Pike lake

Pike lake

Fishing tales

When, on one of the trips to the Karelian Isthmus, my fishing partner Vadim, a local fisherman, an old-timer, offered to fish for pikes on Lake Shchuchye, Vadim took this offer calmly. At the same time he sangled me.

When Vadim and I, covered with hoarfrost, came to the house of the old-time fisherman Fedotych, he was clearly in a “non-working state”. Apparently, the day before, he had a good meal and now slept soundly on the stove.

Seeing our useless attempts to stir him up, a boy of about twelve, who turned out to be Fedotych's grandson, stopped us:

- Let the grandfather sleep. I am aware that you want to fish for pike in the Shchuchye Lake and will try to help you.

Vadim and I exchanged glances and looked at him with undisguised skepticism. But our apparent distrust did not in the least embarrass the boy.

- First of all, we need to get live bait, - he explained, and putting on rubber boots and a soldier's jacket, added: - and we need not just live bait, but pike.

Vadim and I again looked at each other in bewilderment: what kind of a curiosity is this - pike live bait? After all, it is well known that a pike can take on any live bait.

- Only pikes are found in the Shchuchye Lake, since they have already eaten all the rest of the fish, - the boy explained, - so even if we get live bait, we can try to catch only small pikes. And even then it is unlikely. Now mostly big pikes are hunted, but they will not chase after trifles. For them, the most suitable bait is only pikes.

- But where can I get them? We exclaimed without saying a word.

- Don't worry, grandfather prepared the bait for you in advance, so the fishing will take place. We will fish for a pike.

He threw a bag with tackle over his shoulder, took in his hand a bucket in which several squints were swimming, and we went to Shchuchye Lake.

On the reservoir, our young guide looked around and advised us to drill holes along the steep coast, twenty meters from the water's edge. We lowered three pike cars into them.

This tackle was a variant of the girdle and consisted of a piece of rubber hose about fifteen centimeters long, around which ten meters of a thick cord was wound, one end of which was fixed on a wooden tripod, and the other was pinched in the cut at the bottom of the hose. A bee-eater would be planted on the tee.

An agonizing wait began. There were no bites for about half an hour. Finally, Vadim got lucky. A piece of the hose twitched, the cord slipped off it and began to quickly unwind. Vadim sharply hooked and after a short struggle pulled out a pike of at least two kilograms.

And again there were no bites for about an hour. Only closer to noon, when a strong wind blew, there was a bite, and again from Vadim. This time, he threw a pike on the ice a little less than the first. And again there was a lull. I was about to offer to finish the fishing trip, when our guide took a bite.

At first it was just a strong pull. The young angler waited a few seconds, then hooked. Apparently, the caught fish started spinning around. This went on for about a minute. Then the cord jerked so that the tripod broke and the boy probably would not have held the cord in his hands if Vadim had not intercepted it in time.

The stretched line rang like a string, but still held the fish. Slowly, very slowly, Vadim began to pull the fish to the hole. When there was very little left to choose, the game was stalled. Trying to find out what was the matter, Vadim lay down on the ice and peered into the water. And when he examined the trophy on the hook, he even recoiled from the hole:

- Well, a monster ... - only he said.

But as soon as he began to reel in again, the cord jerked again, and immediately it sagged. This meant only one thing: the fish was gone. However, when Vadim pulled the tackle to the hole, we were surprised to see a pike on the hook that was clearly more than three kilograms. And we were even more surprised when she found herself on the ice. There were just terrible wounds on her torso. It's not hard to imagine what a huge pike grabbed such a hefty trophy.

I will not give the dimensions of the pike that Vadim named (after all, he saw it in the hole), but I leave it to the readers. These are the giant pikes found in the Shchuchye Lake, which justifies its name ...

Alexander Nosov

Lake pike - garden and vegetable garden

Pārdod ģimenes māju vienā no skaistākajām vietām Rīgas tuvumā, kur pavadīt nesteidzīgu un mierpilnu ikdienu. Īpašums atrodas klusā, ainaviskā vietā vien 17 km attālumā no Rīgas center un 300 m attālumā no Langstiņu ezera.
Īpašums sastāv no:
- 1212 m2 liela zemes gabala
- divstāvu dzīvojamās mājas ar kopējo platību 183, 8 m2
- viesu mājas ar kopējo platību 57, 3 m2
- saimniecības ēkas ar kopējo platību 41, 4 m2.
Dzīvojamā māja siltināta, fasāde un iekštelpu remonts veikts 2015.gadā, tai ir divi virszemes stāvi un pagrabs. Īpašums tiek pārdots ar mēbelēm.
Ēkas plānojums:
Pirmajā stāvā - plaša dzīvojamā istaba ar kamīnu, virtuve, garderobe, sanitārtehniskā telpa.
Ēkas otrajā stāvā - 3 guļamistabas, 1 sanitārais mezgls, kamīns, terase 15, 4 m2 ar skatu uz ezeru.
Ēkas (-1) stāvā pagrabs 28, 6 m2.
Telpu griestu augstums 2, 60 m. Grīdas segums pirmajā stāvā parkets un flīzes, otrajā - slīpēts un lakots koks. Sanitārajos mezglos grīdas apsildāmas ar elektrību. Viesistabā atjaunota vecā maizes krāsns un kamīns.

