How to sew curtains to the country yourself: the most popular options and master classes

How to sew curtains to the country yourself: the most popular options and master classes

The summer cottage season is approaching. In the warm season, more and more people prefer to live outside the city, in nature. And this means that you need to think over not only your life, but also the interior, in which you will spend part of spring, summer and the warm beginning of autumn. Perhaps a do-it-yourself curtain for the dacha from an inexpensive but practical fabric will be the beginning of the renovation of your summer home.

What should be the country curtains?

Of course, country curtains should be pleasing to the eye and match the place for which they are intended. But there are several more parameters that should be taken into account when choosing clothes for windows of suburban housing.

It is not at all necessary to sew luxurious curtains for a summer residence, because this is a country house in which everything should be simple, cute and functional

Here's what to look out for:

  • It is better to give preference to natural materials such as linen, cotton and chintz.
  • Curtains should be practical. They should not quickly fade and get dirty.
  • The choice of fabrics for windows also depends on their location. For windows facing the sunny side, we choose blackout curtains made of dark fabric, and for windows facing the shaded side, we leave light and light fabrics.
  • If you live in the country all year round, you need to get one more set of curtains - winter ones.
  • Do not overload the models with numerous frills and decorative elements. Simple and cute is our motto.
  • For a veranda or gazebo, it is better to choose a material that does not allow water to pass through - PVC fabrics.

And also note that country curtains should be easy to remove, so rings or clothespins should be used as fasteners for them.

In this case, the light and cute curtains are fixed on the eaves-bar with rings and clothespins: removing them is as easy as shelling pears

We sew country curtains in different styles

The style most often preferred by summer residents is called rustic. It is popular not only in our country, but also in Europe, and even in America. It's just that in different countries it acquires its own characteristic distinctive features.

Patchwork in the Russian spirit

To embody the Russian rustic style, we need the simplest natural fabric. Usually it is a fun chintz, linen or cotton. A single-color fabric, and with a small pattern will do. The curtain made by the patchwork method looks great.

Patchwork curtains look very elegant, despite the fact that they can be sewn either from new fabric, or from scraps left over from other works

To sew curtains from rags, you need to measure the window, determine the parameters of the fabrics of the future curtain, and then make a pattern of its parts. In this case, preference should be given to large elements so that the curtains are not too heavy due to the abundance of seams. The patchwork technique involves the use of geometric shapes. Most often these are isosceles triangles or squares. The combination of dark and light details looks most effective.

For the future patchwork, it is imperative to make a pattern on thick paper or cardboard, carefully numbered all the details

We cut out parts from thick cardboard without allowances for seams and number them so as not to get confused when joining. We apply patterns to the seamy side of the material and trace them along the contour with a chalk, remnant or a special marker. We will cut each element taking into account the seam allowances - about 0.5 cm. In order for the seam to be on the seamy side of the work, the parts must be connected by attaching them to each other with their front sides.

Be sure to iron seams that have been sewn on a sewing machine or made by hand. To hide the wrong side of the product, it needs a lining. The edges of the resulting curtains can be decorated with braid, lace or ribbons.

Learn the secrets of patchwork sewing for loose fabrics from the video:

Curtains in the Russian rustic style are used to decorate not only window, but also doorways, as well as a sleeping place.

Bringing the French country style to life

The rustic style in France was named after one of the provinces of this country. Namely Provence. To create this style, chintz is also quite suitable, and you can also use linen and even cambric. All these fabrics are natural and will serve well in the country.

When choosing a fabric, you can give preference to plain fabrics in blue, light blue, lavender and white or use a material with a pattern

In addition to fabric and a sewing machine, for work we need:

  • Fittings. Satin ribbons and threads to match one of the colors of the main material are well suited for decorating the product.
  • Tools and material. We will prepare paper for the pattern, a measuring tape, chalk or remnants, pins and very sharp scissors.

