Naturalistic Calendar Competition 2018, Municipality of Cherasco (CN)

Naturalistic Calendar Competition 2018, Municipality of Cherasco (CN)


Competition "Naturalistic calendar 2018"

For some years now, the Municipality of Cherasco (CN) has published a naturalistic calendar with relevance to the nature of our territory (2009 birds of prey, 2010 environments, 2011 mammals, 2012 birds, 2013 trees, 2014 butterflies, 2015 flowers, 2016 birds of the area wet, 2017 birds with webbed legs or toes).

In the last four years the calendar has been published after a competition in which about forty artists participated. Given the excellent numerical but also qualitative result of the works presented, it was decided to re-propose the same competition in collaboration with the "Cherasco Cultura" association, the "G. Segre "and L’InformaGiovani for naturalistic designers (young people, amateurs, amateurs) and it was decided to extend it to classes in artistic high schools and naturalistic drawing schools.

From this year there will be a ranking dedicated exclusively to school classes, with a prize of € 500.00 for the winner. The drawings of the schools still contribute to the absolute classification with the possibility of winning the 1st prize of € 1000.00.

The winner or winners, in addition to a cash prize, will see their works published on the 2018 calendar. In addition, an exhibition of the drawings admitted to the competition will be set up in Cherasco.


Art.1) Theme. The theme of the next calendar will be: The ancient fruits of the territory. Competitors will have to present 12 drawings, which represent 12 different species of fruit, also representing the flower and the leaf.

Competitors must choose 12 species from those listed:

    • Torriana gray
    • Runsè
    • Carla

    • Madernassa
    • Martin sec
    • Burè

    • White scratch
    • Matinera

    • Vineyard fishing (yellow and red)
    • Fishing Wing

    • Nebbiolo
    • Luglienga

  • WOT
  • FIG

It is possible to find the species indicated in the following online magazines:


Art.2)Registration and participation. Competitors must confirm their participation IMMEDIATELY by 30 April 2017 by filling out the online registration form at the link

Registration can also be done by filling in the attached paper form and sending it to the following fax number: 0172 427035 or to the address referred to in art. 4. The works must be delivered IMMEDIATELY by 31 October 2017. The participation fee is 10 euros, to be paid by bank transfer to the Cherasco Cultura association upon confirmation of participation. (Bank details: Banca di Cherasco, Roreto office; Iban: IT96J0848746200000010108955 Cherasco cultura; causal: 2018 calendar competition).

Participants are asked to send a copy of the bank transfer details to the email address [email protected] or by fax to 0172 427035, specifying the name of the competitor.

Art. 3) Characteristics of the works. The works must be received in original and must be made with the technique of drawing on a physical support with traditional techniques (pastels, watercolors, tempera, etc.). The works must not exceed the dimensions of 40 x 60 cm.

Art. 4) Delivery of the works. The drawings must be delivered by post or by hand to the following address: Municipality of Cherasco - Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 79 - 12062 Cherasco (CN), Ecology Office, Events Tel. 0172427031. They must be delivered in special packaging that can also be used for return, accompanied by the participant's full address. The organization will take every care in the conservation of the works, but declines all responsibility for any damage, loss or theft.

Art. 5) Jury. The works will be judged by a qualified jury whose judgment will be final.

Art.6) Awards.

  • 1st prize € 1000.00 and the right to publish the calendar
  • 2nd prize € 500.00
  • 3rd prize euro 250.00
  • Special prize for schools € 500.00

The aforementioned prizes will be awarded during the presentation evening of the calendar, in December, in the auditorium of the bank of Cherasco, Roreto.


Registration form (491 kB)

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