Viesu mājai viens virszemes stāvs ar izbūvējamiem bēniņiem. Dzīvojamā istaba apvienota ar virtuvi un koridori. Plaša, gaiša guļamistaba, viens sanitārais mezgls ar dušu. Mājā ierīkots granulu kamīns ar apkures un kamīna funkcijām. Iebūvēta virtuves iekārta ar visu nepieciešamo sadzīves tehniku. Nepieciešama fasādes apdare.
Komunikācijas: dzīvojamai mājai gāzes apkure (apkures sistēma Junker), vietējais ūdens dziļurbums un BIO kanalizācijas sistēma. Ēkas ir labi uzturētas un teicamā tehniskā stāvoklī. Drošības risinājumus īpašumā nodrošina apsardzes kompānija.
Visas trīs, teritorijā esošās ēkas, pilnībā renovētas. Ēkām Ruukki tērauda jumts, siltinātas ar Ekovati.
Teritorija ir pilnībā labiekārtota ar dārza apgaismojumu un jaunu bruģa segumu. Telpu izkārtojums ēkā veidots ņemot vērā debesu puses, dienvidrietumu pusē izveidota terase ar atpūtas zonu, skatu uz dārzu un ezeru.
Ja šis īpašums ir Jūs ieinteresējis, zvaniet, vienosimies par apskati.

A family house for sale in one of the most beautiful places near Riga, where you can spend time leisurely and in complete tranquility. The property is located in a quiet, picturesque location just 17 km from the center of Riga and 300 m from Lake Langstini.
The property consists of:
- Land plot with an area of ​​1212 sq. m.
- A two-storey residential building with a total area of ​​183.8 sq. m.
- Guest house with a total area of ​​57.3 sq. m.
- Houses for household needs 41, 4 sq. m.
The residential building is insulated, the facade and internal premises were renovated in 2015. Two ground floors and a basement. The property is sold furnished.
House layout:
On the ground floor there is a spacious living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a wardrobe, a sanitary room.
On the second floor - 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, fireplace, terrace 15, 4 sq. m. overlooking the lake.
On the -1 floor there is a basement 28, 6 sq. m.
Ceiling height 2, 60 m. The flooring on the first floor is parquet and tiles, on the second there is polished and varnished wood. The bathrooms have electrically heated floors. An old bread oven and fireplace have been restored in the living room.
The guest house has one ground floor with a built-on attic. The living room is combined with a kitchen and a corridor. Spacious, bright bedroom, one bathroom with shower. The house is equipped with a fireplace with heating functions (pellets). Built-in kitchen with all necessary household appliances.
Communications: gas heating in the residential building (Junker system), local water well and bio-sewerage system. The houses are in excellent condition - both externally and technically. Security solutions at the facility are provided by a security company.
All three houses on the territory have been renovated. Ruukki steel roof with Ekovati insulation is installed everywhere.
The territory is fully equipped. There is lighting in the garden, new paving stones. The premises inside the house are planned taking into account the cardinal points. In the southwest there is a terrace with a seating area overlooking the garden and lake.
If you are interested in this property, call us and make an appointment.

In historical chronicles, the name of the settlement was first recorded in 862. After the adoption of Christianity by local residents in 991, Rostov turns into the center of Russian Orthodoxy. The development of the city is marked by major milestones:

  • 10 c - the core of the Rostov-Suzdal territories
  • 11th century - inclusion in the Vladimir-Suzdal principality
  • 12th century - began to be called the Great
  • 13-15 centuries. - the capital of the principality
  • 15th century - joining the Moscow lands
  • 1st floor 17th century - construction of the bishop's complex Rostov Kremlin
  • since 1778 - the center of the county
  • 2nd floor 18th century - the emergence and development of the enamel industry
  • in 1883 - creation of a museum of church antiquities
  • 70s 20th century - inclusion in the excursion route "The Golden Ring of Russia" and the creation of recreational infrastructure.

Lake pike - garden and vegetable garden

Īpašnieks pārdod kvalitatīvi būvētu māju pilsētas centrā ar labu plānojumu, ar pelēko iekšējo apdari un augstiem griestiem.

Pirmais stāvs: priekštelpa, virtuve ar noliktavu, liela viesistaba, tualete, guļamistaba.
Otrais stāvs: priekštelpa, koridors, vannas istaba, trīs lielas guļamistabas.

Ir otra būve 129, 38m2, ar ļoti labu plānojumu,
pirmajā stāvā: garāža, katlu telpa, krievu pirts ar dušu un mazu baseinu, tualeti un priekštelpu.
Otrais stāvs: atpūtas telpa ar kaminu un guļamistabu, telpa tiek apkurināta no pirts katla.
Ir arī saimniecības ēka ar 28m2 platību, kā arī metāla siltumnīca ar 41, 8m2 platību, augļu un dārzeņu dārzs.

Blakus sabiedriskais transports, skola, parks un ezers, 300 m attālumā lidz jauna veikala "LIDL", drīzumā tiks atvērts, līdz jūrai 7min ar mašinu, ērta piebraukšana.

The owner is selling a quality built house with a good layout in the city center, with gray interior finishes and high ceilings.

Ground floor: Entrance hall, kitchen with pantry, large living room, toilet and bedroom
Second floor: Entrance hall, corridor, bathroom, three large bedrooms

The second building is 129, 38 sq. m with a very good layout
Ground floor: Garage, boiler room, Russian sauna with shower and plunge pool, toilet. Hallway, kitchen
Second floor: a recreation room with a fireplace and a bedroom, an entrance hall, the room is heated by a boiler from a bath.
There is also a separate outbuilding with an area of ​​28 sq. m, metal greenhouse 41, 8 sq. m, garden and vegetable garden.

Near public transport, school, park and lake, 300 m to the new store "LIDL" which will open soon, to the sea 7 minutes by car, convenient access road.

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