It is better to buy fabric with a 10-15% margin in case of possible measurement errors. The minimum fabric width should be 3 meters.

Be sure to measure the window and adjust the dimensions suggested below, based on the results of our own measurements. We have to sew a simple version of Provence-style curtains from two halves with a transverse strip. The width of each half is approximately 80 cm, and the width of the transverse strip is 15-20 cm.

Despite the seeming simplicity of work, it should start with a pattern. To do this, place the paper folded in half on a large table or on the floor. We draw the contours of future canvases in half their actual size and cut them out.

When transferring the pattern to the fabric, do not forget to make allowances for the seams. In the upper part of the product, which will be attached to the cornice with clothespins, the allowance should be at least 5 cm.For the rest of the seams, it is enough to leave 1 cm each.

In the parts cut from the fabric, we pin the edges that need to be sewn with pins so that the seams are even and neat. After that, we decorate the edges with a ribbon, and then collect the finished Provence-style curtains.

Attic in the Provence style looks very elegant, albeit simple. There is a lot of light here, a huge window decorated with a flowing translucent curtain

Don't forget the tie-backs that hold the curtains when they are pulled apart. They can be made from pieces of fabric from curtains or in the form of decorative cords, ribbons, flowers.

We sew curtains in the style of American country

Just like any other rustic style, country is characterized by simplicity and naturalness.

For country, natural fabrics are most often chosen:

  • not too bright;
  • with a floral pattern;
  • in the box.

However, you can also use synthetics that imitate natural fabric. Its advantages for giving is that it will not fade, will not turn yellow from the sun, will not shrink and will not wrinkle.

To correctly calculate the need for material, we take the necessary measurements. To determine the length of the product, you need to measure the distance from the eaves (upper point of the curtain) to the window sill or the lower part of the heating battery (lower point). Add to the result obtained 6 cm for hemming the product from the bottom and 3 cm for folding in the upper part of the canvas. To determine the width of the product, you need to increase the length of the cornice by 1.5-2 times, depending on the density of the upcoming drapery.

This is how the curtains that we sewed will look like. The only difference is that these are attached to the cornice not with braid, but with decorative loops.

The simplest pattern is rectangular canvases. We cut the fabric. To avoid using pins, you can set the long stitch mode on the sewing machine. It allows you to baste hem. Sew a tape for curtains to the bent upper edge. Next, you should process the side seams. The edges of the tape should be tucked into the seam, and the ends of the cords should be left outside. By pulling on them, you can adjust the degree of drapery of the curtain. It remains only to process the bottom and hang the finished curtains on the cornice.

Features a rustic style for different rooms

The rustic style is versatile and very suitable for a summer residence, so all rooms can be decorated in it, taking into account their characteristics.

We sew Roman blinds for the kitchen

The most current design for kitchen curtains is called cafe curtains. A bar, fishing line or twine is fixed in the middle of the window. Two small canvases are reinforced on it. The upper part of the window is decorated with a lambrequin or curtains with hooks.

Another option that will look organic in the country kitchen is Roman blinds.

To create Roman blinds, you do not need large pieces of fabric: you can get by with a rag, which is only enough to cover the opening

For a detailed master class on sewing Roman curtains, see the video:

Living room, bedroom and dining room

If your dacha has these rooms, then decorate them with long, rustic-style curtains with tie-backs. As an additional decoration of the panels, you can use lace or fabric ruffles, satin ribbons, cords, buttons and beads.

Numerous ideas for rustic curtains are presented in the video:

Sewing curtains in Mediterranean style

Another style that summer residents are happy to choose is Mediterranean.

Its characteristic features include the following:

  • an abundance of light in the rooms;
  • large windows;
  • preference is given to translucent or completely transparent fabrics;
  • fabrics should be plain or with floral designs.

We will prepare all the necessary materials for work:

  • the fabric that we have chosen taking into account all the recommendations above;
  • scissors for fabric;
  • centimeter tape or tape measure;
  • pins and needles, threads;
  • sewing machine.

