Nettle decoction

Nettle decoction

How it is prepared

The decoction of nettle leaves is extremely useful when you need to enjoy a purifying activity of your body.

This preparation also allows to carry out a diuretic action.

Its preparation is really very simple and does not present any type of complication.

The first thing to do is undoubtedly to boil two teaspoons of dried and chopped leaves in 200 ml of water, for at least five minutes.

The next step will be to filter the decoction: at this point we can drink it, being very careful not to exceed one cup a day for a minimum period of three weeks.

In case we intend to manually collect the nettle leaves and not to buy dried from the herbalist, then we must know that the best time to harvest is undoubtedly the one between spring and summer, when the curative properties of the plant are concentrated.

The drying of the nettle leaves it can then be completed, in an extremely simple way, in a shady place.

In case you need nettle leaves during the autumn or winter season, however, it is advisable to buy them at a herbalist's shop.

The preparation of the decoction does not present particular difficulties and, as regards the dosage, it can be up to two cups a day.

Beneficial effects

The decoction of nettle it is characterized by being particularly useful for carrying out a beneficial and curative action against anemia and rheumatism, or all those pains that hit the bones.

The moment the decoction of nettle it is used for external applications, it can be extremely useful for carrying out a strengthening and toning action on the scalp, without forgetting that it is able to counteract hair loss and dandruff problems with enormous effectiveness.

Nettle is also characterized by being an excellent antianemic, antidiabetic, diuretic, purifying and hemostatic.

The nettle decoction also stands out for being usefully used as a pesticide on plants that are grown in the garden.

The nettle plant is characterized by being extremely rich in chlorophyll, but also in vitamin C and mineral salts: for these reasons, it can also boast interesting healing, haemostatic and anti-rheumatism properties.


To make an excellent nettle-based decoction that is able to perform a beneficial action against dandruff, we will have to follow a few simple steps.

First of all, we will have to put some nettle leaves inside 500 ml of water, and then boil the whole mixture over low heat for at least twenty minutes.

Turn off the flame, let it rest for a few minutes, so that the mixture can usefully cool down.

The next step will be to filter the decoction using a colander: at this point we pour it on the hair, letting it dry on its own.

In case we intend to prepare a good decoction based on nettle leaves that is able to cure anemia, then we will have to follow the following steps.

First of all, it is necessary to obtain at least fifty grams of nettle leaves from a herbalist's shop (especially the stems and dried leaves): let's grind and chop them paying particular attention, and then pour them into 1 liter of water.

At this point we boil the mixture for at least five minutes, and then let the decoction rest for at least a quarter of an hour.

After fifteen minutes, we will finally be able to drink our decoction, very useful in case you suffer from anemia.

Another excellent remedy is to prepare a decoction based on nettle leaves to counter the gallbladder: in this case, important results can be obtained even if you do not use anti-inflammatory drugs, but only using herbal remedies.

The effectiveness guaranteed by a decoction of nettle leaves that is also able to carry out an anti-inflammatory activity is at least guaranteed.

To make this decoction we must have ten grams, respectively, of birch leaves, yarrow, dandelion and centaurea minor, but also fifteen grams of nettle leaves and burdock root, as well as twenty grams of buckthorn.

The first thing to do is obviously to chop and mince all the ingredients, and then mix them.

We fill a tablespoon of this mixture of herbs and pour it in 260 ml of water: let it boil, over low heat, for at least thirteen minutes.

As for the intake, remember that this decoction can be drunk once a day (in the morning or in the evening), before each meal, for a period of about twenty days.

Nettle decoction: Warnings

The nettle must be avoided in all those cases in which there is a pregnancy or breastfeeding. Similarly, diuretics also need to pay particular attention to nettle intake, since it has the effect of decreasing potassium stores and avoiding excessive doses of decoction, which can cause gastric irritation.

Sequoia gem-derived anti-aging

Sequoiadendron giganteum (sequoia) is a colossal conifer, the largest in the world, which can reach 170 meters in height, although here in Europe it generally does not exceed 40 meters. The young shoots of this tree have an invigorating and stimulating action on the body and mind. The gem-derivative also has a therapeutic effect on bone alteration processes, therefore it is an excellent anti-aging product that restores energy and vigor to the body.

How to use horsetail decoction for plants

For defend plants from attack by fungi, aphids and parasites, it is possible to spray on the leaves and on the ground decoction or horsetail macerate.

