Relaxing herbal tea

Relaxing herbal tea

Which herbs to choose

One of the most interesting combinations of herbs that can be exploited to make an excellent relaxing herbal tea is undoubtedly represented by the mix between chamomile and lime, which can lead to very satisfying results.

Chamomile flowers are characterized by having important sedative properties, while the presence of lime ensures the performance of a calming, but at the same time relaxing and diuretic action.

This explains why an herbal tea composed of lime and chamomile can really be one of the most valid solutions to increase your feeling of relaxation and try to sleep better and even more easily.

In reality, there are many herbs that are able to perform a relaxing action on our body: for example, the combination of hawthorn, mint and lemon balm is often recommended by herbalists, due to the simple fact that it allows to combat the anxiety and states of nervousness, essentially caused by stress that can often strike us.

The latter is a relaxing herbal tea that has no side effects such as drowsiness and drowsiness and, for this reason, allows driving after taking.

Valerian, passionflower and lavender are also herbs that are particularly suitable for all those people who continually suffer from rather serious sleep disorders, as well as problems caused by work stress.

In these cases, a herbal tea based on these herbs can certainly help in carrying out a relaxing and soothing action on the whole human body.

In relation to the anxious state that occurs, you can choose different plants to use to make an herbal tea: for example, in the event that you have heart palpitations caused by anxiety, a particularly effective herb can be hawthorn, which allows you to perform a relaxing action on the nervous system, as well as counteract the high heart rate.

In the event that anxiety affects the digestive system above all, however, the use of lemon balm or fig is more suitable.

Finally, when you have to fight disorders related to insomnia, then it is advisable to use herbs such as passion flower, rosolaccio, valerian, escolzia and orange blossom, perhaps preparing a mixed herbal tea composed of these ingredients.

How to prepare a relaxing herbal tea

Obviously, we must have at least a hectogram of herbal tea available, to buy in herbal medicine: we recommend those that include at least chamomile and valerian.

The first thing to do is to boil the water, and then pour it, once boiled, into a cup: add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten the herbal tea and then start mixing, until the honey does not it has completely dissolved.

In another saucepan, mix boiling water and a few tablespoons of herbal tea: leave it to infuse for a few minutes, then filter it: now you can pour the mixture of herbs into the cup with the honey and then drink in small sips.

Beneficial effects relaxing herbal tea

The effects of relaxing herbal teas vary in relation to the herbs that are used: when you choose herbs such as those we have described in the previous paragraph, then the beneficial effect will undoubtedly correspond to a relaxing and soothing action, which can allow you to enjoy some relaxation and relieve stress or a particular nervous state.

In everyday life, especially at work, it can happen that you have to deal with situations that can transmit considerable anxiety.

In all these (and in many other) cases, the relaxing herbal tea can certainly help to stem such ailments; moreover, it can also be particularly effective when it is necessary to counteract the symptoms of mild depression, such as depression and sadness, but also lack of energy for no apparent reason and little desire to go out.

When to drink relaxing herbal tea

Often many people feel the need to be able to enjoy a little rest or relaxation, perhaps to disconnect from the daily rhythms of work, which impose stress and absolute rigor and can certainly bring a lot of nervousness.

One of the best solutions to combat this nervous state is certainly a relaxing herbal tea, which can be made at home or you can easily buy it at a herbalist's shop or at supermarkets.

Of course, an excellent relaxing herbal tea is also an extremely valid solution to combat all those problems related to sleep: insomnia, disorders that prevent you from sleeping well or even enormous difficulties in falling asleep.

Relaxing herbal tea: Relaxing herbal tea recipe

As we said earlier, you can also make an excellent relaxing herbal tea by preparing it at home, without necessarily going to buy it at some supermarket or herbalist's shop near home.

The preparation of a relaxing herbal tea based on lime and chamomile does not involve particular difficulties: it is essentially necessary to have five grams of dried flowers of both lime and chamomile and these are the only useful ingredients for our preparation.

The procedure is quite simple and there are a few simple steps to follow carefully: first of all you will have to boil 100 ml of water, and then pour inside the dried linden and chamomile flowers.

The infusion must last at least five minutes: after a small filtering operation it will be possible to drink the relaxing herbal tea.

In these cases, it is advisable not to add any type of sweetener, but in case you want a sweeter taste, a spoonful of honey is well indicated.

The relaxing herbal tea based on lime and chamomile can be drunk before bedtime or in all those moments when we are dominated by stress and we absolutely need to find some relaxation.

Relaxing herbal tea

How to prepare a relaxing herbal tea? What are the herbs and plants with relaxing, anti-stress and anti-insomnia properties?

If at the end of the day you feel tired, stressed and unable to fall asleep, the ideal is to drink a cup of herbal tea or infusion at herbs with anti-stress properties.

