Bach flowers children

Bach flowers children

Bach flowers and children

Children, as you can easily guess, represent a real symbol of innocence and purity.

The relationship between Bach flowers and children, in reality, is much closer than one might think: Bach flowers, in fact, are characterized by being extremely simple remedies, which also denote a high level of safety and precisely these characteristics. allow them to be used by any person, at any age.

In some cases, the question that is asked most frequently is that relating to the methods that must be used to choose the most suitable Bach flowers for children.

The decision-making system, in reality, never diverges from the others.

Of absolute importance is control and careful reflection on infantile intuition: the fact of being simple and particularly immediate allows children to choose the most suitable Bach flowers with much more naturalness and speed than adults.

In any case, there are several situations in which there are flowers that are more suitable for children than others: for example, we are referring to the time when certain changes occur (such as teething, school change and so away), fears, states of shock, the time of studying or for sleep.

It is sufficient, in fact, to carry out a careful observation of the behavior of children and the reactions they have when they are affected by a disease: this is information from which to always take inspiration for the subsequent choice of Bach flowers to use.

Since the sensitivity of children is particularly high, as we have said previously, it is advisable not to use more than three flowers at a time.

Bach flowers and moms

Bach flowers undoubtedly represent a valid help during the pregnancy phase and can also accompany the mother after childbirth.

These are remedies that act with absolute sweetness and are absolutely fundamental for many families.

During the pregnancy phase it is very simple for the expectant mother to suffer from continuous mood swings, but Bach flowers are able to restore a certain balance between emotions and fears.

The Rescue Remedy is undoubtedly the system that presents the greatest diffusion during the period of pregnancy, but we must not forget that there are also alternative remedies: for example, Walnut will facilitate the tolerance of changes in the mother's body and also in relation to the new family situation that has arisen with the birth of a child.

The sense of exhaustion and fatigue that follows childbirth can be treated with particular remedies such as Mustard and Olive, or Red Chestnut when the greatest concern is for the health of the newborn baby.

Bach flowers for babies

Bach flowers are also very good for newborns, since, after birth, they can also represent an excellent and valid help for the mother, especially with the aim of regaining the balance that has been modified by childbirth and by changes that both figures have to endure.

On this occasion, using a combination of Rescue Remedy and Walnut is highly recommended.

As breastfeeding begins, both mother and baby need to take the same flowers.

As for the newborn, we can indicate how a possible method of administration is to dilute the flowers inside the bottle.

Infants and, in general, all small children, do not have the need to take particular and certain combinations of Bach flowers, but since they have a sensitivity that obviously exceeds normality.

Bach flowers children: Bach flowers as therapy

Bach flower therapy was born in the early twentieth century, thanks to the work and research carried out by an English doctor, Edward Bach.

At the basis of flower therapy we find the concept that the disorder or a disease are caused by a negative mood, excluding the opposite path.

Based on this reasoning, therefore, the main objective that is set in Bach flower therapy is undoubtedly that of restoring inner harmony and balance, allowing the mind to heal and, consequently and consequently, also that the body derives its due benefits.

Current medicine is frequently concerned with curing the symptoms and treating them, without actually paying particular attention to analyzing the cause that triggered the disorder.

From a good number of fairly recent scientific researches it has emerged that in reality the symptom expresses nothing more than a serious discomfort that affects the person both physically and psychologically.

This explains why Bach flower therapy focuses above all on the psychological distress behind a disease or a particular disorder.

Based on the theories that have been supported over the years by Edward Bach, it must be emphasized that pathologies actually arise from a negative state of mind, which modifies, worsening it, the balance and harmony of the organism.

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