To sew curtains for a summer residence with your own hands, you need to make preliminary measurements, which we will subsequently be guided by when cutting out the fabric.

Two-piece curtains with tie-backs

To begin with, you can simply attach the selected fabric to the window, check the location of the pattern and how the finished curtain will look in the interior. We measure the width of the window. We need fabrics twice as much as the obtained measurement value. That is, for a two-meter window, four meters of material will be needed.

Orange and other warm tones of sheer or translucent curtains are characteristic of the Italian style of sunny and cheerful Mediterranean style.

We determine the length of the future product, taking measurements from the point where the upper edge of the panel will be fixed to the level of the desired length. When calculating the parameters of the product, be sure to add 15-20 cm to the seams, folds and that part of the canvases that will be fixed to the cornice. It is better to cut the fabric by spreading it out on the floor or on a large table. If the curtains will consist of two canvases, then fold the product in half in width and carefully cut along the length.

Stages of creating simple curtains: cutting fabric on the floor, fixing hem with pins, distributing and fixing folds in the upper part of the canvas, working with a sewing machine

On all sides of the panels, except for the upper edge, we make hemlines, fixing them with pins. We sew the made outline on a typewriter. The canvas now looks neat. We fold the upper edge to the seamy side, fix it with pins and sew. From the outside, the seam can be hidden with tape. We use the fold obtained from above to fasten it to the cornice. Now we make hooks from the material at hand.

A more complex model can be sewn using the diagram below.

The best part about this diagram is that the dimensions are specific. This means that by measuring your window, you can recalculate the circuit data in accordance with the actual parameters.

Beautiful curtain-arch

An arch can be used to decorate a window opening both in the kitchen and in any other room. Everywhere it will look amazingly organic and gentle. You can sew an arch from a whole piece of fabric. It should be a piece large enough for the ends of the arch to hang down to the windowsill or even lower.

The advantage of this option is that less waste is left during cutting: the arch turns out to be expressive and beautiful

To create an arched shape for such a curtain, you can use two methods.

  • The arc can be cut at the bottom of the blade. The edge of the arch must be processed with an oblique inlay, you can even decorate it with ruffle. The upper part of the arch fits into opposite folds.
  • In the second method, not one, but two arcs are cut. The upper arc along the cut B is stretched, a special tape is sewn to it for fastening to the cornice. The fabric, cut in a bias, hangs beautifully, forming soft folds. The edge of the arch runs along the lower arc. It is sheathed, if desired, decorated with ruffle.

This option is good because beautiful folds on the arch are obtained in a natural way, based on the cutting technique itself

For clarity, we suggest you watch a video on the creation of a curtain-arch:

As you can see, no special skill is needed in order to sew the curtains for the summer house. But it is the tastefully selected curtains that transform the interior before our eyes, give it completeness. You will spend at least three months at the dacha. Create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort for yourself.

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The dacha interior is characterized by simplicity, brevity, and practicality. Natural textiles are involved in its addition, which has the ability to:

  • let the air in
  • easy to wash
  • dry quickly
  • do not deform when washing.

Here's what can be said about some materials for curtains for the country:

  1. Linen considered the best material for the interior of a country or simple country house. Products made from this fabric are durable and look beautiful on windows. The disadvantage of linen is the high cost of flax.
  2. Curtains from chintz and cotton bright colors are often decorated with window openings in the country. To prevent the sewn product from shrinking, it is not recommended to use too hot water when washing. In addition, such fabrics lose their original appearance from exposure to sunlight.
  3. To create a country interior, it is used satin, which is a material made of twisted cotton threads. The fabric is easily draped, almost does not wrinkle, in appearance it resembles silk.
  4. Curtains from taffeta or tulle used alone or as an addition to heavier tissues. They create airiness, lightness in the room, softly cover the windows from daylight.

When choosing one or another type of curtain, you need to take into account the characteristics of the room: purpose, size of window frames, light level.