After diluting one part of the decoction in five parts of water, the solution is poured into a spray bottle and it vaporizes directly on the plants to be treated. The operation must be carried out in the early hours of the day and can be repeated every two weeks for preventive purposes and every two or three days on already diseased plants.

Thanks to the substances present in the stems of horsetail, the decoction and macerate obtained from this plant they strengthen the defenses of the other plant species and are effective against diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, as well as keeping aphids, mites and others away parasites that can affect plants in the garden and vegetable garden.

To improve the effectiveness of horsetail macerate against aphids, it is possible to add some Marseille soap liquid or flakes, in the dose of one teaspoon for each liter of decoction or macerate.

The horsetail-based natural pesticide can be used together with other natural remedies for plant parasites, such as nettle macerate or garlic infusion.

Decoction: the most popular recipes

Among the most common decoctions we remember that of ginger, great for treating sore throats and colds, and that of parsley, ideal for purifying the kidneys.

The decoction of chicory facilitates digestion and lowers blood glucose levels, while that of thyme, used to gargle, relieves the sore throat.

The decoction of mauve it is extremely effective for the treatment of dermatitis or redness of the skin of the face, as well as proved useful for treating infections of the mouth (eg stomatitis is gingivitis). The beneficial properties of the decoctions of nettle is dandelion: both promote the proper functioning of the liver and the production of bile. The decoction based on liver also detoxifies the liver rosemary.

Known for centuries, the decoction prepared with olive leaves it has three positive effects: it reduces blood pressure, helps control the levels of 'bad' cholesterol in the blood and has an antioxidant action.

The decoction of laurel it helps digestion and is also a natural remedy for stomach pain. Taken every evening, it regulates and helps digestion, promoting a peaceful sleep.

The decoction of horsetailfinally, it is remineralizing.

The decoction, or extract / macerate of sterile aerial stems of horsetail di Alfe is a powerful natural fungicide. The product has a direct action on many fungal diseases such as:

  • alternaria
  • scab
  • bubble
  • powdery mildew
  • downy mildew
  • etc…

The decoction of equisteo can be used freely on many crops and also allows an improvement in the production level and the organoleptic qualities of the fruits by limiting the use of specific fungicides. The product lends itself to the natural cultivation of plants. Allowed in Organic Agriculture

Packaging: 500 ml bottle

Nettle macerate, contraindications and warnings

To avoid damage to bees as it is slightly toxic to them, never spray on the flowers of any plant or use only shortly before or after flowering.

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Hi, congratulations for the article, a question, is it possible to keep the macerate in closed plastic bottles, perhaps blocking the fermentation with a little vinegar?
Otherwise it would be difficult to do it when needed, right ?!
I have been using it since last year and this year I would like to extend its use to olive trees instead of various fertilizers and insecticides against the fly ...

I grow vegetables and apples together. In the sense that I grow vegetables along the rows of apple trees. I have almost always practiced organic farming and my thirst for knowledge is so much, much, perhaps too much. I have, and I already knew about the nettles, about the maceration, I would like to know, if possible, the decoction, the infusion of nettle, again for pesticide and fertilizer purposes. thanks

I grow various fruit plants, in the center I put three beehives, when should I spray the nettle macerate without damaging the bees?

It is possible to give to the beeches, for the aphids extract of nettle

hello, it can be used in the olive grove to spray both on the leaves and on the trunk
to prevent fly and other leaf diseases?

For the olive fly, take some plastic bottles, put a couple of glasses of vinegar and sugar in them, make two holes of about 4 mm in diameter on the top of the bottle and hang a couple between the leaves and leave the cap in the bottle. Deadly fly trap. Do not make large holes otherwise you will also kill the bees.

interesting ... but how much sugar? and how big is the bottle?

For olive trees I do not recommend this type of trap as it would also attract flies from neighbors, as a percentage of the flies caught are minimal compared to the presence in the olive grove

hi, I wanted to ask if nettle decoction can also be used for aphids.

Hi I grew up eating nettle and very good other Which is also good hello

As a child I also went to collect the nettles they sting then it is immediately nice to live in the midst of nature especially children

hi, it is better to use the macerate or the decoction against parasites in general

I would like to know if watering the fruit plants abundantly without diluting the nettle macerate causes damage to the plants I would be very grateful if I had an answer many thanks

Eheheh, a bit difficult ... you should try to cover it using essential oils, perhaps obtained from the cold pressing of the lemon peel ....

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