Garden lamp posts

Garden lamp posts

What are they

The lamppost is certainly the best known lighting system for gardens. It allows you to illuminate a space or an avenue in such a way that the light diffuses adequately. The garden is an open space that requires adequate lighting to be used even during the evening hours. Today we pay close attention to the choice of lighting in the garden, because we tend to want to create very suggestive effects. Light is a fundamental element not only for the purpose of using the garden, but also for having the garden space perfectly controllable during the night. To complete the private garden, it always needs a series of elements that create very particular settings and all this makes the space highly personalized. For this reason, each garden appears different from the other and allows you to take advantage of every corner of greenery. The garden is not experienced exclusively as an outdoor space, but above all to be an extension of the internal dwelling to be exploited for the entire summer season.


The garden lamp has certain characteristics that distinguish it from other types of lighting. The light it diffuses can only cover a well-defined area. For this reason more than one is always used to have a certain continuity. The classic lamppost is compared to the public ones that are generally found in historic centers, from which they have taken different characteristics. The street lamp diffuses the light according to its height, there are different sizes on the market. The rather tall garden lamp post, in addition to being a lighting element, is also a very interesting embellishment element. In most cases, these are rather decorated lampposts that are used to delimit the path of an avenue. The streetlights, according to the brightness intensity they are able to emit, must be fixed at a certain distance from each other. The atmosphere created is very particular, the light emanating is neither too intense nor too dim, and this is very important because 'daylight' lighting would certainly become annoying. The garden lamp has a very simple structure consisting of a pole and an end that can be open or closed. When it comes to closed lampposts, the more elegant ones are certainly closed with a glass cover. The lamppost can also have an average height and in this case even the same aspect of the garden changes. A medium height illuminates the space at the height of the bust, which is why these can be considered unsuitable for avenues. Their function is more interesting if they are placed around the dining area because they light up at the height of the table. Obviously, the choice of the garden lamp follows above all the customer's needs and how he uses this space. Those who always use the space in the garden for summer dinners prefer more direct lighting instead of the lamppost.


The garden lamp has a rather variable cost, as those made of iron are certainly more expensive than those made of plastic. The aesthetic effect is also significantly different but it is still a matter of personal tastes, also considering that the cost increases based on the number of street lamps that must be purchased. For garden lighting this is not the only cost to be incurred because the cost of creating the lighting system and the subsequent cost of electricity must also be considered. To overcome the latter, you could always resort to the choice of solar-powered garden lamps.

Lampposts at no cost

The zero-cost garden lamps are those powered directly by the energy of the sun, made in the classic shape of the lamp but with a small solar panel that allows you to capture the sun's rays. The sun is a natural and above all non-polluting source of energy. Those who decide to have this type of lamp in their garden will not have to budget for an additional cost on the electricity bill, let alone a cost for the construction of a system. If you decide to use only solar-powered street lamps for the entire garden, it will then be possible to connect them to a single solar panel. The solar-powered street lamp is suitable for any area of ​​Italy, as the panel is always capable of capturing the sun's rays.

Garden lamp posts: Where to buy

The street lamps for the garden can be purchased at outdoor furniture stores but also at retailers of gardening items. The market today always offers solar-powered garden lamps because they allow the customer to have a truly more than considerable saving. The internet also offers numerous opportunities, especially as regards choice. It is important to remember that light is a fundamental element in the garden and therefore, when choosing the street lamps, it is important to give it the right importance to avoid that you can then end up with a garden that is either too dark or too bright.

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