For year-round living in the country, it is advisable to sew two sets of curtains: for the winter and summer periods.

Before you sew curtains with your own hands to the country, you should choose a style.

Country style traditionally used to decorate country houses. Its peculiarity is the use of national decoration techniques, for example, patchwork or embroidery with floral ornaments. Such textiles are used to decorate not only window frames, but also doorways.

American country style manifests itself in brevity, airiness. Curtains are sewn from checkered, striped fabrics or light-colored canvases with floral motifs.

Provence Is another kind of folk style that came from France and is named after one of its provinces. It is distinguished by subdued, washed out shades of cornflower blue, olive, lavender flowers.

Mediterranean style used to decorate tall window frames.It is characterized by the use of light translucent fabrics of golden, white, blue colors. The curtains are sewn in floor length. Extra decorations are not applied when sewing.

Country style curtains

Country style literally translates as "rustic". And each region is characterized by local features of this trend in the interior. Everyone has the right to define and choose for himself the style that is closest in spirit and attitude.

Someone is based on childhood memories when creating the interior of a summer residence - time spent in the village with their grandmother in a cozy house. Others, traveling through the cities of Europe, fall in love with the French "Provence", which they certainly want to embody in the decoration of a country house, or the Mediterranean interior. The third one likes the American country or the Scandinavian style.

Russian country - this is a familiar village hut. For textiles, simple (homespun) fabrics, chintz monochromatic or with a small pattern are characteristic. The curtains were decorated with cross-stitch embroidery with a stylized image of plants, birds and people.

An important attribute of the Russian hut was a cut-out curtain. This is a kind of partition that separates the living part of the hut from the kitchen and stove corner. Often, curtains were also hung on doorways.

The windows were usually decorated with short curtains with lace or embroidery.

French provence - the style of a sunny French province, rich in vineyards, lavender fields and a variety of spices.

The abundance of the sun and the hot climate dictated the presence of light but cold shades in the interior: white, blue, lavender, in order to create a calm fresh atmosphere inside the house. The style is characterized by a large number of textiles made from natural fibers (linen, chintz, cambric).

On the windows there are light curtains with motifs characteristic of this region: flowers, lavender sprigs, grape bunches. And of course, do not forget about the companion fabrics that are present in the decoration of the house in the form of tablecloths, napkins, pillows and bedspreads.

Additionally, curtains can be decorated with ribbons, tie-backs in the form of brushes and flowers. You can often find in Provencal-style curtains a combination of several fabrics close in shades, as well as the presence of ruffles and frills.

American country - a colorful colonial ranch style, daring and simple, a little rough, but at the same time natural, with natural materials and simple forms. The textiles are characterized by floral or checkered colors.

And so to summarize: country-style curtains for a summer residence are rustic-style curtains assembled from natural materials, such as linen, chintz, cotton, cambric. In country music, it is customary to use layering of colors and textures: curtains in a cage with inserts of fabric painted with small ornaments.

The range of colors for the selection of fabrics is diverse, but a distinctive feature is warm tones: shades of beige and ocher, honey, green, shades of red. In the country style, the presence of a lambrequin over the window is also permissible, but in a slightly different interpretation than in the classic style.

Linen folds, decorated with lace or satin ribbon bows, will create the atmosphere of a grandmother's country house and comfort. The use of a lighter curtain suspension system instead of curtain rods (with ties or ordinary ribbons). Such curtains will just look perfect in a wooden house.

