Bach rescue flowers

Bach rescue flowers

What is rescue remedy

Rescue Remedy is nothing more than a preparation consisting of five flowers (Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethelhem) which is also frequently called with the name of Five Flowers Remedy or with other names of the genus.

Dr. Edward Bach obtained this particular blend to counteract any type of situation that can be defined as "emergency".

Ultimately, these are situations in which you have neither the time nor the calm to be able to choose the remedy that best suits your needs, but in which you must act immediately.

The Rescue Remedy can certainly be exploited due to its immediate calming properties, in all those situations in which one is affected by anxiety or stress.

On other occasions, however, the Rescue Remedy can be used to combat a whole series of conflicting emotions or moods; for example, in the moment of shock resulting from having received bad news, from a fear that is getting closer and closer, anxious states that appear suddenly, tensions and certain situations and activities that involve a high level of stress.

This remedy is extremely effective and useful especially in children, when there is the need to counteract all those small fears that occur suddenly, or in panic attacks or when particular accidents occur.

The Rescue Remedy represents, as we have already had the opportunity to say, only a system and remedy that must be used in emergencies, but it cannot absolutely replace the daily use of Bach flowers.

In order to achieve satisfactory results and to adequately exploit phytotherapy, it is essential that each person takes those flowers that are most suitable for their mood, choosing them from time to time in relation to the period in which they are living.

Effects of rescue remedy

The Rescue Remedy is characterized by having an extremely calming effect, without causing any type of secondary effect, such as sleepiness.

The fact of having a wide range of action certainly allows it to be used for the most varied ailments and moods: this particular remedy is able to bring beneficial effects for all those people who have certain fears, such as for example that of traveling, but also to counteract the shock after a particular trauma or accident, but they are also useful to allow you to face common everyday situations in an effective way, such as having to quietly endure a difficult job interview.

It is important to remember never to continuously replace the Rescue Remedy with the traditional Bach flower mix that you take daily in relation to what has been established together with your therapist.

Rescue cream

This is the same emergency remedy but in the form of an ointment.

Inside we can find, in addition to the five main remedies that make up the Rescue Remedy, also the Crab Apple, that is the flower that is mainly used for cleaning.

The Rescue Cream is used for all those ailments that affect the skin that need to be treated with immediate care: we are essentially referring to insect bites, bruises, wounds and scars.

The methods of use are very easy to understand, since it is sufficient to apply a limited amount of cream on the area that has been affected by the disorder, even more than once a day according to the patient's needs.

Rescue remedy flowers

The Rescue Remedy, as we have already said, consists of five Bach flowers.

The first is Cherry Plum, which allows you to counteract the loss of balance regarding thoughts and gestures; the second is represented by Clematis, which is very good for combating the fact of always projecting oneself into the future, avoiding living in the present, with dangerous mental absences; the third Bach flower is the Impatiens which, as you can easily guess from the name, is very useful when making too hasty decisions or when you are constantly tense and easily irritable; the fourth flower is the Rock Rose, which proves its usefulness for all those moments in which one is hit by panic attacks or terror of death; finally, we find the fifth flower which corresponds to the Star of Bethelhem, which is valid for traumatic states and shocks.

Bach Rescue Flowers: How to Take Rescue Remedy

The preparation that corresponds to the Rescue Remedy must be poured (using four drops) into a glass full of water and must be drunk in small and slow sips.

At first the sips must be small in quantity and very close to each other (they can also be taken at a distance of 2-3 minutes) and, subsequently, after the symptoms disappear, you can also slow down with the intake, descending to a much lower number of administrations.

In case you do not have the possibility or cannot resort to the use of a glass of water, there is also the opportunity to take four drops of the remedy directly from the bottle.

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