Autumn Crisp Tree Info: How To Grow Autumn Crisp Apples

Autumn Crisp Tree Info: How To Grow Autumn Crisp Apples

By: Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Planting fruit trees in the yard can be a welcomingaddition. However, deciding what to grow may prove to be difficult. With somany options, it is no surprise that some may choose to grow apple trees at home. Beloved for their tolerance to a wide range of growingzones, fresh apples serve as the perfect sweet and tart fruit for home gardens.One variety of apple, ‘Autumn Crisp.’ is especially prized for its use in thekitchen and for fresh eating.

Autumn Crisp Tree Info

Autumn Crisp apple trees are the result of the cross between‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Monroe’ apple varieties. First introduced by CornellUniversity, this extremely crisp variety of apple is rich in Vitamin C.

In addition to these attributes, Autumn Crisp apple treesproduce high yields that are excellent for fresh eating. When compared to othercultivars, these apples demonstrate slower oxidation and browning when cut intoslices.

How to Grow Autumn Crisp Apples

Growing Autumn Crisp apples is very similar to growing otherapple varieties. First, growers will need to determine whether or not theapple is hardy to their USDA growing zone. Once that has been established, itwill be necessary to locate a source of the plant.

Due to the nature of apple seeds,it is not possible to grow this variety from seed. Though apple trees can begrown in this manner, planted seed would not grow true to type.

For best results, Autumn Crisp apple tree saplings can beordered online or found in local garden centers. Purchasing your apple saplingfrom a reputable source will help to ensure that transplants are healthy anddisease free.

Choose a well-draining and well-amended location in thegarden to plant your apple tree. Make certain that the tree receives full sun,or at least 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.

Dig a hole that is at least twice as wide and twice as deepas the root ball of the apple tree. Plant the tree and gently, yet thoroughly,water the transplanted sapling.

Autumn Crisp Apple Care

Beyond planting, Autumn Crisp apple care will need to beconsistent with routine care of other fruit trees. This means that the treeswill require frequent weekly irrigation throughout the growing season,fertilization, as well as pruning and limb maintenance.

With proper care during the tree’s period of establishment,growers are able to enjoy succulent fresh apples for years to come.

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South Carolina Apples

The Upstate is one of the few places in South Carolina with the right climate and soil conditions to grow productive apples trees. While the actual trees can be grown in most any part of the state, higher temperatures and humidity in the midlands and coastal plains make disease pressure hard to manage.

Basket of Gala Apples
Kerrie Roach, ©2019, Clemson Extension

Apple bin with Mutsu apples.
Kerrie Roach, ©2019, Clemson Extension

Apples can be found year-round in the grocery store, but are best when picked fresh from the orchard in season. With lots of growers nearby, it makes choosing fresh LOCAL apples a no-brainer. Good news for us, apple season has just started for this year! From varieties like Ginger Golds that ripen as early as the end of July to some heirloom varieties like Arkansas Black that are not typically ready until mid to late October, the apple season in South Carolina is a long one.

One of the best things to keep in mind is the approximate ripening dates of the varieties typically available.

Approximate Ripening Dates

Varieties Dates
Ginger Gold July 25
Golden Supreme Aug 1
Gala Aug 10
Red Delicious Aug 15
Golden Delicious Sept 1
Stayman Sept 15
Granny Smith Sept 15
Mutsu Sept 15
Fuji Oct 1
Cameo Oct 1
Rome Oct 1
Winesap Oct 1
Pink Lady Oct 15
Arkansas Black Oct 15
Yates Oct 15

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