Instructions in 10 steps - sewing Roman curtains with your own hands + patterns

  1. We begin the process of cutting out the main fabric, as well as the lining. To do this, draw a horizontal line on the lining fabric, stepping back 25 cm from the bottom edge. Further from this line, it is necessary to retreat another 6 cm in order to make a mark for the backstage. After 25 cm, in the same way, make marks for another drawstring, etc. In order to produce high-quality markings, it is worth using a special conveyor, which is used for quilting blankets.
  2. Next, we make the hem of the longitudinal cuts on the lining. The hem should be 2.5 cm wide. Iron it. Next, you need to lay the lining inside out and then you need to chop off the lower lines of the wings with the upper ones. Along the pins, need to be sewn. In order for everything to be done firmly and efficiently, it is necessary to make a reverse move at the ends of the line.
  3. Next, it is worth bending the longitudinal cuts of the curtains by about 5 centimeters, and ironing the hem. Next is to chop off the seamy side of the lined fabric. And the chop is in the center. We sew a seam, and over the seams of the drawstrings.
  4. Next, you need to process the top edge. To do this, bend it about 2 cm wide, and then pin the tape with the sticky side with loops. Next, it is worth stitching the top edge and at the same time making a blind stitch.
  5. Next, you need to manipulate the longitudinal edge of the lining. Moreover, this must be done with a blind stitch and so that it does not grab the main fabric of the front side.
  6. Trim the lining 8 cm from the bottom side. Next, you need to make a double hem for a size of 4 cm and iron it carefully. The folds should be sealed in such a way that they only have to be hemmed to the lining.
  7. Now let's move on to the tree. Cut off a wooden pin of a certain length. This length should be 2 cm less than the length of the scar. We insert such a pin into the drawstring and close the holes.
  8. Next, we saw a wooden plank, which should be 2 cm shorter than the width of the curtain. We also insert the bar into the lower drawstring and close up the holes.
  9. Now it's time to sew two plastic rings to each drawstring. 10 cm should be retreated from the edge. A pre-prepared nylon cord should be cut in half. One end of the first cord should be passed through one row of rings, and then firmly tied to the last ring.
  10. Do the same with the other half of the cord.

This curtain will look great in any room of your apartment. At the same time, there is no need to worry that such curtains with your own hands may not be sold ready-made in the color you need. Now you know how to make a roman blind yourself, and choose the fabric of any color you like.

Crafts from plastic bottles for children with photos - what can you do?

From unnecessary plastic bottles, you can make various toys from bottles for children of all ages, or use them as a material for joint creativity photo examples and instructions will help you bring to life everything that is in this article.

Rattle / piggy bank from a plastic bottle

To create such a toy, you will need 6 tops of the same plastic bottles (volume 1.5 or 2 liters). Cut off the necks so that when the elements are matched, a ball is obtained - it is more convenient to measure it on the first blank, and make the remaining 5 in this shape. Fasten the parts with screws or glue. To revive the crafts, you can screw multi-colored lids on the necks. The piggy bank is ready. If you want to use the resulting ball as a rattle, pour any small solid elements (buttons, beads) inside, and when tightening the plugs, grease the threads with glue so that the child cannot disassemble the product on his own.

How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles

You can use plastic bottles to turn an ordinary playground into a real fairy-tale world. A palm tree from plastic bottles, like other trees from plastic bottles, is made in about the same way. The bottom and middle parts of clear or dark bottles will work, and the leaves can be cut to your liking from green plastic. A little fantasy and paints and five-liter water containers will turn into animals and fairy-tale characters. And if you cut off the bottom from an ordinary bottle of any volume, you will get an excellent blank for a flower.

When creating compositions and toys for children, do not forget to melt all edges and cuts.

When heated, the plastic becomes susceptible to deformation, using this property of the material, if desired, you can create flowers of unusual shapes, as close as possible to real ones.

Master class on how to make butterflies from plastic bottles

It is not difficult to create such original decorations together with the children - for this it is enough to cut out blanks from the middle of the bottles and paint them to your liking with special paints. Ready-made butterflies from plastic bottles can turn into hairpins, interior decorations, you can also make fridge magnets or a colorful weightless mobile out of them.

Flowers from plastic bottles - DIY crafts

Green plastic bottles make wonderful bouquets of flowers. It is enough just to cut the middle part into strips, and string the blanks of flowers made of paper and fabric, beads and any other bright elements.