The best DIY relaxing herbal teas

To achieve the perfect relaxing herbal tea you will have to use specific medicinal plants that have tranquilizing, anxiolytic and sedative properties. As mentioned above, you can decide to use only one herb at a time or use more in order to combine the positive effects.
You can buy the ingredients from online retailers or by going to herbal medicine. Another way, perhaps the simplest and fastest, is to buy relaxing herbal teas ready-made that you can easily find in supermarkets, there are some really very good ones but we will talk about this later.
Here are some examples of relaxing herbal tea that you can prepare comfortably at home:

Relaxing herbal tea with lemon balm

This plant is often a main ingredient contained within the various blends. It is aesthetically similar to mint and has sedative and relaxing properties. It is effective in counteracting states of anxiety and improving insomnia problems, plus it is able to promote good digestion.

To prepare your herbal tea you will need 100 ml of boiling water in which you will have to infuse a tablespoon of dried lemon balm. We wait 7-10 minutes then filter everything with a colander and drink your delicious herbal tea. To sweeten it you can add a teaspoon of honey or raw sugar.

Relaxing herbal tea with Valerian

Valerian is a well known and widely used plant in the making of relaxing herbal teas. The root is often used but the leaves also have the same beneficial power. With just one cup of Valerian we can fight nervous disorders, stress, agitation, anxiety and sleep problems. This is made possible by a substance contained within it: valeric acid which gives it sedative, relaxing and anxiolytic properties.

To make a valerian herbal tea you will need 200 ml of boiling water inside which you will insert a small valerian root (about 3.5 g). Leave to infuse for 10-15 minutes and drink. It is preferable to do this in the evening before going to sleep. If you do not have the root available, you can also infuse the dried leaves, you can easily find them in herbal medicine (a teaspoon yourself will suffice).
Be careful not to overdo it. If you take too much and for an excessively prolonged time you can develop migraines, tachycardia and insomnia, so you will get the opposite effect.

Relaxing herbal tea with Chamomile

Chamomile is considered the ultimate relaxing plant. Widely used in commercially available infusions as well as the main ingredient in some particular preparations.
It is a plant commonly used in herbal medicine and has extraordinary soothing, analgesic, relaxing and purifying properties. It is suitable for calming anxiety and agitation but is also ideal for promoting good rest in both adults and children.

To prepare this herbal tea you will need 25 dried chamomile flowers and 250 ml of water. You can act in two different ways:
1- Putting the flowers to boil in water for 10 minutes (then sift with a sieve)
2- Infusing the flowers for about 10 minutes in boiling water (then sift with a colander).
Again it should be remembered that too much cripples. Overdoing the amount of chamomile tea could lead to effects contrary to those desired.

Relaxing herbal tea with Passiflora

Passionflower herbal tea is also called: "good night tea".
Specifically, it is a particular flower from tropical areas, full of colored petals whose fruit is called: passion fruit. Even the Aztecs used this plant for its carminative properties and, to date, science confirms its benefits.
Drinking a passionflower herbal tea allows us to regain calm, removes anxiety, stress and is also antispasmodic.

Making the herbal tea is simple and the procedure is the equivalent of that used for the others described above: boil 200/250 ml of water and, once extinguished in gas, insert a level spoon of dried leaves or flowers ( which you can find in herbal medicine or online). Let it rest for 10 minutes, then strain the liquid and drink it

Herbs for the preparation of DIY relaxing herbal teas

1. Chamomile. The chamomile plant has a sedative action on the body. Studies show that it can also help against insomnia. It is also a natural remedy for anxiety and nervousness. Obviously it also has other properties, such as that of fighting free radicals thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

2. Mallow. Rich in minerals and vitamins, mallow is used against flu ailments and more. Anti-inflammatory and soothing, this plant is excellent for self-care and stress relief. A great natural remedy to relax!

3. Passionflower. An ally that stimulates diuresis and therefore helps rid the body of toxins. Useful against anxiety, insomnia, distress and exhaustion. It is also renowned for its calming effect on the body.

4. Linden. Many have surely already read something about linden and its sedative effect. In fact, it intervenes in an optimal way in those cases of insomnia due to problems of private life and work. Calm nervousness and counteract stress.

L'Angelica - Evening and Relaxing Herbal Tea

Sense of tiredness and psycho-physical fatigue caused by a hectic life and seasonal changes can result in irritability and malaise, sensations that the researchers of the Angelica Herbal Institute contrast with the EVENING AND RELAXING HERBAL TEA. Chamomile and Passionflower can help to regain lost calm and counteract the stress accumulated during intense working days, favoring a pleasant relaxing effect and helping to find a good sleep. The excellent taste of lemon balm and lavender transform the consumption of herbal tea into a relaxing moment of pleasure to be dedicated to. Ideal during the day or in the evening before bedtime, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

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INGREDIENTS: Chamomile (Matricaria camomilla L. - flower) 44.4%, Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L. - leaves) 22.2%, Birch (Betula pendula Roth. / Pubescens Ehrth - leaves), Passiflora (Passiflora incarnata L. - top ), Lavender (Lavandula officinalis chaix var. - flower) 5.6%.


They are very many ready-made herbs or infusions that can be right for us, to be sought not only on the basis of one's personal tastes, but also on the basis of the properties of the herbs themselves.

