garden. Experiment with fabrics and styles to achieve the design that perfectly matches your outdoor space and personal taste. Placed here and there, the curtains highlight certain areas or frame the place you prefer. They can be used as a nice accent around the pergola as part of the festive decor. Whatever their role, they are a great addition to outdoor decor.

Modern driftwood pergola decorated with curtains which brings an exotic touch to the terrace

If your pergola curtains are already damaged, replace them with new curtains in bright colors or playful patterns. With the matching decoration, you will succeed in furnishing and decorating a beautiful outdoor room, where you can relax when it is very hot or when it is windy.

Small wooden pergola decorated with white curtains

When it comes to the colors of your pergola curtains, you can choose between multicolored fabrics which are intended to contrast with the other decorative elements, or else, bet on colors that harmonize with the rest of the decor.

Shaggy white diamond rug and wooden garden furniture on the terrace

To create a comfortable and inviting outdoor room, consider installing curtains or sheers like a shaggy rug. The outdoor cushions also serve as an original decoration and provide additional seating for unexpected guests.

Pergola with white curtains of contemporary design on the modern terrace with in-ground pool

Above we present to you an ultra modern pergola made of top quality wood. Its freestanding construction and romantic curtain decoration make this pergola a real gem for contemporary outdoor spaces. Matching accessories in turquoise and blue create a spectacular relaxed atmosphere.

Veranda with back-to-back wooden pergola and outdoor fire

The back-to-back pergola is the most popular model. As you can see in the photo above, such a wooden pergola is as original as the other with a freestanding design. Very practical and elegant, it can be decorated with curtains and curtains, hanging flowers and light garlands.

Terrace with a large pergola and resin garden furniture

To make the most of the large terrace, consider building a pergola with curtains. Don't forget about the right paving, for example, which will give the patio a contemporary look.

Modern black aluminum pergola with sliding picture windows and contemporary rattan furniture

The aluminum pergola can also be decorated with curtains which will give it an impressive and modern look. The one above has sliding picture windows that open up to the garden.

Free-standing wooden pergola decorated with curtains and light garlands

What could be more romantic than beautiful lighting in the garden on a warm night! This idea of ​​decorating the pergola with curtains is very easy to achieve and it guarantees you an unforgettable romantic dinner outdoors.

Composite wood terrace with accents in bright colors

Charcoal gray predominates on the terrace above. In order to break up the dark appearance, one can add brightly colored accents such as outdoor cushions and stools. To refresh the atmosphere or even more, you can replace the black curtains with playful patterned sheers.

Freestanding wooden pergola with curtains and decoration in planters

Looking at the wooden pergola above, we dream of going on vacation by the sea! In order to bring the exotic atmosphere to your own garden, you can build a pergola with similar curtains. Once this idea has been realized, we will have the opportunity to make the most of our piece of paradise in the garden whatever the weather conditions.

Pergola with white curtains, cushions and outdoor carpet as decoration

The pergola with curtains can be decorated with all kinds of things such as outdoor rugs, light garlands or suspensions, cushions or patties, flower arrangements etc. Take a look at the photo above, and get inspired by all the little details in fresh colors!

Pergola with curtains on the terrace furnished with wooden furniture

There is something romantic about curtains that dance with the wind. If you want to bring a romantic touch to the terrace, go for the attached pergola and decorate it with delicate curtains like the ones above.

Pergola with curtains in the backyard

The pergola with sheer curtains is the perfect decoration if you are planning a birthday or an outdoor family celebration. In the afternoon, sheer curtains will provide you with the necessary sun protection, while, when night falls, they will create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Self-supporting box pergola on the terrace with outdoor kitchen

If you find the idea of ​​building a pergola with curtains on the patio interesting, consider transforming the patio into a small outdoor kitchen to accommodate your family and friends on summer afternoons.

Pergola with white curtains, natural stone paving and stunning mountain views

The right garden furniture, whether it is rattan or wickerwork, is very important in ensuring you have the necessary comfort in the outdoors. Install the garden furniture under the pergola with curtains and make the most of the breathtaking views.

Large wooden pergola repainted in white above the terrace

The large-format pergola on the terrace can accommodate all your friends. Invite them over for a cup of coffee in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening.

Back-to-back wooden pergola

Consider refreshing the patio with a few accessories in playful patterns and bright colors. Under the pergola you can arrange a coffee corner with multicolored cushions and a striped rug. We highly recommend the bohemian or oriental style, which promises a colorful and personalized decor for an exotic atmosphere on the terrace.

Pergola with gray curtains and a fireplace dressed in natural stone

Make the most of your small patio by building a pergola and an outdoor fireplace. Get the right garden furniture and your relaxation area is ready!

Garden layout with wooden pergola and wooden and metal garden furniture

Install the pergola with curtains under the shade of a large tree in the garden and you will enjoy a refreshing atmosphere all day long.

Terrace with pergola and curtains that bring a touch of refinement

Building a pergola on the terrace is a good way to demarcate the different areas. For example, the pergola with curtains can shelter the dining area or the lounge area which will be well protected from the scorching sun.

Pergola with black and white curtains

In order to sublimate the white pergola, we advise you to bet on curtains in contrasting colors such as black and white.

Beautiful terrace with large format paving and pistachio green curtains as an accent

Wooden pergola with hanging daybed and curtains

Build a stylish pergola next to the pool

White pergola of traditional design and rattan furniture on the terrace

Curtains give the pergola a more eye-catching appearance

Eye-catching terrace with pergola and curtains

Furniture in wooden pallets repainted in white and matching accessories on the terrace

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