In the same way, you can make a bouquet of lilies of the valley from plastic bottles. To do this, you need to put on large round foam grains on the plastic "stems".

Cars and animals from plastic bottles

Such toys can be made from plastic containers of any size. Even a kindergartner can handle the job - we place the bottle horizontally and create. Eyes and mouth can be drawn or glued from paper and cardboard. From the materials at hand, you can make wheels for cars (cardboard or bottle caps). Animal crafts from plastic bottles, need to attach ears, eyes, mouth, nose and tail. If you wish, you can also make clothes for animals.

Bottles placed horizontally are an excellent base for make a doll from a bottle... Faces can be drawn on the bottle itself, or paper images can be pasted, there are scraps for clothes in every home, and hair is easy to make from ordinary yarn or thread.

Crafts from plastic bottles for a garden and a summer residence with a photo

Plastic bottles are traditionally sent to the country as containers for everything, everything, but you can use them more productively, turning them into useful items. How to use plastic bottles in the country? As containers for growing seedlings, well, all gardeners probably know this.

You can also make an outdoor washbasin from plastic bottles.

The simplest design option is a bottle suspended upside down (often with a cut off base) filled with water. In order to "open the water" it is necessary to slightly turn the lid without unscrewing it completely. But you can also slightly modernize this version of an outdoor washbasin - hang the bottle correctly, make a small hole at the bottom, and twist the lid a little to supply water, letting air into the container. Similarly, you can make a real shower, using a large bottle and making several holes in the bottom.

Slippers from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are also suitable for creating summer slippers, in these it is very convenient to walk on damp earth after rain.

To make slippers from bottles, you need to take a couple of identical bottles (the volume is selected according to the size of the foot, 0.5 containers are suitable for children, for adult men, two-liter bottles may be required). Further actions depend on the desired shoe model - by cutting off the bottom and half of the middle part, you can get slippers with a closed toe. Cutting the bottle exactly in half, and attaching a strip of fabric or plastic, we get flip flops, and if you show a little imagination, it is not difficult to make flip flops using this technique.

Gazebo made of plastic bottles

In addition to useful little things from plastic bottles in the country, you can create real architectural works of art.

It is enough to show imagination and ingenuity, as well as collect the required number of bottles of the same type, and you can start building various arbors, frames for climbing plants, supports for sheds and greenhouses. The gazebo fastenings must be sufficiently rigid (small diameter screws are suitable), if solid bottles are used in the design, they can be filled with sand to give stability. If plastic bottles serve as a frame (for example, the base of a canopy), you should not overload the structure - you should use a light film or fabric as protective cloths.

Flower beds and flower pots from bottles

Flower beds and flower pots can be made from plastic bottles of any volume. Hanging and tabletop flower pots can be made from small containers. Cutting off the bottom part, we get cylindrical pots, and if we use the top of the bottle, cone-shaped ones. Such pots can be decorated with cloth, colored corrugated paper, or painted with paints or tied with yarn.

It is easy to make a real flower bed from large bottles or a sufficient number of small ones.

To do this, you can simply dig bottles or parts of them into the ground and fence off the required space (in the same technology, you can make a decorative garden fence up to 25 cm high). Or create real flowerpots using whole bottles or their elements. Interesting garden vases are made from inverted 5-liter bottles with a cut-off bottom and can also be decorated to your liking.

Furniture from plastic bottles for a summer residence with a photo

Having a large number of bottles of the same size, similar in shape, it is not difficult to make country furniture. For example, fastening 15-20 bottles of 1.5 or 2 liters with tape, you can get a wonderful base for an ottoman, you just have to cover it with a cloth and, if you wish, form a soft foam seat.

From blocks fastened in a similar way, you can assemble a bed or a sofa from bottles, or other furniture for a country house and garden.

