Embryophytes: definition and meaning

Embryophytes: definition and meaning



The name embryophyte derives from the fact that plants develop a multicellular embryo within the same plant, therefore it is the synonym of terrestrial plants.
Traditionally, embryophytes include bryophytes (mosses, antoceros and liverworts) and vascular plants (tracheophytes). With the most modern botanical classification based on phylogenetic analysis, it would appear that bryophytes are a paraphyletic group compared to embryophytes.

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1 ECON Income deriving continuously from the simple possession of an economic asset, without any activity and without cost: the r. of a capital enjoy ar.
|| Rent from land, buildings, share of additional income enjoyed by owners of agricultural land or buildings characterized by an above-average level of quality
|| Parasitic rent, coming from a simple position of privilege or power without coming from a productive activity
|| Position income, additional income from an asset due to its particularly favorable position fig. enjoying a privilege by tradition or by belonging to a social class
|| Living on income, without having to work

2 DIR Sum paid by the insurer to those who have taken out life insurance, calculated on the basis of the paid-up capital
|| Perpetual annuity, contract for which one party can require the other the periodic perpetual performance of a sum in money or other, in exchange for an alienated asset or transferred capital
|| Life annuity, established for the benefit of the beneficiary for the entire duration of his life

3 FINANZ On the Stock Exchange, security of a non-redeemable public debt

4 ant. Fee
‖ Dim. annuity

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