Among those most used we find:


There lemon balm, it is a herb related to mint but with a fragrance tending to lemon. It seems that this acts through the increase of GABA, a neurotransmitter linked to the control of stress.

For this reason, several studies have investigated the characteristics of the plant, demonstrating how the constant consumption of lemon balm can reduce some symptoms resulting from anxiety, depression, stress and insomnia in people suffering from heart diseases, such as angina.


There chamomile it's great for relaxing and getting to sleep. In addition to these properties, chamomile is also used as a traditional remedy for the improvement of certain health conditions.

Several studies, albeit few, have shown how chamomile extract is able to reduce some symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. On the other hand, however, this is not infrequent to prevent the development of symptoms.


There lavender it is widely known for its mood-regulating effects, as well as sedatives. The latter is used in the preparation of herbal teas with an enveloping scent and beneficial properties for the body.

Such a shrub in fact it is great for inducing sleep, aiding digestion and reducing headaches, thus becoming an excellent herbal tea that promotes relaxation.


Even the roots of valerian they are commonly used as a natural remedy for insomnia and for the resolution of other sleep disorders.

From'High content of flavonoids, valerian is excellent if you are looking for a herbal tea to relax body and mind and reduce anxiety. The relaxing herbal tea with valerian has soothing and calming properties, with a intense and slightly pungent aroma.


There gotu kola it is adopted as a traditional medicine in Asian cultures. Commonly used to relieve feelings of fatigue, anxiety and depression, gotu kola seems to be able to treat some acute and chronic forms of anxiety.

Despite this, more studies are needed to observe and investigate the correlation between this plant and anxiety. The infusion of gotu kola is also used to combat cellulite blemishes, as well as to reduce the impact of some problems related to the cardiovascular system.


The herbal tea al fennel it has excellent purifying properties.

In addition to the benefits it brings to the digestive system, fennel seems to have a positive effect on depression and anxiety, especially in menopausal women.


The smell of rose it is often associated with relaxation, and some studies seem to support this link.

Rosehip tea has an immunomodulating effect, that is, it performs an action that it regulates the body's immune response.


There turmeric it has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

It has also been observed that the consumption of this tuber is also able to resolve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, by producing a calming and relaxing effect.


One of the most popular ingredients for cold and flu herbal teas is the root of licorice which, due to its goodness, is often also the main ingredient for the creation of candies and sweets.

Some studies have suggested that licorice may have a positive influence on the reduction of stress, demonstrating an increase in the anti-anxiety effect of some medicines for anxiety, when the latter were accompanied by the intake of licorice.

The plants I told you about are therefore mixed together or used individually to create different relaxing herbal teas, thanks to their beneficial properties found both on the body and on the mind.

In the event that you try to promote a state of deep sleep, it is advisable to drink the herbal tea at least half an hour before going to sleep. In this regard, it is important to remember that we are all different and that we respond differently to stimuli: what works for one person may not work for another. Therefore, finding the ideal relaxing herbal tea for you can take longer than expected.

Let's see now together some mixes for a relaxing DIY herbal tea.

Enjoy the herbal tea as it is or add an individual note, for example with a squeeze of lemon, a little agave syrup or a teaspoon of honey.

Really good and to drink in peace after a hard day

The perfect tea to purify yourself

Good, easy to prepare, it's really good!

Great tea I will definitely take it back.

I love the taste and it really relaxes for a good, sweet night! Too bad I wanted to buy another one today and I didn't find it among the products as a single jar. I hope it will be replenished!

The package arrived damaged, but by contacting customer service they were very kind and immediately sent me a new package

Very good and relaxing herbal tea.
Highly recommended

Fairly good but not effectively diuretic

It is a very good blend, I drink it especially in the morning. Too bad it hasn't been available for some time.

it hasn't satisfied me at all, it doesn't know anything

I had a great time with this infusion!
In my opinion it was a great ally to lose weight and reduce swelling! I hope it will be restocked!

Frequent questions

Of course it depends on the doses you use for each cup. In general, if you stick to our guidelines: 1 teaspoon per 200ml of water, you should be able to drink 20 cups of tea, maybe even a few more.

No. There are no theine or other exciting substances in our Goodnight Tea. On the contrary, it contains lemon balm leaves, verbena and lavender flowers, ingredients known for their relaxing action.

For our blends we use only high quality organic ingredients and the delicate processing allows you to enjoy the authentic flavor. The added aromas are therefore absolutely superfluous as they would affect this natural authenticity.

Tastes are different and it is important for us that our herbal tea meets your taste. In this sense, the loose herbal tea has a decisive advantage: it can be dosed at will. In addition, each sachet would be one more waste to throw away.

Using a recyclable infuser or tea bag. For the Goodnight herbal tea we recommend using 1 teaspoon of loose herbal tea for 200 ml of water at 100 ° C, therefore boiling. Leave to infuse for 5 minutes and it is ready.

Theoretically yes. However, we recommend that you try our All Day Purifying tea which contains a little caffeine and helps you stay focused on the commitments you have to face during the day. The combination of ingredients is perfect for fighting daily stress.

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