Bird feeder from a bottle

Making a bird feeder from a bottle is very simple. To make such a structure, as in the photo, it is enough to fix the old kitchen shovels in the bottle (they will be both feeders and perches at the same time) and fill in the food.

Or you can cut holes in the bottle that are sufficient for the bird to get inside (suitable for small birds - sparrows, tits and bullfinches), and fold excess plastic in the form of perches.

Useful little things for a summer residence - a broom from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are also suitable for creating useful country trifles. By cutting a few bottles into thin strips and attaching a handle, you can create a tough broom for cleaning the garden.

Cutting off the bottom and half of the middle from the bottle, we get a universal scoop from the bottle, for cleaning and pouring the earth.

Crafts from plastic bottles for home and interior decoration

If desired and sufficient material from bottles, you can build a house by filling them with sand or cement mortar, and erecting masonry, fastening the rows with cement. But until such construction has become widespread, we will consider simpler products from plastic containers used in everyday life. You can also do this business, and more new business ideas will never interfere.

Jars from bottles with a beautiful photo example

These wonderful jars from plastic bottles can be made in a matter of minutes. To do this, it is enough to cut off the throat, leaving the cylinder necessary in height, after which we make a lid from thick cardboard, and decorate it and the bottom to taste.

You can use the resulting vessels to store a variety of little things in the kitchen.

Another option for making jars with lids is to use the base of a bottle with a cut-off neck as a container, and a low-cut bottom from another bottle of a similar diameter as a lid.

Plastic bottle vase

You can create vases from bottles using a technique similar to making jars - by cutting off the throat and decorating the blank to your liking.

You can also create vases by cutting off the bottom of the bottles and fixing it as a stand. To do this, you need to make a hole in the middle of the bottom with a diameter equal to the neck of the bottle, after which it is enough to thread the throat and tighten the lid tightly on the other side of the stand. Thus, you get an elegant bottle vase expanding upward.

Decorative curtains from plastic bottles

It is easy to make such spectacular weightless curtains from plastic bottles with your own hands. It is enough to fasten the low cut bottoms together. A fishing line or wire is suitable for fastening. If desired, you can use bottles of different colors and sizes, or paint the same transparent colors with paints.

Decorative pendants for the interior can be made using the same technique.

Interior plastic bottle box

For such crafts, it is preferable to choose smooth bottles (without a relief in the middle part) of simple shapes. The canvas used in the work is the cut middle part of the bottles. If desired, the edges can be crocheted, or simply sewn with a large needle.

The sizes of the boxes can be any, if you want, you can create round boxes or complex polygonal shapes. For such crafts, it is preferable to choose strong, wear-resistant threads.

Dumbbells from plastic bottles

With the help of ordinary plastic bottles, you can and noticeably improve your physical shape. Don't believe me? Just make dumbbells from bottles and see how comfortable it is to work out with them.

Fasten the bottoms and necks with electrical tape, cutting out the middle part. Fill the resulting vessels with sand or grains, close the lids tightly (you can glue it). Fasten the two blanks together with lids, you can also use electrical tape. The sports equipment is ready, you can start training.

Bottle mobile phone charging stand

Need to charge your phone, but the power outlet is in the middle of an empty wall and there is nowhere to put the device?

This problem is not difficult to solve - we cut off the plastic bottle in the shape of a scoop, make a hole on the long side in the shape of the power supply plug and place the phone inside, as shown in the photo. If you show a little imagination and decorate this stand (paint with acrylic paints, do decoupage), then it will turn into a stylish interior decoration, and not just a useful trifle.

And our step-by-step description with pictures and diagrams will definitely come in handy when you master new and interesting crafts from plastic bottles.

Making useful things and crafts from plastic bottles, you not only provide your family with the necessary household items for free and decorate the surrounding space, but also take care of the environment by disposing of "garbage" in a safe way. Do not be afraid to fantasize and come up with your own bottle crafts and do them yourself, as well as bring to life the most daring ideas. I wish you success in your creativity and arrangement of your home and cottage!

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